Quick and Simple Whole Foods Recipes

By July 17, 2018

When I became curious about clean eating, I found it difficult to get inspired to create healthy food for myself. I knew where to find healthy, whole foods recipes, but actually going through with it and making a meal was a whole other ball game. I was intimidated by hard to find ingredients, shied away from long cook times, and was overwhelmed by some of the never ending instructions that often went alongside healthy recipes. I was a ‘throw the macaroni in a pot, boil, drain, add cheese powder, butter, milk, stir‘ kinda gal.

I let the excuse of being overwhelmed by recipes get the in the way of adapting a new lifestyle… initially. Thankfully I was introduced Tosca Reno‘s cookbook, and a whole realm of cooking with whole foods opened up for me. I gravitated toward simple recipes that were easy to assemble, had easy-to-find ingredients, and resulted in loads of flavor.

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Fast forward 5 years and I’m finally at a place where I can eat intuitively, feel comfortable in the kitchen, and even help others to accomplish the same. Now I love coming up with inventive ways for anyone; no matter age, budget, or eating style, to incorporate whole foods into their everyday life. I do my best to avoid all the things that slowed me down in adapting a whole foods eating style – long winded recipes, long cooking times, and complicated ingredients. Whatever the reason reason for someone having difficult adapting a whole foods diet, I’ve tried to design a recipe for that.

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes that’ll have you enjoying a healthy meal in under 5 minutes, with minimal ingredients, and in as little steps as possible.

5 Minute Recipes

Breakfast Cup-cake

A gluten-free breakfast cake that’s 300 calories, made in under 5 minutes, and has over 8g fiber and just about as much protein. You make it in a cup, wait 3 minutes, and you’re chowing down on a healthy breakfast!

Strawberry Quinoa Flake Bake

The ingredients are easy, the preparation is simple, and the taste is out of this world!

Mango Citrus Sorbet

Quick and easy 120 calorie sorbet made with 6 simple ingredients.

Happy Tummy Breakfast Pudding

Healthy, vegan breakfast pudding to help regulate your digestion. Begin your day with all the nutrients you need to support anything that comes your way!

No Bake/Cook Recipes

Ultra Green Smoothie

The combination of avocado and banana makes this green smoothie as creamy as can be! Add a bit of protein powder and you have a full meal.

Grain-free Tabbouleh with Chickpeas

Grain-free tabbouleh that uses cauliflower in place of grains and pumps up the protein content with hemp seeds and chickpeas.

Sun Dried Tomato and Chickpea Salad

This salad requires little skill, preparation, or dedication. Have it ready in under 10 minutes and impress everyone you serve it to… even if that everyone is just you!

No bake Pumpkin Tarts

A lighter and healthier take on pumpkin pie. The dried fruit crust is held together with buckwheat groats and just a touch of pecans, making it lower in fat than many no bake treats.

Raw Spirulina Energy Crunch Bars

A 100 calorie raw snack, high in enzymes, healthy fats, and nutrient rich spirulina.

No Bake Granola Cakes

All the granola taste and texture in a convenient cake! These no bake cakes are perfect for after the gym with a plate of carrot sticks, or can double as a unique dessert at a dinner party.

Recipes with 5 Steps or Less

Maple Pepper Salmon Cakes

Quick, easy, and gluten-free salmon cakes with freshly cracked pepper and maple served with a creamy (dairy-free) maple sauce.

4 Ingredient Raw Lemon Pudding

The lemon flesh adds so much flavor to this vegan, sugar-free raw pudding!

Sauteed Fennel and Lentil Soup

This pureed soup is delicious, comforting, and couldn’t be easier to prepare.

Apple Spice Fruit Dip

Slather this simple applesauce based dip on any fruit and enjoy for breakfast, snack, or whip up for your next social gathering!

Sweet Almond Pâté

Eat it with a spoon, add to pasta, or use as a cracker or vegetable dip. Any way you enjoy it, it will change the way you look at almonds.

5 Ingredient Recipes

Vegan Rice Crispy Treats

Healthier version of classic rice crispy treats without the gelatin! Each square is just 5 grams of fat and less than 150 calories.

No Bake Fudge Drops

Share some of the inventive ways you incorporate fresh foods into your diet.

Chewy Vanilla Coconut Cookies

Coconut packed cookies, perfect for traveling, lunches, or topped with ice-cream.

Vanilla Jam-packed Protein Cake

Bake a couple of these cakes on the weekend, freeze, and grab when you need them.

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