Hemp Heart Bites Snack: The Ingredients + a Giveaway

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites #snack #glutenfree #healthysnack #hemp #vegan

A solution for your midday snack attack that will help fuel your active lifestyle and get you through even the busiest day.

My friends at Manitoba Harvest have created a new on-the-go Hemp Hearts snack. I got to try them at Expo West and was impressed with the satisfying crunch and nutty flavour… no nuts included!

Regardless of where you snack, they’re sure to help fuel your active lifestyle… that is unless you’re living low-carb. These little bites are packed with omega power, but they are sweetened (with unrefined sugars, of course!). I love the concept behind these bites and I know they’re going to change the lives of so many out there… think: replacing fruit snacks with Hemp Hearts. Win!

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites #snack #glutenfree #healthysnack #hemp #vegan

These Hemp Heart Bites are made with just 5 ingredients. Unlike other snacks in the “healthy” marketplace, Bites are free from nuts, granulated sugar, processed ingredients and are GMO-free.

Come visit me on the Manitoba Harvest blog where I’m sharing my perspective on the ingredients in their new Hemp Heart Bites.

Are your children; or children you know, victims of the fruit snack, granola bar lunch craze? Do you think they would give these Hemp Heart Bites a whirl?



Leave a comment below to be entered to WIN 1 of 10 bags of Hemp Heart Bites from Manitoba Harvest!

Giveaway also available on Instagram.

Giveaway open to Canadian and US residents. Open until July 28 at 11:59pm EDT. Winners will be contacted via email and given 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

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  1. I haven’t yet tried any of these products , but I am looking forward to it! Just getting started eating Keto!

  2. I just tried the snap pea crips they are lovely!!!…I truly love hemp hearts and am looking forward to trying these wonderful little snacks;)
    I recently made my own little snack bars with any ingredient I could find in the pantry and hemp hearts seemed to really add a nice texture and taste;)
    Crunchy little morsels!!!! Will these be coming to costco, I recognize a couple of the other snacks from there;)

    • Hey! I love making snack bars with a mish mash of ingredients, too! ;) I’m not sure if they’ll be coming to Costco, but I’m sure you could inquire with your local Costco member services.

  3. hemp hearts are very good for you in it self. well try these if not to expensive

    • You’re so right- hemp hearts are awesome for you!