4 Ingredient Raw Lemon Pudding

The lemon flesh adds so much flavor to this vegan, sugar-free, and raw pudding!

Eating Style: Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Nut-free, Paleo, Refined Sugar-free, Soy-free, Sugar-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Prep Time:

Serves: 4


  • 1 avocado
  • 6 medjool dates, pitted (yield: 1/2 cup)
  • flesh from 2 lemons – without peel or seeds (yield: 1/3 cup) see note
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  1. Place all ingredients in a processor or blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Depending on the ripeness of your avocado, and your desired thickness, you may need to add water. I added 2 tablespoons at the end of blending the ingredients.
  3. Top with seeds, berries, stir in some chia, or eat plain!

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To remove the flesh from the lemon, cut the lemon into quarters. Begin by peeling the flesh from the rind. You’ll be left with the flesh and a bunch of seeds in it. Remove the seeds one by one and place the flesh into the processor.

Nutrition Information Per Serving

  • Calories: 173
  • Calories from Fat: 67
  • Total Fat: 7.5
  • Saturated Fat: 1.1 g
  • Sodium: 5 mg
  • Carbs: 29.6 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 6.2 g
  • Net Carbs: 23.4 g
  • Sugars: 21.1 g
  • Protein: 1.9 g