Fatty Coffee: You’re Doing It WRONG

By July 18, 2018

Fatty Coffee: You're Doing It WRONG #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Fatty coffee not making you feel like a keto unicorn? I’ve compiled my top tips to make you feel beyond bulletproof. Take your fatty coffee game to the next level and ditch the bulletproof coffee for a Rocket Fuel Latte!

I know the feeling: you’re ready to rock your keto life, you’re feeling excited, you’ve got all your fat in a cup, coffee brewed just right, you sip and enjoy and everything is wonderful. Shortly after that magical moment, you end up feeling a little queasy, or maybe brain-foggy, or sleepy, or wired, or hangry… sound familiar?

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You vow to never drink a fatty coffee again, but wait! Before you banish your morning mug, let’s try something different: trade the bulletproof coffee for a Rocket Fuel Latte!

Rocket Fuel whaaa? A Rocket Fuel Latte, or RFL for short, is my take on fatty coffee. How is it different than a bulletproof coffee? Glad you asked!

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Want to know more about hunger experienced after drinking a fatty coffee? Check out page 101 of my digital program, The Keto Beginning. For more insight on how RFLs can help with fasting, check out pages 76 and 77 of Fat Fueled.

In short, an RFL is able to be customized to fit your unique needs, which is extremely important, especially for the ladies. It’s a fatty coffee with a twist: a bit of protein, a touch of carbs (yes, carbs!), yummy fats from MCT oil powder, and the best part? I’ve got a ton of recipes to fit your flavor preference.

Today I’m answering the most common questions about Rocket Fuel Lattes, including what to do if you can’t handle caffeine (like me!) or if you’re just not feeling the coffee flavor (I’ve got you covered!). I’m also sharing some sweet deals on some of my favorite RFL must-haves so you can build your supply stash.

Okay, here we go: a crash course in Rocket Fuel Lattes. Let’s do it!

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  • The benefits of Rocket Fuel Lattes
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  • How RFL ingredients work, why they’re beneficial
  • Rocket Fuel Latte Frequently Asked Questions


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