12 Tips for SUCCESSFUL Fasting – Game Changer!

12 GAME-CHANGING Tips for Fasting! #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

FASTING on a ketogenic diet – the 12 lessons I’ve learned of what NOT to do and what TO do in order to have a successful fast. How are you “allowed” to drink fatty coffees while considering it a fast? Find out how and why this works, plus more.

I needed to make this video for you because the number one question I’m getting right now is: why people are we “allowed” to drink fatty coffees while they’re fasting? And, how is this considered a fast… if we’re consuming things.

And fair enough, that’s a great question. I hope by the end of this video it will all make sense!

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You can read more about fasting, plus who should fast, what breaks a fast, different types of fasting, and fasted workouts in my digital programs, The Keto Beginning (pages 72 through 78) and Fat Fueled (pages 72 through 77).

I’ve been fasting for just about 4 years! And as a woman (specifically one that has a history of imbalanced hormones) I’ve learned a couple of fasting strategies that I thought may be helpful for you.

If you’re unsure of what fasting is, watch this video.

When I learned that you could extend a fast with bone broth, I was elated! And, today’s keto video is going to be breaking down WHY this is possible. But if you’re just as excited about this information as I first was, you may be ready to incorporate bone broth into your intermittent fasting protocol. Now, you can make your own bone broth, or you could buy it. I opt to buy it because making it requires to, you know, make it… My favorite easy-to-buy bone broth is from Kettle & Fire.

Kettle & Fire bone broth is rich in collagen, USDA approved, and made from grass-fed bones & organic ingredients. I told them I was doing a video on fasting today and they offered a sweet discount for all Healthful Pursuit followers…

Get up to 28% off their Bone Broth plus, free shipping when you order 6 or more cartons.

OK let’s get to these intermittent fasting strategies when you’re on a ketogenic diet!

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  • The two intermittent fasting paths and why they influence your strategy
  • Which intermittent fasting approach is best for insulin regulation
  • Why you DO NOT want to drink a fatty coffee during a fast if you care about slowing aging
  • What NOT to eat before and after a fast


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  1. Hi Maria and Craig, Thank for this video. About Keto in general: Is intermittent fasting is a must for weight lost? Can we be on Keto, no doing intermittent fasting and still lose weight? How do you defined intermittent fasting? Do you consider 30 days fasting as intermittent fasting? We have read all you book except the last one. We have it on hand, but time is missing for the reading! It will come! Do you plan to make an audio version of your last book? Thank you very much,

    • Hi Hema! Intermittent fasting is certainly not a requirement – you can forego it altogether and still lose weight! I also wouldn’t define 30 days of fasting as “intermittent” – “intermittent” is more like fasting for a few hours each day or fasting for a whole day every so often. As for the book, I’m not planning on making an audio version for a while, sorry!

  2. where to buy Bone Broth and Both Broth Protein Powder in Ontario, CANADA
    without buying on line
    I am interested in mainly weight loss right now, but also health issues

    • Hi Valeri! I can’t speak to any physical locations in Ontario, but I’m sure people will have good suggestions for you! You can always call around to local health food stores – many carry it nowadays! Otherwise, Broya is a good online service.

    • Valerie I buy mine online thru amazon. Just the Great Lakes brand. It’s not perfect grass fed/finished but it’s great quality none the less. I’ve been using it for 8mths and definitely see and feel the difference. Using Cdn amazon there’s no duty or exchange rates. Which is also a huge hurdle for Canadians in the Keto world.

  3. Is that discount right as it is cheaper to buy it at whole foods which is odd? $6.49 for one carton and even when you buy several at one time the price per carton is higher….