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Fuel with Fat! 16 Rocket Fuel Latte Recipes to Supercharge Your Day

by February 14, 2018

Fuel with Fat! 16 Rocket Fuel Latte Recipes to Supercharge Your Day #keto #lowcarb #highfat #dairyfree #ketolife #ketolifestyle #rocketfuellatte #bulletproofcoffee #intermittentfasting16 keto Rocket Fuel Latte Recipes to kick start your morning and help your body burn fat all day long.  When eating keto, Rocket Fuel Lattes are an awesome tool to have under your belt. Similar to keto Bulletproof Coffee, the keto Rocket Fuel Latte is a high-fat, keto drink that helps our bodies shift into fat-burning mode and gives us steady energy all morning long. If that isn’t enough, starting your day with a drink full of healthy fats can bust cravings, increase mental clarity, and regulate hormones. Prepare your keto Rocket Fuel Latte with coffee as the base, or your favorite tea if you’re sensitive to caffeine. There are endless variations to make these high-fat keto concoctions, and I’ve collected a few of my favorites to share with you. If you plan on practicing a bit of intermittent fasting with your Rocket Fuel Latte, I suggest choosing from the first set of keto recipes below. These particular keto recipes were specially crafted to keep your body in the fasted state and boost fat-burning even more. If you simply want to supplement your breakfast or snack with a delicious drink packed with nourishing fats, feel free to choose from any of the following keto recipes. ROCKET FUEL LATTES FOR INTERMITTENT FASTING White-Chocolate-Rocket-Fuel-Latte-7037 White Chocolate Rocket Fuel Latte The original keto Rocket Fuel Latte! Featuring creamy cacao butter that’s oh-so satisfying. Dairy-free Pumpkin Spice Rocket Fuel Latte-3295 Pumpkin Spice Rocket Fuel Latte A healthy, high-fat, keto alternative to the famous #PSL. Turbocharge your day with this real-food based pumpkin spice latte instead! hemp oil latte Hemp-Infused Rocket Fuel Latte By using hemp oil, you can sneak chlorophyll and vitamin E into your high-fat keto drink. With flavors of earthy hemp and vanilla, this keto Rocket Fuel Latte is a must-try! Eggnog Rocket Fuel Latte-5553 Eggnog Rocket Fuel Latte Enjoy during the holidays, or any time of the year! The egg yolks in this keto recipe add irresitible richness and creaminess. Rocket Fuel Latte Blocks #gelatin #collagen #lowcarb #paleo #keto #highfat Rocket Fuel Latte Blocks Take your fat-burning keto Rocket Fuel Latte on-the-go with these travel-friendly coffee blocks. Just drop a block in a hot cup of coffee or tea and froth it up! Rocket Fuel Cafe Mocha with Chia-4048Rocket Fuel Cafe Mocha with Chia Seeds Bulletproof-style coffee with a twist, chia seeds! Add chia seeds to your blended keto coffee to pump up your daily omegas, balance blood sugar and boost fiber intake. Vegan Fat-Burning Rocket Fuel Frappuccino #vegan #lowcarb #keto #paleo Rocket Fuel Iced Blended Coffee The most mouthwatering fat-filled, keto drink to enjoy on a hot day. Way healthier than a frappucino. It’s vegan, too! ROCKET FUEL LATTES FOR BOOSTING YOUR DAILY FAT INTAKE coconut-almond-mocha-photo-28-fb Coconut Almond Mocha Start your day with this deliciously decadent keto mocha to satisfy your sweet tooth and fuel your body! coffee-elevated-nutrition-stripped-healthy-recipes-gluten-free Coffee, Elevated by Nutrition Stripped  The name says it all! Uplift your body and mind by savoring this highly nourishing keto drink for breakfast. image Ultimate Keto Coffee High in fat and protein, this keto drink would make an excellent meal replacement in a pinch. Replace the butter with coconut oil or cacao butter to keep it dairy-free. matcha-reviews-ketomatcha-featured Keto Matcha Recipe Not much of a coffee drinker? No worries! Try this matcha-based high-fat keto drink instead. Replace the butter with coconut oil or cacao butter to keep it dairy-free. turmeric-milk-latte-nutrition-stripped-recipe2 Turmeric Milk Latte Elevated by Nutrition Stripped Turmeric milk is a great alternative to coffee or caffeinated tea, and it’s boasting with so many health benefits! Replace the honey with a few drops of stevia to keep it keto. bone broth latte Bone Broth Latte If you’re in the mood for more of a savory drink, this is the keto recipe for you! Bone broth is a keto superfood and a fantastic way to start your day. To keep this recipe dairy-free, replace the butter with coconut oil or cacao butter. title3 Primal Egg & Coconut Mochaccino This keto chocolatey delight will curb your cravings and keep you fueled for hours! Replace the honey with a couple drops of stevia to keep it keto and replace the butter with coconut oil or cacao butter to keep it dairy-free. unicorn fuel Mary, The Paleo Chef’s Unicorn Fuel This keto drink is truly magical! Both in how it makes you feel and the way it tastes. To keep it dairy-free, replace the butter with coconut oil or cacao butter. rsz_how_to_make_bacon_tea Bacon Tea So simple, and it totally qualifies as being a high-fat, keto drink. Sip on this bacony-goodness to get going in the morning!

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