Video: Why I Don’t Eat Dairy on Keto

Why I Don’t Eat Dairy on Keto #keto #lowcarb

Why my approach to the keto diet is dairy-free and what consuming dairy can do to your body.

It’s no secret that the standard ketogenic diet uses dairy. Cheese, butter, cream, you name it. And, while some people may do really, really good on that, a lot of people don’t. But, they continue to eat it because a) they don’t know that the dairy is causing issues for them, and b) they don’t know that there’s an alternative.

Going dairy-free on your keto diet may be for you if you’re…

  • Having a hard time becoming fat adapted
  • Constantly dealing with eczema, diarrhea, itchy skin, or ear infections
  • Trying to balance an autoimmune condition
  • Stuck at a weight plateau
  • Dealing with inflamed sinuses
  • and more…

I created this video in April for the launch of my keto audiobooks and shared it on YouTube but it was never posted on the blog. The most popular question I get is why my ketogenic diet protocol does not include dairy. So, here’s the video!


  • The benefits of consuming high-quality dairy sources
  • Why eating dairy is bad
  • When we should stop eating dairy
  • Signs you’re allergic or sensitive to dairy
  • How to eat low-carb and dairy-free


Do you practice a dairy-free approach to your ketogenic diet? What steps did you take to go dairy-free? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. This is such great news!! I’ve been 97% dairy free for two years by choice and have seen many benefits because of it. 48 hours into Keto, and my sinuses are so angry with me. Oh the mucus! I don’t mind a bit of cheese now and then but full fat milk makes me gag and I’ve been so worried that all this dairy is going to turn my skin to crap again. I wad talking to my sister about it tonight and she just sent this to me. I’m excited! You’ve had success with the dairy free keto? Is it as dramatic? I’m such a newb.
    Thank you so so much for this!! From both me and my swollen sinuses.

    • Yes, I’ve been eating this way for over 3 years now and it has changed my life! Here’s a post that might be helpful for you as you’re getting started on the dairy-free keto train: Keto For Women.

  2. Have been trying to figure out going keto for past 6 mos, did IP 6mos prior and lost 40lbs and very little since.
    Wish I had known about this and brought my kids up on it…my 20yo underwent reversal procedure this past summer, still has ileostomy d/t UC remaining at rectum and also suffering from arthritis in hands, feet & knees & unable to gain wt. HCP don’t seem to care about his lack of nutrition & can’t find a nutritionist who can direct us, so I thank you with all my heart….I’m trying to figure it out so he doesn’t have a life time of suffering.

    • Hey, Jewels! Here’s a post that might be helpful for you: Can’t Lose Weight on Keto?

      It’s so unfortunate that many doctors aren’t concerned with nutrition, but good for you for taking the initiative and finding ways to improve you and your son’s health! I’m thrilled to hear that my site has been helpful to you along the way. Good luck to you both!

    • Have you ever heard of Autoimmune Protocol Paleo? It was a game changer for me. I have multiple AI conditions, one being IBD / Crohns. Check it out. Now that I’ve done AIP and healed so much I’m exploring dairy free Keto (I’m dairy allergic) which is how I found this page and your comment. Best wishes for healing.

  3. I just bought your book and am following the classic keto meal plan. It’s great…but I see other keto diets using lots of butter, cream etc., and think I’d be happier on a dairy keto diet.

    What do you think about subbing in butter/cream in some of your recipes? What common ingredients can I take out/sub out if I want to add dairy? For example, can I put cream in the RFL?

    • If your body does well with dairy, feel free to sub in some dairy! I would replace fat with fat (e.g. replace coconut oil with butter), cream with cream (e.g. replace full-fat coconut milk with heavy whipping cream), and milk with milk (e.g. replace almond milk with whole milk). Hope this helps!

  4. Let me say how happy/thrilled/elated I am you promote Keto dairy-free!!! I’ve been allergic to milk and all of it’s proteins since birth.. researching Keto diet and was super bummed everywhere else I looked spouted using butter, and cream and milk oh my! Thank you for putting this together, truly! What do you recommend to sign up to for a Keto beginner? to get the maximum health effects?

    • You are so welcome! Thank YOU for your support ;)

      The Keto Beginning shows you why high-fat eating works, while, Fat Fueled shows you how to make it work specifically for you. If you’re fully committed to living a high-fat, fat fueled kind of lifestyle, you could get both programs (sold as The Keto Bundle) and understand exactly why it works, and then use Fat Fueled to understand how to make it work for you, and with very, very in-depth guides.

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