Video: The Keto Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Keto Foods You Should Be Eating #lowcarb #keto #highfat #hflc #superfoods

17 inexpensive keto, low-carb, and high-fat superfoods you should be eating to promote health.

You don’t have to spend oodles of money on “superfoods” in order to cash in on all of the benefits that superfoods provide. Think: phytonutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, all of those fancy things.

Instead, I suggest everyday keto foods that boast the same benefits, without the price.

Today, I’m sharing 17 low-carb, keto superfoods that are 100% keto-friendly, high-fat, and delicious. Adding these keto foods to each of your meals is effortless, and aids in boosting your health on keto. You can find all of these keto items at your local grocery store, nothing fancy.

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  • The 17 keto superfoods you can add to your high-fat diet
  • How to incorporate more low-carb, keto superfoods into your keto meals
  • The benefit of keto meal plans


How do you enjoy these low-carb, keto superfoods daily? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. It seems that every time a good thing comes along, somebody (or some bodies) find a way to make money off of it. People, just make yourself a list of the super keto foods and get yourself a supply of them and eat them. No need to buy into the hype or cater to people who want to make money off of you.

  2. I have bingeing problems since I started keto. I was on weight watchers for years but constantly hungry.
    I can be full but just eat.
    Have you dealt with this.

    • Just wanted to chime in…..I have problems with bingeing also and the one thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow is planning, then tracking my food. I know it can be tedious BUT it has really helped me stop bingeing….

      • I’m not sure why anyone would have a problem with bingeing on this diet. In fact, if you’re doing it right, I can’t imagine having ANY problem with it. When I first discovered keto, I jumped on it. It fed my body right and I never experienced ANY problem with any part of it. It’s been a year now for me and I’ve lost a huge amount of weight and experienced no problems whatsoever with it. I heard about the “keto flu” but that never happened to me. I’m supremely healthy now (according to my annual check-up) and couldn’t be happier with the keto diet.

  3. Wild caught pacific salmon, grass fed beef/tallow, avocados, coconuts… Affordable? Kinda missed the mark.

    • Where I am, avocados are 50 cents, coconut can be purchased at Costco and last a good 2 months, and I recommend finding a butcher that GIVES AWAY their tallow (very easy to find). Fair enough about the salmon, but you only listed a couple of items on the list that perhaps are a bit more expensive in your area, but I listed over 15. So there has to be some on the list that will work for you! And, it sure beats the cost of goji berries! I hope that helps.

    • Affordable… designer jeans… make-up…gasoline…rent…

  4. I accidentally came upon (good) high-fat eating when I had a craving for butter one night! My body was craving pure butter (since then I’ve learned about ghee) but I couldn’t eat it alone so I added a “little” brown sugar. After several days of doing this several health issues began to clear up. Next thing I learned about all sorts of “good” reasons to NOT cut fats out of my diet, which began while researching the Paleo Diet. What is so fascinating is that my body “craved” it! I had an aunt who would eat butter by itself (who lived to be 89) but at 15 years old I found eating butter alone gross!

    The information from your site backs-up what I’ve “accidentally” discovered by listening to my body. I’ll be going for a check-up in April and will no doubt discover an improvement.

    Also, change of subject, has anyone linked how alcoholic drinks are made from grains? Grains are a no-no with the Paleo diet. My body actually behaved like I was an alcoholic (I don’t drink but have family members who do) until I realized that the foods I had been liberally eating such as rice (sake), spaghetti (wheat based-scotch, whiskey, vodka), and corn (“moon-shine”) all ferment to make alcohol! I literally had a hang-over throughout my adolescence! Now I know to avoid grains and possibly why (for me at least). Since eliminating them my mood levels have radically changed from ominous grey-clouds to sunshine! Or at least “mostly sunny with a few cloudy skies.”

    And finally, beans, particularly black beans. I’ve heard that with the Paleo diet beans are eliminated too but I’ve found, for me, they level out my cravings for “more.” However, I use to only eat beans with rice; beans with corn-bread/bread; beans with potatoes, and beans with enchiladas/tostados. However, beans with vegetables/protein made all the difference. Believe it or not, at 5’7″ I never gained any substantial weight but my moods and feelings were all over the place – I’ve lived most of my life on a roller-coaster!

    I’m thankful whenever there are clear and fascinating studies on nutrition especially for women on sites like yours! Thank you Leanne

    • You are one smart cookie! It’s sad that more women (and men) don’t listen to their bodies and experiment with what actually WORKS. I’ve listened to a lot of people who complain that they binge when they go on the keto diet. Just another sign that they are not listening to their bodies and figuring out what a natural diet should be. It doesn’t make sense that anyone should crave sugary things. This is a signal that has been misunderstood. People like you will always find the right answers. Kudos!!

  5. Bulletproof bars do not have eggs. I love them – you should give them a try! I love the vanilla then I rub a drop of lemon essential oil on the top. Yum! Cashews, collagen, MCT, vanilla, Himalayan salt and stevia that’s all.