Video: 5 Super-Fast Keto Ways to Use Hemp Oil

By October 29, 2018

Video: 5 Ways to Use Hemp Oil | Healthful Pursuit #lowcarb #vegan #keto #paleo

Using hemp oil in your favorite everyday keto meals, snacks and condiments is easy with these 5 quick keto recipes using hemp oil: keto marinade, keto chocolate shake, keto salad dressing, keto fruit dip and a keto vanilla latte.

Well hello, there. Have I got a keto treat for you. 5 keto recipes, 1 post + a fun video. Let’s dive in!

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When it comes to hemp oil… many of us know that it’s rich in omega-6. And; from my previous posts and much information out there on the interwebs, we’re advised to lower our intake of omega-6.

Hemp oil is made up of 75% EFAs

  • 51% omega-6, linoleic acid (LA)
  • 20% omega-3, alpha-linoleic acid (ALA)
  • 3% omega-6, gamma-linoleic acid (GLA)
  • 1% omega-3, stearidonic acid (SDA)

The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of hemp oil is 3:1, a good ratio considering a standard eating style is far too high in omega-6. Would I recommend hemp oil to someone eating a standard diet? No. But, our community is not that. You eat vegetables, you workout, you take care of your body.

Lacking Fats Could Be Keeping Us Fat

You may know, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the last 7 months in response to my high-fat, keto eating style. Now that that I’m back to my happy size, I want to make sure that I help my body regulate its new homeostatis. And, I’m learning that gamma linoleic acid (GLA) may help me do that. Studies show that GLA supplementation may be helpful for body weight regulation after significant weight loss (1)

GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that can cause inflammation. On the other hand, it’s been found to heal psoriasis, PMS, eczema, and benefit the cardiovascular system. Why the contradiction? There are two things that the body can do with GLA – convert it to an inflammatory-inducing fatty acid (AA), or a health-promoting fatty acid (DGLA).

AA plays a role in regulating the body after weight loss by boosting leptin levels, so we do want a bit of it. To encourage the production of DGLA, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 are required. If you’re eating a whole food-based eating style, you’re set.

Note: GLA should not be used during pregnancy as it may be harmful to the fetus and induce early labor. Also, omega-6 supplements should not be taken if you have a seizure disorder.

There are other powerful components to keto-friendly hemp like chlorophyll, vitamin E, carotenodes and more. Read more on the power of hemp.

Making Hemp Oil Dance

I feel good about including hemp oil in my life. So much, that I spent an afternoon making keto ingredients dance on paper.

The result: 5 super easy keto recipes using hemp oil. From keto chocolate shakes, keto blended coffees and beyond.

Get the written recipes for each of the items featured in the video…

I want you to know that I’m not keen on following the latest and greatest trends in the nutrition world. I’m about exploring; and being open to, what the healthiest ways to eat are, while being mindful of allergens, and creating recipes that taste good. I’m about solving and preventing health problems by researching and presenting facts.

What was your favorite keto recipe in the video?

Do you use hemp oil as part of your healthy, keto lifestyle?

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