The Brain in Your Gut (FOR REAL)

By March 28, 2019

The Brain In Your Gut (For REAL) #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet #gut #guthealth

How what’s happening in your gut can dictate your brain function, mood, immune system, stress levels and SO much more.

This isn’t something we’ve talked about before, so I’m so happy we’re talking about it now!

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Many of the women in our keto community have expressed interest in how the gut influences how we think and what we do and how, what we eat, can dictate everything from mood disturbances, to the relationship we have with our bodies.

Simply: if you have gut issues, you WILL have brain issues.

Yes, you read that right! The foods you eat play a role in your body positivity versus body hate.

Today’s video goes through the ins and outs on how it all works, and provides steps you can use right now to increase the health of your gut to help balance your moods.

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  • Signs you have a gut problem
  • What depression has to do with the gut
  • Your emotional limbic system
  • How the health of your gut dictates cortisol balance


Studies referenced in the video:

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