7 Keto Foods Your Gut Needs

By July 18, 2018

7 Keto Foods Your Gut Needs #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

The top 7 keto foods you should have in your house if having a healthy gut is a priority to you! Solutions you need to support your gut, plus supplements for a healthy microbiome on a ketogenic diet.

If you’ve been following Healthful Pursuit for awhile now, you know that I used a ketogenic diet to get my period back. That’s right! After more than 7 years of having amenorrhea, I used a keto diet to balance my hormones so much so that in September of 2015, I got my first period in over 7 years. And, it’s been going strong ever since.

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You can read about gut health, plus get the yes and no list of food and lifestyle adjustments you can make in order to support your gut on pages 81 through 83 of my digital program, Fat Fueled.

Now that my hormones are balanced, I’ve switched gears to see how I can adapt a ketogenic diet to aid in gut healing. While much of what I’ve removed from my diet already (grains, sugars, processed garbage) has helped me heal my gut, much more work needs to be done.

Gut health is a scary topic, and even more so when you’re on a ketogenic diet. If you Google, “how to heal my gut”, or “steps for gut healing”, or even “how to heal your gut on a ketogenic diet”, you’ll be BOMBARDED with steps. And, I betcha you’ll get overwhelmed just like I did!

Don’t let all of the to-do lists scare you. Probably the most powerful thing you can do for your gut health on a ketogenic diet is to incorporate bone broth. It’s easy to make, it’s easy to drink, and it’s packed with gut-healing properties like gelatin, glycine and glutamine which:

  • Absorb water and helps to maintain the layer of mucus that keeps gut microbes away from the intestinal barrier
  • Reduce the inflammation
  • Protect against gastric ulcers
  • Maintain the integrity of the gut mucosa and intestinal barrier
  • Stimulate the production of stomach acid
  • Are components of bile acid
  • And so much more

And the gut healing conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my friends at Kettle & Fire. Their bone broth is rich in collagen, USDA approved, and made from grass-fed bones & organic ingredients. I told them I was doing a video on gut health today and they offered a sweet discount for all Healthful Pursuit followers:

Get up to 28% off their grass-fed bone broth plus, when you order 6 or more cartons, you’ll get free shipping!

OK let’s get to the 7 must-have keto foods and supplements for gut health and healing!

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