15 Healthy Gluten-free Summer Meals

I was made for Summer.

I was born to eat French fries and vinegar on the beach, chat with friends on the patio until 2am, and drown myself in barbecue sauce.

Sure, I like stew, but I’d rather have a fresh salad instead.

I enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but would happily trade it in for a glass of lemonade.

My measly bowl of chicken noodle soup cuddled in my lap pales in comparison to a chilling gazpacho enjoyed outside in the sunshine.

Until that first snowflake drops in our garden- where zucchini noodles just don’t fill us up, we crave more fats, and afternoon naps, lets feast on cooling ingredients, fresh veggies, and endless barbecued patties!

1. Chickpea and Sweet Potato Burritos


Rosemary infused sweet potato and chickpea burrito mixture, perfect for a healthy summer lunch!

2. Spring Leek and Lemon Chicken Patties

Grain-free chicken patties stuffed with fresh leeks, edamame, corn, and lemon zest.

3. Homemade California Rolls


Homemade California rolls couldn’t be easier to make! Best part is that you can fill them with anything you’d like.

4. Sweet Lemon Salad with Lemon Pepper Tempeh Croutons


Spice up your salad with some serious tempeh croutons, figs, and sweet lemon sauce.

5. Raw Tomato Basil Zucchini Pasta


A light and refreshing Spring approach to pasta and sauce. This raw dish is packed with B vitamins, fiber, protein, and enzymes!

6. Stampede Barbecue Lentil Sandwich


A vegan approach to the classic pulled pork sandwich. Save time and money by cooking the lentils in your slow cooker!

7. Lean and Clean Turkey Burgers

These burgers are high in protein, low in fat, and lick-your-lips delicious! Trading in an egg for egg whites and bread crumbs for quinoa flakes cleans up this lean approach to your everyday burger.

8. 15 minute Salmon Cakes with Fresh Tartar Sauce

I love these cakes. They’re quick, easy, and only dirty one bowl + frying pan. They’ll wow dinner guests, or knock you off your lunch break feet.

9. Pesto Shrimp Zucchini Pasta

Pecan pesto, fresh parsley and shrimp served on a bed of zucchini noodles makes for the perfect light dinner for one! Serve cold or warm, depending on the weather.

10. Spring Fling Pasta Salad


Spring inspired gluten-free, vegan pasta salad with lemon cream dressing, radishes, artichokes, shallots and edamame.

11. Dijon Herb Salmon Salad

Fresh and easy salmon salad with a light herb Dijon dressing.

12. Vegan “Tuna” Salad


This vegan tuna salad made with sunflower seeds and dulse is high in zinc, enzymes and protein!

13. Maple Pepper Salmon Cakes

Quick, easy, and gluten-free salmon cakes with freshly cracked pepper and maple served with a creamy (dairy-free) maple sauce.

14. Vegan Cinnamon Curry Quinoa Burgers


Biryani inspired quinoa burgers with dried currants, curry leaves and sunflower seeds.

15. Cucumber Dill Kale Salad


The low-fat tangy dill dressing smothers the kale and cucumber in a strong dill flavor in this light and delicious salad.

What are some of your favorite Summer meals?

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  1. These all look amazing – I think the cinnamon curry quinoa burgers have the be my favorite. I love Summer food but hate the weather (It’s just so brutal here on the beach in Florida!)

  2. My favorite summer meals include ANYTHING that comes off of a grill. Veggies, potatoes, shrimp, burgers (veggie and meat), pineapple, etc. It just tastes so good!

    Thanks for the list of recipe ideas!

    • I still haven’t tried grilled pineapple, I gotta get to it!

      • Oh my goodness, Leanne. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Haha grilled pineapple is where it’s at… so good! I love to put it on kabobs!

    • mmm grilled pinaeapple?!?! I’m doing to try that this weekend! I love grilled mango with lime, salt and spices

  3. Mmm these all sound fantastic Leanne! I’ve been eating my bodyweight in 2 things this summer: zucchini noodles and watermelon! Like you, I enjoy a good stew or comforting soup in the fall, but fresh crisp salads with heaps of colour just make me feel so much more energized and alive. Lately I’ve been chopping up a whole load of veggies around mid-day (and spiralizing lots too!) then throwing them in a bowl with herbs, hemp seeds, some sort of protein and a big glug of pear-infused white balsamic vinegar. By the time dinner comes, the veggies (even the rather bland ones like celery) have soaked in the vinegar long enough to absorb the delicious flavour. I pile it on top of mixed greens and devour every last bit. SO good!!

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome! I really need to get my paws on some fancy vinegar. I checked into it and we don’t have anything like what you have over there. We’re so sheltered from the culinary world :(

  4. Oh my heavens. I feel like this post is just for me. Thank you for showing me the variety that is possible in a gluten free diet. Inspiring!

  5. We completely agree with you about the summer thing – we are summer girls, too! We were born in the summer, we hate the cold, and we adore all the fresh produce, the days spent by the pool, and would much rather sweat buckets than shiver! All of these recipes look delicious (we made a couple of them in the past), thanks for the yummy post!

  6. These meals are so summery! I love it. Summer is my absolute favorite season, but this year, we’ve had record breaking heat.. the culprit is climate change.. I wish more people would realize that! But, despite the heat, some veggies in my garden are definately prospering! I have a crazy amount of kale, purslane, zucchini, etc. :) I haven’t tried zucchini pasta yet, but that’s on my agenda for sure! Have a great day Leanne!

  7. All of these recipes look fantastic! I can’t wait to give them a try. My favorite foods of summer are overnight (cold) oats and watermelon. I’m lovin’ it all though; the salads and dishes made without the oven! :)

    • Thanks, Chelsea :) I’m with you on the cold oats, there’s really nothing else like it!

  8. Leanne, these look simply awesome! Sweet of you to compile such nourishing gluten free meals into a single post. Im exceptionally tempted by the chickpea sweet potato burritos and spring leek and lemon chicken patties. All my favorite ingredients incorporated. Oh gawd, that sends me salivating… You rock, girl!

  9. hey leanne! i LOVE your blog! i’ve been gluten free since october of last year, and your recipes have literally saved my life! i was just wondering what brand of brown rice tortillas you use – they look totally solid and appetizing! i’ve only had one kind and they had a funky taste and crumbled at the slightest attempt at wrapping, so i’m looking for a winner. thanks for being awesome!

    • Hi Steph – so happy to hear that you like my recipes and that they’ve helped you through this transition. I purchase my wraps from a place called Earth’s Oven in Calgary. Otherwise, I’ll get the brown rice tortillas made by Food for Life. The trick in not letting them crumble is to buy them frozen, thaw them, and use them up really quickly!

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