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Coconut Oil is BAD?

By August 5, 2018

AHA says coconut oil is bad for you...

National health organization questions the health claims associated with Coconut oil. I made this video in my car because I couldn’t wait another moment to get the word out.

There is a news story that everyone is asking me for my opinion on. A popular health organization has come out with a report that says coconut oil has never been or will ever be healthy. I have such a hard time with reports like this because there’s no science to back it up, only agenda. So, when I’m faced with stories like this I have to go to the facts.

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Facts number one: HDL cholesterol is increased by eating saturated fat (of course the quality of the fat matters).

Fact number two: HDL over triglyceride is a better indicator of heart health.

Fact number three: coconut oil LOWERS triglycerides and increases HDL. Two things we want.

Fact number four: The American Heart Association promotes the use of vegetable oils.

Fact number five: it is been proven time and time again the vegetable oils are so inflammatory and horrible for your health.

Fact number six: there’s something wrong when someone promotes vegetable oils and says coconut oil is unhealthy…

I’ll be turning the other way on this one and ignore this crazy news story.

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Here is another video (not made by me) highlighting things perfectly. Also, it’s hilarious.

I hope that helps!

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