My heart flutters with gratitude for each and every last one of you.
If being part of the Healthful Pursuit community has triggered some crazy awesome happenings in your life or helped catapult you forward, I’d love to hear about it.


Mad Props for my Skills


I started Fat Fueled 6 weeks ago and the pain in my right hip from osteoarthritis is almost gone. I started to slack off for a few days and the pain came right back. Today, I started back on strict Fat Adapted and I can get up and walk with no pain again. Because of my Thyroid, I don’t do full Keto anymore. I found I can balance my blood sugar and my pain on the Fat Adapted profile from Fat Fueled.

— Heddi


Thank you so much for your Q&A’s! I really learn so much from them. Keep rock in’ on! I have both of your books and I’ve just finished reading Fat Fueled. They are so full of information and recipes that my husband and I have been following. Both of us have lost weight and our blood labs are perfect!!

— Karen


Thank you so much for all the work you put into sharing how people can create healthier lives for themselves through diet and nutrition. I have been an endurance athlete for 12 years now, a vegan for 3.5 years, and am now starting my keto journey. I have found your recipes immensely helpful as I train for Ironman distance triathlons. I have used every one of your vegan keto recipes, and my favorites are your keto granola dust and hemp porridge and OF COURSE all the rocket fuel latte recipes (veganized when appropriate). I eat the porridge or granola with coconut milk 1 hour before long workouts. It fuels me so that I can utilize my body’s fat, I don’t have to eat as much during the workout, and I avoid the horrible gut-bombs and sugar fermentation bloat that so many athletes suffer from. I consider your recipes vital to optimal performance and stalk your website regularly to see what new brilliance shows up!

— Amanda


Me: a former vegetarian who ate lots of carbs, experienced daily sugar/salt cravings for years, and whose rising thyroid and blood sugar numbers caused her to shriek “But I’m eating healthy…aren’t I?!?” Leanne: a compassionate, knowledgeable, funny, awesome Keto Guardian Angel! After seeing your website listed on Healthy Alternatives in April 2016, I started adding more healthy fats, cut way back on sugar and simple carbs and amped up my whole foods. My cravings were gone…I repeat, GONE…within 2 days! Since incorporating your blog/podcast tips into my life and purchasing the Keto Bundle, I’ve also lost weight, my bloodwork numbers are heading in a better direction, and I don’t feel beholden to well-meaning, but often outdated, health advice. I’m still in awe over how great I feel, physically and mentally. Thank you SO much for encouraging us to put on our Big Girl Pants, take responsibility for our wellbeing, and really *listen* to our bodies.

— Karen


Your books have seriously changed my life. Without getting into too many details I have been struggling for about 2 years. Just wasn’t feeling well. I had brain fog, I couldn’t concentrate, I started to gain weight I couldn’t get off, and I was tired ALL of the time. I had a doctor diagnosis and treat me for ADD. After 2 years of still not feeling better even with medication, I found your YouTube channel and books. I started with the Keto Beginnings and started to feel better but still something wasn’t right. This is when I started to listen to Fat Fueled and finally found myself a doctor that would listen. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroid from my new doctor and although that’s not the best news, I knew from your books and information I would be able to thrive with this disease. A month later following Fat Fueled and I am feeling SO much better. I can’t thank you enough!!

— Ashley

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The Keto Begining and Fat Fueled have been an amazing resource for me. I found Leanne after doing the Bulletproof diet for several weeks. There are certainly a lot of resources out there for those wanting to follow keto, but the majority are focused on men. What I LOVE about Leanne’s protocols is that they are for women. My favorite book (so far!), is Fat Fueled because it taught me to not stress out about calories, macros and the little things that cause added stress. Instead, I can focus on how my plate is supposed to look like. It’s an awesome feeling of freedom and normalcy.The recipes are incredible and simple and super easy to follow. I think a lot of people living a Ketogenic lifestyle tend to eat the same foods over and over, probably because it easier, but Leanne gives us so many recipes, options, and choices which makes eating so much more fun and enjoyable…and I LOVE to eat! Her weekly meal plans are also amazing and a great resource, especially for busy people. I feel great, my obsessing over what to eat or not to eat is gone, and most importantly, I have learned to listen to what my body needs and doesn’t need, and that it is all a work in progress. I am forever grateful to Leanne, her vast knowledge, fun outlook on life, and her “no judgement zone” attitude towards this awesome lifestyle! 

— Annette


Thanks so much Leanne. Your encouragement is so helpful on my journey to healing my body. I have a long way to go but I will be bringing you along on the ride. Thanks for teaching me to listen to my body!

— Theresa


New to the site and excited to be part of such a great culture! Also new to the ketogenic lifestyle and I’m feeling better every day! I was starting to look and feel my age, and now I feel like my 30-year-old self and back in my sexy clothes! Life is good!



I love what you do! I have listened to all of your podcasts and YouTube videos over the past couple of weeks and both books as well. To tell the truth, I am on my 4th listening of Fat Fueled! Keep up the great work; I truly enjoy learning from someone who is so enthusiastic yet accepting of how different we all are from each other with “All Of The Things!”

— Alice

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First of all, thank you for being absolutely amazing! I could literally write an essay on how amazing you and all the content that you’re creating and putting out there for us to see are. I’m eating higher fat and lower carb now (transitioning from eating high carb, sometimes junk food and feeling like I’m out of control of what I’m putting into my body). I cannot even begin to describe how much better (and finally free and ‘in control’ of my cravings) I feel by eating keto! 

— Jana

headshot Martha

I am a 64-year-old, overweight, prediabetic, worn out, stressed out, etc., etc. woman who just discovered you on YouTube after being on the keto diet for two weeks. Now I can relax, be balanced, have fun, and best of all stick to this way of eating that is going to change my life. Since I relaxed into your way of doing the ketogenic eating style, I have had energy and, even though I do not have a way of testing blood ketones, I believe I was in keto-adapted mode yesterday, and I did a carb up meal last night. Thank you for your help and for being so smart, caring, funny, helpful, generous (with your freebies) and passionate for keto!!!

— Martha

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I started getting the Balanced Keto meal plan three weeks ago, and I feel AMAZING! The recipes are delicious and easy, and I am never starving. Before keto, I was eating paleo and would always have major carb or sugar cravings but after starting this meal plan, those cravings have disappeared and I have lots of energy! I am not a morning person, but I have noticed I now get up effortlessly without having to hit my snooze button twenty times. Thank you, Leanne, for creating this awesome plan it has truly made a HUGE difference in my life!

— Maddie


After reading Fat Fueled, I’ve found that Leanne is a ball of badassness covered in keto chocolate scrumptiousness and topped with a piece of bacon…and she’s smart!

— Jasmine

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On my own search for hormonal health, I’ve found it very difficult to sift through all of the confusing information that’s out there. I am thankful that in Fat Fueled, Leanne shares her own journey with so much detail and authenticity.  As an emotional eating expert who is learning and teaching people to listen to their intuition around food, I find it very hard to recommend books that dictate a certain way of eating. Even though Fat Fueled is primarily about eating high fat, the intuitive and experimental nature of its approach coupled with the mastery that is expressed in the way difficult concepts are simplified is beautiful. 

Ruba | Ruba Homaidi


I love this program! After watching some of Leanne’s videos, I decided to take a risk by eating high-fat. My body has healed SO MUCH over the past few months. Fat fueled is an awesome guide to eating high fat and healing your body. Leanne is so dedicated and professional. She explains everything perfectly and on point. I highly recommend Fat Fueled!

— Luise


Fat Fueled is full of practical information for living a healthy lifestyle of eating low carb/high fat. The program addresses many issues women may encounter while switching to a high fat eating style, however, my husband also found it very helpful.  I have had great success with this resource and want to thank Leanne for her work.

— Carol

I’m not on a keto diet and I don’t eat meat but I still love the Fat Fueled program! The program goes way beyond addressing the keto diet with chapters on how to eat with different food restrictions or medical conditions, balancing hormones, blood tests, shortcuts, and even a whole section on intuitive eating. Every question you’ve ever had about a keto approach is answered here! Whatever diet you follow, Fat Fueled is a comprehensive guide and resource for anyone interested in different ways to approach a healthful eating style.

Ricki | Ricki Heller


Following this program makes me feel like there is finally someone out there who totally gets me, understands my struggles as a woman, speaks to me like a friend would, and provides so much information in a logical way that explains what is going on with me and how I can achieve my goals. I’m 25 and have struggled with amenorrhea for three years and have had a damaged relationship with food in the past. Thanks to Fat Fueled, I’m learning how to put my body first without the need for a strict regime. I’m gaining the confidence to listen to my body, and practice strategies to fix the specific imbalances I’ve been struggling with alone for so long . I’m still on my journey to recovery and healing my body and am SO happy I’ve found Leanne as a resource!

— Angi


I have been eating a ketogenic diet for months now and as a researcher, I have seen, read and heard many approaches. Fat Fueled is the only reference written for women that begins by encouraging women to be kind to themselves and put their health first. I have been tracking my macros for close to a decade. But in the weeks since following the program (and stopping the tracking), I am down almost two pounds, I sleep 7 hours at night, and I feel so much more at peace with my body. I am terrified but I trust Leanne and the approaches she outlines in this program, and I don’t say this lightly. She clearly knows what she is talking about and cares more about women’s health than being skinny.

— Airia


Aside from any potential hormonal struggles you may or may not be having, Fat Fueled provides a way for us to overcome the ongoing numbers game. Leanne has overcome her long term 8 year battle with amenorrhea, while at the same time cementing her positive relationship with food. Fat Fueled is an investment worth making! It has all the potential to be life changing.

Michelle | Peachy Palate


Fat Fueled has helped me discover the little tricks I can use to understand my body on a deeper level. The program doesn’t talk about weight loss or restrictions, doesn’t give you international rules, but indirectly provides tools to create weight loss through caring about your body. I realized that – if I want to live a full life – I need to see food as fuel. The Fat Fueled Program has inspired me to listen to my body, eat way more fats and trust what I need to balance myself out. I’m stepping away from the program knowing how to take charge of my health.

— Lisa


I find that the best thing about Fat Fueled is that it feels like it’s written for ME. The keto space is so male-dominated, and the relatively few women in it seem so determined to fit themselves into things that work for men, while also expecting a man’s results. So when I tried those things and found that they didn’t work for me, I was really discouraged. Fat Fueled validates that, not only is there nothing wrong with not fitting into that box, there is no box! It is both refreshing and encouraging. I like the focus on listening to my body, and the numerous options provided to make high-fat work for me. It is neither prescriptive nor restrictive, and that is a game-changer! Plus I’m now on day 14 of my luteal phase, and I’ve never gone beyond ~11 with 2 days of spotting. Ladies who are TTC know that’s basically a miracle.

— Danielle


Reading this book feels like having a conversation with a best friend – a best friend who just happens to know a shit ton about compassionate nutrition from a fat fueled perspective! Want to become “food liberated?” This is the handbook for you. The Fat Fueled Plate Illustrations, the actionable steps scattered throughout and the detailed plans for hormonal dysfunctions make this book a resource guide that will help you take the power back over your whole food nutrition. The simplicity of the recipes make the dishes achievable for even a non-cook like me!  Bravo Leanne!

— Lindsay


This program is ridiculously thorough (and I mean that in the best way), but the way it’s written and organized is the opposite of overwhelming. It’s calming and reassuring, just like Leanne. It answers every question you could possibly think of, and the recipes are innovative and delicious. Look no further, this is the only program on fat that you’ll ever want or need. I’m a long-time fan of Leanne’s work, and this is by far the best book she’s ever written, full of not only knowledge, but also wisdom.

Kelly | The Spunky Coconut

Leanne has created an amazing resource in Fat Fueled that goes way beyond what we learned in The Keto Beginning! Fat Fueled addresses our individual needs and supports the various issues (thyroid imbalances, hormone issues..) that we might bring to the table that has affected our success with a strict keto approach. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ANY style of eating and Leanne presents us with reasons, options and actions plans! In addition there are TONS of recipes and helpful links for learning more about the products she recommends. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend Fat Fueled!

— Theresa


I discovered Leanne and her Fat Fueled approach on the advice of my naturopath. Struggling with hormone imbalances, PCOS, autoimmune issues and an insatiable addiction to sugar, I was at my wits end. Following the Fat Fueled approach has helped me find balance for the first time in my life. No longer am I a slave to the blood sugar roller coaster, or the office chocolate bowl. Thanks to Leanne, I’m living a happy, fat fueled life and feel better than I ever have.

— Susan

Being a breast feeding mother, having the tools to nourish myself properly is of utmost importance to me. I’m not only providing myself with the nutrients I need, but also my baby with the highest quality choices available. Leanne has done a tremendous job at laying out the information in a concise, fun, and easy read.

— Lesley


All I have to say is WOW! I’ve tried the keto diet in the past but as much as I wanted it to, it really didn’t work for me. But now, after reading Fat Fueled, I am very tempted to give it another try. Macros, nutrients, allergies, hormones, carb-ups, intermittent fasting, working out, weight management, Leanne left absolutely nothing out. Unlike many other programs, Fat Fueled is not your typical one size fits all solution. You are given a plethora of different options to choose from and a vast assortment of useful tips and tools to help you along the way. Oh, and let’s not forget the food! Fat Fueled is filled with fresh and delicious looking recipes as well as plenty of mouth-watering pictures.

Sonia | The Healthy Foodie


Holy chockfull of information Batman! Leanne has outdone herself in the crafting of Fat Fueled. Unlike other writers in the nutrition space, Leanne doesn’t try to force a one-size-fits-all approach down your throat. She embraces that we are all individuals with lots of differences both inside and out. She put together this program so that each reader’s journey can be a choose-your-own-adventure of finding what works for them, not just what worked for her. This unique approach is powerful and something I’m excited to explore further! 

Sam | Porter Loves Creative


Leanne’s Fat Fueled is an amazing resource for anyone looking to follow a ketogenic way of eating with a non-diet approach. I love how Leanne outlines the incredible importance of taking care of yourself, listening to your body, ditching dieting mentalities, and truly embracing who you are as you journey the Fat Fueled Road to healing and better health. Leanne’s honest, transparent approach regarding her own struggles and triumphs is truly inspiring and as a Nutritionist myself, I love how she highlights that there is no “one size fits all” to ketogenic eating, we are all wonderfully unique and Leanne gets that!

Christal |Nutritionist In The Kitch


I spent years believing in the low fat, low calorie way of life. I have suffered with IBS and a constant bloated tummy for as long as I can remember. Going Paleo helped, but I knew that there was a better level of health out there for me to achieve. Enter Fat Fueled. It is the program I needed to take my health to a new level, taking the guess work out of nutritional ketosis in an easy to understand, entertaining, and delicious way. 

— Tiffany


Leanne is extremely intelligent and hilarious. As I was reading, I could hear her voice in my head making the whole experience that much more personal to me and my experiences. Fat Fueled is an honest and eye-opening look into using fat to balance the body that anyone can understand and implement for lifelong change. I have already recommended it to everyone that I know. Powerful program, great read!

— Megan


Combined with The Keto Beginning, Fat Fueled is the missing and critical guide that the keto community desperately needs. This book is a step-by-step comprehensive journey to body love and “diet” freedom. No matter where you are in your journey, Fat Fueled takes the guess work out of ketogenic eating with easy to implement suggestions. As a woman, it’s easy to give in to feeling guilty over food choices; Fat Fueled has helped me learn to listen to what my body actually NEEDS and the stress (and pounds) just melt away! If I was to recommend any one resource on starting your keto journey, this is it, hands down. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book my whole life – thank you, Leanne!



Leanne always does such an amazing job at breaking down information and making it fun to read! I love her point of view and how she shares her experiences; it helps me see that I can understand my body and what it needs to be happy and healthy. I’ve always struggled with portion size and the “Fat Fueled Plate” diagrams she included in the book are incredibly helpful and easy to follow. Plus, the pictures look so delicious you could eat them off your screen! I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

— Christina


Since coming across Healthful Pursuit in January of this year, my husband and I have been following Leanne’s words of wisdom and eating lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life, I have energy, I’m free from flu-like symptoms that used to plague me, and we’ve both lost weight! Thank you again for changing my life.

— Jennifer


I love your food journal! The little icons were so cute and helpful. I really loved how it was helping me see when I would eat and why and what I was eating the most of (the little tallying at the bottom was helpful for this). I “remembered” to work out more because of the space you provided for “physical activity”. It is the best food journal I could have used to reconnect and learn from my body. This journal is definitely a great tool in seeing what’s going on in the moment and helping me move forward with ease.

— Catherine


Leanne’s recipes inspire me to go deeper into my personal journey toward health and happiness. I look forward to learning more from all of the amazing resources that Leanne shares so freely on God bless you and everything you do.

Laurie | Live Long Live Strong

Healthful Pursuit is a gold mine – recipes I actually want to make, with ingredients I have heard of before! I made a double batch of Leanne’s vegan cream of mushroom soup last night, and between me and my husband, it was gone by the time dinner was over. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It is inspiring and oh-so-helpful.

— Courtney


Leanne’s work is amazing! My 10 year old daughter can not have sugar, wheat or dairy. Watching her feel left out from the treats being served through birthday parties, Halloween and Christmas was so hard for me to watch as a Mom. But then I found Healthful Pursuit! Because of Leanne’s delicious/healthful recipes she never feels deprived. In fact she has turned many of her friends onto your recipes and they love them too!! Whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dessert after dinner… my kids and I are enjoying at least one of Leanne’s recipes daily. Please don’t ever stop the amazing creative work that you do! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

— Stacy

I am on a Candida Diet… it’s been an interesting 4 months. Healthful Pursuit makes me feel that I might be closer to heaven than I thought in this long road back to health. Thank you very much!

— Barb


I’m still not clear on why I have this eating disorder, but I do know that the side effects are literally killing me. I had been reading Leanne’s emails for awhile but for whatever reason, on one specific day, things started to click. I witnessed my thinking shift to love. I am confident, now, that I can put Leanne’s philosophy to use and turn my health around.

— Jan


My life has changed since finding Healthful Pursuit. I feel so much better. No more nausea, way less stomach issues, no more cheating on foods I can’t eat. I now crave green smoothies, cucumbers and fruits. It’s a new way of life and I am embracing it!

— Isabelle


I’m a huge fan of Leanne and Healthful Pursuit! In her cookbook, Dessert Freedom, mouth-watering photographs and simple recipes with nutrient dense ingredients will have you falling in love with your “restricted” diet. Nothing short of liberating and inspiring as always.

Kelly | The Spunky Coconut


Leanne’s work is a great resource for anyone who has decided to go dairy free. Reducing dairy intake can do wonders for your body and Leanne has some great recipes to help make the transition so much easier. Since I have gone dairy free, I have used Leanne as a resource a lot. Healthful Pursuit is my go-to dairy-free recipe blog.

— Catherine | Mint Grapefruit


Healthful Pursuit is an informative and accessible resource for those new to a dairy-free lifestyle without being overwhelming. The recipes she highlights show that being dairy-free is easier than you might think and provide great alternatives for people who need or want to remove dairy from their diet.

Sylvia | Gormande in the Kitchen


All of Leanne’s dairy-free recipes helps to remove the sense of restriction out of going dairy-free. Her recipes offer delicious, easy, and fun alternatives to dairy products, leaving nothing behind to miss… except maybe acne or bloating. :) I can’t speak highly enough about Leanne’s recipes, and I would encourage anyone to give invite her recipes into their kitchen and watch their lives transform!

Dana | Zona Pellucida


If you’re looking to eliminate or reduce diary from your diet, Leanne’s recipes and cookbooks are the perfect resource. She has a plethora of creative recipes that will have you whipping up nutritious and tasty dairy-free dishes in no time. Need to satisfy your cravings for a creamy pasta sauce or bake a cake with dairy-free frosting? Leanne’s got you covered!

Brittany | Eating Bird Food

Thank you for being such a food genius! My allergies no longer stand in the way of me living out my life.

— Jennifer

Leanne has inspired me to get off my butt and DO something with my life and begin to LOVE myself for who I am.

— Kara


Prior to discovering Healthful Pursuit last year, I had rarely cooked. As in, ever. Now I’m part of the Healthful Pursuit community, receive meal plans once a week and have created over 40 of Leanne’s dishes. My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. After following Leanne’s gluten-free recipes, I’ve been freed from bloating, pain, gas, and heartburn.

— Jennifer


I adapted the Healthful Pursuit way of eating and in just one week, the dark circles are fading from under my eyes and running to the bathroom has stopped all together. I am excited to get more information and keep following the recipes on Healthful Pursuit. Honestly, Leanne is my new favorite person.

— Robin


My husband (and neighbors) and I have been LOVING Leanne’s recipes and my committed-carnivore father told me this morning that he’s trying the cream of mushroom soup tonight. You’ve changed our family for the better!

— Jennifer


Leanne, is the bomb. No question. Her commitment and follow-up is second to none. I look forward to her newsletter every single day and am very grateful to have become a part of the lovely community she has created here.

— Jo-Anne


Leanne is a shining star. She’s an incredible human being and quite the food genius. She’s the queen of clarity – the answer to your allergen-free prayers.

— Jennifer


Leanne has a knack for taking sometimes complex subjects and breaking them down into clear, easy-to-relate-to pieces. She takes out the confusion and uncertainty and leaves you with straightforward, useful information that you can put to work in your life right away. And the cherry on top is that she’s just a darn sweet, thoughtful human being. It’s obvious how much she cares about her work and the people she’s supporting.

Annika | Annika Martins


Love, love, love Leanne and her blog! I have been following Healthful Pursuit for a year now and it officially has the most tastiest recipes of all time. My husband; who was diagnosed with bladder cancer and is now in remission, and I swear by your recipes to maintain our (new) healthy, balanced and cancer-free lifestyle. Leanne’s energy, knowledge and beautiful personal stories have transformed our lives and made us dedicated Healthful Pursuit followers for life.

— Ingrid


Leanne’s recipes are outstanding. I feel like she is standing beside me in my kitchen saying, “YOU can DO IT! Don’t be afraid…experiment!” I find her posts uplifting and energizing. Leanne has helped me heal from the inside out. I am glowing, living with a lot less pain, and I’m caring for myself. If she ever publishes or hosts an event…I will be the first in line! Thank you Leanne for sharing your journey and encouraging me on mine!

— Kristi


Leanne’s spirit shines so brightly. The words she shares touch me so deeply. It is refreshing to see light in the air of darkness. What Leanne does is amazing and inspirational. It is so clear to see that this is her life purpose.

— Carmen


I’ve been watching Leanne realize her dream of saving the world one recipe at a time for years. I never expected one woman to make such a massive difference in the way people see food and manage their allergies. Her flare for creating great food catered to YOUR needs means you never have to compromise on flavor texture or fun! You’ll not find a more honest or inspiring holistic nutritionist.

— Emily Kingyens | Massage Therapist


I have been on an uphill battle with disordered eating all while discovering more and more food intolerances. Leanne has given me the ray of hope I desperately needed to tackle this new way of life and I am so thankful to have her as a resource and guide. Thank you so, so much.

— Mary Jean


Healthful Pursuit was there to guide and comfort me when I got into a hole of not caring for my body the way that I knew I should have been. Leanne is an absolute gem. I am continually inspired by her and her openness, honesty and caring nature. Each email that she shares brings me one step closer to creating the life I’ve always wanted to live.

— Katy


I love Healthful Pursuit and am so happy to have found it! It is because of people like Leanne that I am able to maintain my diet with a smile on my face. I do not eat sugar, dairy, grains, seafood, red meat, or alcohol, and some days that can be boring. Leanne has given me new ideas to cook with! Thank you!!!! With gratitude.

— Anne