My heart flutters with gratitude for each and every last one of you.
If being part of the Healthful Pursuit community has triggered some crazy awesome happenings in your life or helped catapult you forward, I’d love to hear about it.


Mad Props for my Skills

Leanne has created an amazing resource in Fat Fueled that goes way beyond what we learned in The Keto Beginning! Fat Fueled addresses our individual needs and supports the various issues (thyroid imbalances, hormone issues..) that we might bring to the table that has affected our success with a strict keto approach. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to ANY style of eating and Leanne presents us with reasons, options and actions plans! In addition there are TONS of recipes and helpful links for learning more about the products she recommends. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend Fat Fueled!

— Theresa

Being a breast feeding mother, having the tools to nourish myself properly is of utmost importance to me. I’m not only providing myself with the nutrients I need, but also my baby with the highest quality choices available. Leanne has done a tremendous job at laying out the information in a concise, fun, and easy read.

— Lesley


Since coming across Healthful Pursuit in January of this year, my husband and I have been following Leanne’s words of wisdom and eating lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life, I have energy, I’m free from flu-like symptoms that used to plague me, and we’ve both lost weight! Thank you again for changing my life.

— Jennifer


I love your food journal! The little icons were so cute and helpful. I really loved how it was helping me see when I would eat and why and what I was eating the most of (the little tallying at the bottom was helpful for this). I “remembered” to work out more because of the space you provided for “physical activity”. It is the best food journal I could have used to reconnect and learn from my body. This journal is definitely a great tool in seeing what’s going on in the moment and helping me move forward with ease.

— Catherine


Leanne’s recipes inspire me to go deeper into my personal journey toward health and happiness. I look forward to learning more from all of the amazing resources that Leanne shares so freely on God bless you and everything you do.

Laurie | Live Long Live Strong

Healthful Pursuit is a gold mine – recipes I actually want to make, with ingredients I have heard of before! I made a double batch of Leanne’s vegan cream of mushroom soup last night, and between me and my husband, it was gone by the time dinner was over. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It is inspiring and oh-so-helpful.

— Courtney


Leanne’s work is amazing! My 10 year old daughter can not have sugar, wheat or dairy. Watching her feel left out from the treats being served through birthday parties, Halloween and Christmas was so hard for me to watch as a Mom. But then I found Healthful Pursuit! Because of Leanne’s delicious/healthful recipes she never feels deprived. In fact she has turned many of her friends onto your recipes and they love them too!! Whether it be at breakfast, lunch or dessert after dinner… my kids and I are enjoying at least one of Leanne’s recipes daily. Please don’t ever stop the amazing creative work that you do! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

— Stacy

I am on a Candida Diet… it’s been an interesting 4 months. Healthful Pursuit makes me feel that I might be closer to heaven than I thought in this long road back to health. Thank you very much!

— Barb


I’m still not clear on why I have this eating disorder, but I do know that the side effects are literally killing me. I had been reading Leanne’s emails for awhile but for whatever reason, on one specific day, things started to click. I witnessed my thinking shift to love. I am confident, now, that I can put Leanne’s philosophy to use and turn my health around.

— Jan


My life has changed since finding Healthful Pursuit. I feel so much better. No more nausea, way less stomach issues, no more cheating on foods I can’t eat. I now crave green smoothies, cucumbers and fruits. It’s a new way of life and I am embracing it!

— Isabelle


I’m a huge fan of Leanne and Healthful Pursuit! In her cookbook, Dessert Freedom, mouth-watering photographs and simple recipes with nutrient dense ingredients will have you falling in love with your “restricted” diet. Nothing short of liberating and inspiring as always.

Kelly | The Spunky Coconut


Leanne’s work is a great resource for anyone who has decided to go dairy free. Reducing dairy intake can do wonders for your body and Leanne has some great recipes to help make the transition so much easier. Since I have gone dairy free, I have used Leanne as a resource a lot. Healthful Pursuit is my go-to dairy-free recipe blog.

— Catherine | Mint Grapefruit


Healthful Pursuit is an informative and accessible resource for those new to a dairy-free lifestyle without being overwhelming. The recipes she highlights show that being dairy-free is easier than you might think and provide great alternatives for people who need or want to remove dairy from their diet.

Sylvia | Gormande in the Kitchen


All of Leanne’s dairy-free recipes helps to remove the sense of restriction out of going dairy-free. Her recipes offer delicious, easy, and fun alternatives to dairy products, leaving nothing behind to miss… except maybe acne or bloating. :) I can’t speak highly enough about Leanne’s recipes, and I would encourage anyone to give invite her recipes into their kitchen and watch their lives transform!

Dana | Zona Pellucida


If you’re looking to eliminate or reduce diary from your diet, Leanne’s recipes and cookbooks are the perfect resource. She has a plethora of creative recipes that will have you whipping up nutritious and tasty dairy-free dishes in no time. Need to satisfy your cravings for a creamy pasta sauce or bake a cake with dairy-free frosting? Leanne’s got you covered!

Brittany | Eating Bird Food

Thank you for being such a food genius! My allergies no longer stand in the way of me living out my life.

— Jennifer

Leanne has inspired me to get off my butt and DO something with my life and begin to LOVE myself for who I am.

— Kara


Prior to discovering Healthful Pursuit last year, I had rarely cooked. As in, ever. Now I’m part of the Healthful Pursuit community, receive meal plans once a week and have created over 40 of Leanne’s dishes. My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. After following Leanne’s gluten-free recipes, I’ve been freed from bloating, pain, gas, and heartburn.

— Jennifer


I adapted the Healthful Pursuit way of eating and in just one week, the dark circles are fading from under my eyes and running to the bathroom has stopped all together. I am excited to get more information and keep following the recipes on Healthful Pursuit. Honestly, Leanne is my new favorite person.

— Robin


My husband (and neighbors) and I have been LOVING Leanne’s recipes and my committed-carnivore father told me this morning that he’s trying the cream of mushroom soup tonight. You’ve changed our family for the better!

— Jennifer


Leanne, is the bomb. No question. Her commitment and follow-up is second to none. I look forward to her newsletter every single day and am very grateful to have become a part of the lovely community she has created here.

— Jo-Anne


Leanne is a shining star. She’s an incredible human being and quite the food genius. She’s the queen of clarity – the answer to your allergen-free prayers.

— Jennifer


Leanne has a knack for taking sometimes complex subjects and breaking them down into clear, easy-to-relate-to pieces. She takes out the confusion and uncertainty and leaves you with straightforward, useful information that you can put to work in your life right away. And the cherry on top is that she’s just a darn sweet, thoughtful human being. It’s obvious how much she cares about her work and the people she’s supporting.

Annika | Annika Martins


Love, love, love Leanne and her blog! I have been following Healthful Pursuit for a year now and it officially has the most tastiest recipes of all time. My husband; who was diagnosed with bladder cancer and is now in remission, and I swear by your recipes to maintain our (new) healthy, balanced and cancer-free lifestyle. Leanne’s energy, knowledge and beautiful personal stories have transformed our lives and made us dedicated Healthful Pursuit followers for life.

— Ingrid


Leanne’s recipes are outstanding. I feel like she is standing beside me in my kitchen saying, “YOU can DO IT! Don’t be afraid…experiment!” I find her posts uplifting and energizing. Leanne has helped me heal from the inside out. I am glowing, living with a lot less pain, and I’m caring for myself. If she ever publishes or hosts an event…I will be the first in line! Thank you Leanne for sharing your journey and encouraging me on mine!

— Kristi


Leanne’s spirit shines so brightly. The words she shares touch me so deeply. It is refreshing to see light in the air of darkness. What Leanne does is amazing and inspirational. It is so clear to see that this is her life purpose.

— Carmen


I’ve been watching Leanne realize her dream of saving the world one recipe at a time for years. I never expected one woman to make such a massive difference in the way people see food and manage their allergies. Her flare for creating great food catered to YOUR needs means you never have to compromise on flavor texture or fun! You’ll not find a more honest or inspiring holistic nutritionist.

— Emily Kingyens | Massage Therapist


I have been on an uphill battle with disordered eating all while discovering more and more food intolerances. Leanne has given me the ray of hope I desperately needed to tackle this new way of life and I am so thankful to have her as a resource and guide. Thank you so, so much.

— Mary Jean


Healthful Pursuit was there to guide and comfort me when I got into a hole of not caring for my body the way that I knew I should have been. Leanne is an absolute gem. I am continually inspired by her and her openness, honesty and caring nature. Each email that she shares brings me one step closer to creating the life I’ve always wanted to live.

— Katy


I love Healthful Pursuit and am so happy to have found it! It is because of people like Leanne that I am able to maintain my diet with a smile on my face. I do not eat sugar, dairy, grains, seafood, red meat, or alcohol, and some days that can be boring. Leanne has given me new ideas to cook with! Thank you!!!! With gratitude.

— Anne