23 Quick Keto Snacks Beyond the Fat Bomb (paleo, low-carb + dairy-free)

By December 20, 2018

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Want a keto snack? You don’t have to ask me twice. Grab a quick low-carb and high-fat keto snack to keep up with all the work and fun happening this fall. These aren’t fat bombs, but they’re low-carb and high-fat for that healthy keto goodness.

Snacking is a fundamental part of life. Just accept it. We all need to munch on a little something between meals, after a workout, on the road, and while you’re watching your favorite movie.

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Snacking does NOT have to be a shunned practice of those who aren’t disciplined enough to follow through with their keto diet plan. Snacking can actually be good for you if you do it right. That’s where this list comes in. I’ve compiled 23 quick keto snack recipes that are sweet, savory, but most of all easy for you to prepare so you can get to snacking (my favorite part, personally).

If you’re wondering what makes these snacks good for you, it’s all about the keto. Keto is focused on low-carb, high-fat nourishment, but these recipes are also paleo and dairy-free, using unprocessed ingredients so you can rest assured that what’s going into your belly will make it happy. I’m all about a happy body!

Looking for more ways to add high-fat to your low-carb keto diet? My Fat-Fueled Program is a great solution to trying to figure out how to go keto. It has tons of advice, tips, and tricks that will help lead you to a healthy and happy self!

I hope you enjoy trying these out, and I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment down below and tell me which one was your favorite and whether you do anything differently that might help other readers!

Now on to the snacks!

Quick Keto Snacks Beyond The Fat Bomb

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Flaxseed Meal Pancakes

Start your day off right or make these for a quick keto snack that keeps to the low-carb high-fat keto lifestyle. You can make these ahead of time and freeze them, so when you’re ready to munch you can just toast them, top with a few low-carb berries, and enjoy the moment!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Grain-Free Ginger Spice Muffin Tops

Another morning-style quick snack, these muffin tops have the perfect combo of flavors to give you a nice little boost to last you until your next meal or snack. You might also want to drench these in coconut butter for more fatty action. Delicious!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Grain-Free Granola Bars

These keto granola bars are the definition of grab-and-go once you’ve made them. But that’s not all! These bars only take 30 minutes to prepare, so they really are one of the fastest and easiest keto snacks out there.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Grain-Free Lemonade Doughnuts

I’m guessing you’ve never had a lemonade doughnut. Am I right? You’ve got to try these keto tasties because they are delicious. Trust me.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Grain-Free Salmon Patties

If you want something a little more savory, this one’s a great option. It can also be made into a quick keto meal if you throw in some roasted or steamed veggies.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Macadamia Nut Hummus

I don’t know if you can get a keto snack recipe that’s any quicker than this one. It takes less than 5 minutes and it’s super customizable (check out the recent post 20 Keto Snack Recipes for Extra CRUNCH Without The Carbs for ideas to go with this amazing hummus), or a traditional celery stick will do!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Bacon Spinach Dip

Bacon. That’s all you need to know. Besides being a quick and easy keto snack, it’s absolutely delicious and you can dip chips, crackers, or veggies in whenever you’re craving a little something between meals. It’s got mayo, no dairy! I’d use Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo for this one.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Paleo Sardine Stuffed Avocado

This recipe had me at avocado. Avocados are amazingly nutritious, tasty, and you can stuff them with all sorts of keto goodness! Don’t want to make your own mayo? Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo will do the trick!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Antipasto Kebabs

Kebabs are just fun. This recipe is also super variable, so you can mix and match all you want! To keep this keto and dairy-free, omit the mozzarella balls or just replace them with avocado chunks.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

The Best! Kale Pate

Here’s a fun way to eat a quick veggie snack with only 6 ingredients and only takes 15 minutes. Stay calm and keto on! (Or go crazy, but keto on just the same.)

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Keto Creamy Bacon Veggie Dip

Here comes that bacon again. It just keeps popping up doesn’t it? Oh, well… I guess I’ll just have to keep working bacon into my keto diet (rushes out to buy some more bacon from the nearest store). For the dairy-free option, replace the sour cream with Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise or this Vegan Sour Cream.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Paleo Burrito Bowl

With only 20 minutes prep and cook time, this recipe is a nice afternoon (or post-workout) keto snack. Of course, this could also be a full keto meal depending on how much you make as well. Perfect for those times when you just don’t have any time.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Rosemary Balsamic Chicken Liver Pate

This smooth and light chicken liver pate goes perfectly with celery sticks or any other low-carb keto veggie. If you haven’t ever tried liver pate, I dare you to try this one. You’ll thank me later.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Low-Carb Fried Riced Cauliflower

Yes! Here’s your chance to have fried rice again without all the carbs, and it doesn’t take very long at all. Thanks to cauliflower, it’s definitely a keto-approved snack to enjoy when you’re in the mood for some keto Asian cuisine. Replace the soy sauce with some coconut aminos, add some Red Boat fish sauce, and you’re in for an awesome keto treat.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Garlic Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

For all the bacon-addicts, read this: you’re not alone. And there is support if you’d like to discuss your addiction. However, this recipe will just satisfy that craving with chicken wrapped in bacon… and you’re still keto, too!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Cucumber Tuna Boats

You can whip this keto recipe up in no time and continue on with your busy schedule (or not so busy). I recommend using Primal Kitchen Mayo for extra keto awesomeness.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Avocado Chicken Salad

Avocado and chicken are a perfect match for each other, so this salad is a fantastic combo. I would use salad greens instead of bread and replace the apple with a lower-carb veggie like jicama or zucchini to keep it keto.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Nacho Cheese Cauliflower Tots

These tots aren’t your everyday tots, no ma’am. These are NACHO tots that are all amazing yet manage to stay keto, paleo, and dairy-free at the same time! Just replace the grapeseed oil with some of Primal Kitchen’s avocado oil and enjoy.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Greek Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom-lovers, I haven’t forgotten you. This recipe is great because you can vary it up very easily. I would omit the haloumi or replace it with a dollop of the Macadamia Nut Hummus for a completely keto dairy-free snack. Yum!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Salt and Pepper Chicharrones

Get ready for the ultimate keto paleo snack! This is just about the easiest way to make your own chicharrones, and once you make them they’re perfect for snacking on anytime! Don’t want to make your own pork rinds? Bacon Heir’s pork rinds are delicious for the grab-and-go type.

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Keto Flaxseed Fudge Muffins

Now I think everyone craves a little something sweet every now and then, so this is one answer for that. They look so good, so they must be unhealthy, right? Very wrong! These muffins are high in fiber, keto-friendly (low-carb), paleo, and sugar-free! What?!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Lemon Fried Avocado

Got some avocados? Why not fry them in coconut oil? The lemon adds a tasty twist to this awesome fruit snack!

Quick Keto Snacks #keto #lchf #paleo #healthysnacking

Chocolate Hemp Runners Repair Bars

Finish off that hardcore workout with the ultimate post-workout snack! Whether you’re running, lifting weights, spinning, or just good ol’ fashioned butt-kicking, these chocolate bars are pure keto yum.

Ready to snack? How about snack and chat? Leave us a comment with your favorite keto snack (from the list or from your own experience) so we can all hear about it!

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