The Keto Diet Podcast Ep. #072: Keto Diet for Beginners

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Interview with Victor and Kristoffer from Keto Kookie, chatting about how to set up for success when you’re starting keto, mistakes everyone makes when they start keto, why community is so important on keto, and so much more.

We’re almost a month and a half into the new year, and depending on where you’re at in your keto journey, you might be struggling with some of the typical beginner mistakes. Even the pros can benefit from a refresher, or tips on different techniques. This experience is all about YOU and finding what works, so take what you need from this episode, whether that’s a keto overhaul, a different perspective, or keto inspiration!

We all start at the same place, but it’s not about where you’ve started, it’s about where you go! If you find yourself running into the same obstacles over and over, it might be time to rethink your strategy.

In today’s podcast, I chat with our guests, Victor and Kristoffer, keto enthusiasts, awesome human beings, and creators of Keto Kookie!

This episode is all about how to lay a solid keto foundation in order to avoid mistakes, the mistakes everyone makes when they start keto, advice for keto beginners for balance and progress, and more.

Let’s get to the interview!

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Show Notes + Links


  • Should you stay on keto always, always? (24:57)
  • The easiest way to look at fasting (30:33)
  • The mistakes everyone makes when they start keto (37:12)

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Transcript for This Episode

Leanne Vogel: You’re listening to Episode Number 72 of The Keto Diet Podcast. Today, we’re chatting about why a sense of community is so important when you’re eating keto, should you stay keto always, always, always?, the easiest way to look at fasting, the mistakes everyone makes when they first start keto and how to overcome them or avoid them completely, and so much more so stay tuned.

Hey, I’m Leanne from, and this is The Keto Diet Podcast. Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet where we’re switching from a sugar-burning state to becoming fat-burning machines. Starting keto and maintaining it long-term can be quite a challenge if you don’t feel supported.

My 60-day program, The Keto Bundle, provides you with clear, step-by-step how-to on successfully adapting to a ketogenic diet, avoiding common ketogenic struggles, and healing your body completely and fully with a ketogenic diet. Go to, and use the coupon code PODCAST all in caps, no spaces to get 10% off your order, exclusive for podcast listeners only. Now, let’s get this party started.

Hey guys, happy Sunday. This is a Keto Diet Podcast first. I’m actually recording in my car right now, so the quality may not be as good as it always is with the podcast. I don’t have my microphone. I don’t have any of my setup, but we’re making the best of it. I’m here visiting Calgary, Alberta, which is where I’m originally from. My sister recently got engaged. There’s lots of stuff happening here at home, and so I traveled up here from Texas actually, that’s where we’re located right now. I traveled home from Texas recently and I’m just here visiting family and trying to get a bunch of stuff done. You know how it is when you head home or you see friends, it’s just hustle bustle.

I didn’t have enough time to head back to my hotel to set everything up, so I pulled over on the side of the road and I’m recording the podcast now. My apologies but I’m really excited for this episode and I hope that any quality of audio stuff will just vanish when you hear how awesome today’s podcast episode is.

The show notes and full transcript for today’s episode can be found at The transcript is added to the post about 3 to 5 days following the initial air date of this episode and let’s hear from one of our awesome partners.

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I got two announcements today, the first one is really exciting and I am so thrilled to be able to finally share this with you. For the last four years, basically since I started keto, I’ve been marinating and working on the side project since then and I’m finally putting it all together. What this side project is, is a 12-week doctor approved ketogenic program double-end all of your keto frustrations.

The program is focused on helping women move through 12 solid weeks of eating keto. I am there as well as my friend, Dr. Nina, is there to help guide you through the way. It’s a video training program, it’s really exciting. The first 6 weeks are geared toward setting up keto in a way that works well for you and your body and the following 6 weeks are focused on healing your body from gut issues, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid dysregulation, and so much more. I’m so excited to be sharing this program with you — I’ve been working my butt off since the book launched last April to really pull this all together and get it going, and it’s going to be epic.

This sounds of interest to you, if you’ve been looking for coaching and more of a community aspect within your ketogenic diet, and you’re looking to go further into it, I highly suggest that you check out to sign up to be one of the first to know more about when the program launches very soon.

The second announcement, and you guys ask for this every time I interview somebody that owns a business that happens to own a business that’s also nutrition related, I just wanted to get this off the table, that the guests that I am interviewing today Victor and Kristoffer are the owners of Keto Kookie, but this isn’t a sponsored episode, whatsoever.

I met Keto Kookie back at Expo in 2017, Expo West for my sister and I headed down to Anaheim to eat a lot of food and meet with a lot of brands that we totally love, and Keto Kookie was one of them, I loved the way that they approached keto. I really enjoy the sense of community that they have not only with Keto Kookie, but just themselves as individuals. I thought it would be such a great opportunity to bring their voice to our community. They met up with me on my book tour and brought Keto Kookies for absolutely everyone in the audience and this was like the biggest book signing that we had and the Keto Kookies just kept coming.

They are so gracious with everything that they put out there and anytime I have someone on the podcast, it’s because I think they have insight that is worth bringing to the table. Sometimes those insights are on par with my own and sometimes they differ, but either way, they never influence the heart of the podcast.

With that said, our guests today are Kristoffer and Victor who went on a ketogenic diet, lost fat, and felt amazing, but they had a hard time finding something sweet and ready-made. With health in mind, they invented keto cookie, a tasty gluten-free, non-GMO treat with less than two grams of sugar per serving.

Sadly, I’ve never been able to try keto cookie because they use three ingredients that I really can’t eat The first is butter, the second is almond flour, and the third is eggs. I’ve been doing more of an AIP keto for a while and I just find that eggs are so hard on my body, same with almond flour and I am severely allergic to dairy. I know it’s super unfortunate, so I can’t even try it but Kevin my husband loves Keto Kookie. Anytime he has one, he gets really excited. With that said, let’s get over to the interview.

The Keto Diet Podcast, including show notes and links provides information in respect to healthy living, recipes, nutrition, and diet and is intended for informational purposes only. The information provided is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor is it to be construed as such. We cannot guarantee that the information provided on The Keto Diet Podcast reflects the most up-to-date medical research. Information is provided without any representations or warranties of any kind. Please consult a qualified physician for medical advice and always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your health and nutrition program.

Hey guys, how’s it going?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Great. Thank you so much for having us.

Victor Macias: Thanks Leanne.

Leanne Vogel: Yes, it’s been a long time coming. We met like over a year ago. I’m so happy to have you on the podcast today.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, we’re we’re excited. It is almost like a year?

Victor Macias: A year.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, it’s got to be a year. This is crazy. It feels like it’s been a lot longer, but from listeners that may not be familiar with you two, why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about yourselves.

Victor Macias: Sure Kris.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah. I used to be a chronic napper before. I used to have these nap attacks and I didn’t really understand it in the beginning. I would take naps like after meals, during my classes, when I was in school, and my parents thought I had an issue. I was like, “Oh well, it’s really nothing.” Then I like discovered keto on a podcast and like, “Oh more energy, has removed brain fog.” I was like, “Oh I definitely want to try this thing,” and I came back from my honeymoon and I gained maybe six pounds. Went on keto, I lost eight pounds in two weeks. I understand it now it was probably water weight, but the biggest thing that stood out for me was the amount of energy that I had and I was no longer napping.

It’s so weird because that was like my routine. It was like have lunch, 2 PM, feel tired and then take a really quick nap. That was definitely the thing that got me to stick to keto. Yeah.

Victor Macias: Kris and I used to meet up for coffee a couple times a week because we had these which are now side projects, businesses that we would … It gets lonely as an entrepreneur sometimes so we’d hang out and then he’s like, “Hey man, I tried the keto diet and I lost weight.” For the longest time, I had been trying … I guess you can call it yo-yo dieting. I would do these sprints where I would lose weight and then I would redline, and I just bounced back. I just like gorge and I decided to give it a try and on it, I was able to lose what like 40 pounds. It’s been the longest I’ve ever been able to like live this way. It’s genuinely become a lifestyle, but it all started from us just hanging and saying, “Hey let’s give this keto …”

Kristoffer Quiaoit: “Let’s try this thing, let’s try.” Yeah.

Leanne Vogel: I love that and I’ve only known you guys keto, so I can’t imagine anything else. It’s so strange to think of you like that because I’ve only seen you like super spunky and healthy, and I couldn’t imagine any of you napping ever.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: It was not always like that.

Victor Macias: Oh the dark days.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Oh the dark days. Yeah.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, that’s too fun. Today we’re going to be chatting a lot about keto diet for beginners and putting ourselves like all three of us like in that space when we first started keto, really confused, but also really excited.

Did you have a hard time figuring out like what a carb was and how to avoid carbs? Was that a challenge for either of you?

Victor Macias: Yeah, I think for me it at first the concept of what a net carb was, I was like, “What? What are you talking about?” I think was a little challenging for me, but after being on it for a couple of weeks, it just became second nature. I was able to stick to something consistently, which I’m sure we’ll talk about a little bit. How about your Kris?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: The net carbs, yeah, absolutely because at first I was like, “Okay low carb, high fat, does that mean we can’t eat vegetables?” I’m like, “I thought vegetables were supposed to be good for micronutrients?” and later on we understood like okay well we could subtract fiber now and so that was really helpful. It took a little bit of trial and error and looking really doing our research on Google. It’s amazing how much information you can find on there. Some of them are bad, but a lot of them are good, and that really helped us. Also joining a Facebook community, that was another game-changer because then people were sharing what they were doing and they’ve been on it for a while.

Just getting that firsthand expertise from other people was really helpful and learning about how to do it right.

Victor Macias: Definitely.

Leanne Vogel: Mm-hmm (affirmative). At what point did you think like we need to contribute something to the keto space? How did you land on Keto Kookie? What was that experience?

Victor Macias: The funny thing and the cool thing about Keto Kookie is that it started because we wanted to fulfill our own need, so we talked about meeting up and hanging out and trying this keto thing, but we’re like, “I miss sweets.” We really missed dessert, so we decided why don’t we try to create something for ourselves so what, we were in your mom’s kitchen?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah. We’re like, “Hey, what do you miss? Cookies.” All right, well we don’t have any baking experience so we started looking online how to make a cookie, and then we’re like, “Well, this isn’t keto, this isn’t keto. What can we switch it out with?” Then so we go to Whole Foods, grab all the ingredients that we need and go to my mom’s kitchen because we’re like, “Hey I think we need a convection oven. I think it’s what we need to put on aprons with.” Then we go there, put on aprons, my mom’s aprons and realize just mixing stuff, getting almond flour all over the place, sweetener all over the place. It was fun.

Victor Macias: Yeah, so we created something and after a bunch of iterations, a bunch of experimenting, we’re like, “I think we’ve got something.” We liked it, and we’re like, “I wonder if anybody else would like this.” Decided to test something online and just put something for sale. I don’t even remember how much we were trying to sell it for and we sold I think like 3 the first week and then the next week it was like 20 and then like 40. We’re like, “Oh, okay, okay, what’s going on? People love cookies.”

Leanne Vogel: Wow!

Victor Macias: People love cookies and we were still buying all of our ingredients of retail, so we were losing money on every order, but it showed that people wanted what we had created for ourselves initially.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, so it’s been an amazing process because we’ve learned a lot from the community. We were initially using maltitol and for those of you that are just starting out, maltitol is a no-no for sugar alcohols. It will raise your blood sugar and if you have too much of it, you’ll be running to the bathroom. We had that and we didn’t know about maltitol at the time, and then the keto community is like, “Hey, this is a no-no.” They’re like, “No maltitol!” They’re just yelling and it was a cool experience because we understood like okay that’s a bad thing, so let me remove from it and then started adding like more erythritol.

Victor Macias: Yup.

Leanne Vogel: That’s awesome, that’s so awesome. When you first started out with keto and you guys have created this keto cookie, were you tracking your macros? Do you feel like you should track your macros?

Victor Macias: Okay, so I think this is a great question because as somebody who tried a lot of different “diets,” I don’t like to call keto a diet. I really do see it as a lifestyle, is I would overthink things a lot. I wanted things to be perfect so at first I would religiously track everything and because of the nature of what we do, we’re traveling a lot and no two days are the same that if I would make a mistake or stumble, I would almost get frustrated and say, “Ahh, screw this,” and get off the bandwagon and try to get back on. What helped me at first for the first week or two was not tracking macros until I got momentum and then it became easier because I was already adopting new habits, which helped me stick to it. That was my journey. What about you?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: For me is I started reading labels. I wanted to know if I was at least on the right track, so was I eating enough fat, was I not eating enough fat or was I eating stuff with hitting carbs one of the biggest surprises was how much sugars into everything, and that caught me by surprise. I was like, “Oh I can have ranch dressing. I’m sure that has a lot of fat.” Look in the back and there’s like they had a bunch of sugar in it, so that was a cool thing is tracking macros so I least know that foods that I might have thought didn’t have carbs probably do. That was a good way of getting my bearings on knowing what to eat and what not to eat.

Leanne Vogel: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah, mine was coleslaw. I thought like coleslaw has mayonnaise, cabbage, it’s like the perfect keto food and then in Canada, we don’t really have the nutrition information at restaurants. It’s not a big deal, but I was traveling in the US when I first started keto and I got one of those nutrition information, like how much fat is in this coleslaw and I’m like, “Holy moly there’s 23 grams of sugar in coleslaw?!” Oops. Here I thought it was just cabbage is naturally sweet and I’m so good on my keto diet because I think cabbage is sweet now.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Totally changed things, definitely.

Leanne Vogel: Totally. When you’re talking with friends or you’re at a social like gathering and somebody asks you about your diet and you’re talking about keto, did you ever describe what keto feels? How do you put that into word?

Victor Macias: It’s like feeling like the clouds have parted and there’s like sun all day. I don’t know how to explain it.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Wow. That’s pretty deep man.

Leanne Vogel: That’s definitely deep.

Victor Macias: Or at least when I’m thinking, it’s like one long chain rather than going all over the place, like bouncing all over the place because I usually get really distracted, and that was a game changer was not having to worry, like not having to chase different 10 rabbits but just acing just one. Also the anxiety, what I noticed too was a decrease in anxiety. I tell people like, “Yeah, I feel less anxious.” We have this company that we’re trying to run, we’re going 12 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week and things are breaking, but I feel so calm.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: It’s like we have the most reason to feel anxious right now and it’s the opposite, we’re feeling more calm than we have in that.

Victor Macias: Well, I remember when you and I would start working together, it’s like I try to have a conversation with you and you’re just like, “Look oh a bird, oh this, oh that.” It’s not like that anymore, so thank you keto.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Calling me out.

Victor Macias: Sorry man, sorry.

Leanne Vogel: Yes.

Victor Macias: For me, it’s been this consistent energy. In addition to work in the business, I have two young kids at home so I have to get home and still be super dad. I feel like if it wasn’t for keto, I’d crash with it. It’s this consistent energy. Kris talked about the thoughts connecting. I feel like the thoughts just flow, right? They just flow. At first what drove me to keto was the weight loss, but what got me to stick around is that mental clarity and that energy, so that’s how I describe it.

Leanne Vogel: That’s amazing, I love that. When you guys first got started and even today, do you test your ketones? I know you guys did like this awesome ketone test of like getting yourself out of ketosis and eating Keto Kookies, but let’s talk like testing ketones, what are your thoughts?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: In the beginning, I tested with the strips just to see if I was doing it correctly. Over time, the strips don’t really work because I got a fat adapted and then I stopped tracking it or testing my ketones and it wasn’t until we went on our Keto Kookie fast that we started testing our blood. That was the first time we test our blood actually.

Victor Macias: Yeah, like on the YouTube videos, the first time we’ve ever tested our blood.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah.

Victor Macias: It hurt less than I thought actually.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah.

Victor Macias: Yeah. For me, same here the strips and every once in a while, I’ll like check my breath especially for like at a cool conference or something where we’re testing ketones. For the most part being on this journey for a while, I can feel when I’m transitioning or when I’m in like a deeper level of ketosis. I’d like to keep it as simple as possible.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, good call because who has all the time and also the money when you’re running a business to be like hold on a second guys, I got to test my ketones, right? Nobody that’s time for that. Okay, let’s talk about eating keto because I think a lot of people get super overwhelmed and we’ve already chatted a little bit about artificial sweeteners. Maybe let’s go there first. What kind of sweeteners do you guys like, which ones do you not like, and why?

Victor Macias: I like erythritol monk fruit extract. Those are definitely ones that I like. I used to, before I really learned what they did, is I used to do a lot of Splenda and that was one where now I realize after I had Splenda, I felt all of these like cravings. I felt like I was starting to get jittery and that became a big no-no. I don’t touch that anymore, but usually I like monk fruit.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, I usually stay away from the artificial sweeteners. I started like looking up how they affect me and I guess one of the biggest things that I learned was it affects your microbiome and that’s like a whole other topic, but that can affect like your fat loss. It can affect your mood. I try to stay away from artifice sweeteners, and the ones that I really like, I like Victor said were erythritol and monk fruit extract.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, those are my favorites too. We’re matching. You guys craved cookies when you first got started, did you miss other carby foods or you like strictly cookie monsters, that’s the only thing that you missed from your previous life?

Victor Macias: Oh, that’s a good question. Cookies and ice cream definitely. I mean now there’s options. There might have been options then, but I just didn’t really know about them. Now there’s like Halo Top, which does have some sugar, but it’s still a lot better than regular sugar ice cream. For me, it was cookies and ice cream.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Mine was pizza. I really missed pizza. Luckily, there’s a Fathead pizza and it’s really easy to make. My wife loves it because it only takes maybe five minutes prep and then another maybe 10 minutes to bake it and it’s done, it’s so easy. It’s just almond flour, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, and then whatever toppings you put on it.

Leanne Vogel: I’m so jealous that you guys can do dairy. Every time people talk about Fathead pizza, I’m like darn this body allergic to dairy, it sucks because it sounds so good.

What about fatty drinks, like do you drink them often? I mean I love the combo of cookies and fatty drinks, and it doesn’t surprise me that you like ice cream because your Instagram feed has a lot of ice cream and cookies on it. But what about fatty drinks?

Victor Macias: For me, my go-to is I mean I like coffee with grass-fed butter and some MCT oil. If I’m in a rush, I’ll just do some heavy cream with coffee, but I started intermittent fasting a couple of months ago. If I’m not able to have a morning where I can just cut out everything until the lunch, I’ll just do like a fatty coffee. It’s become a staple for me.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, and I really like the taste of coffee, so I try to keep it black but all I add is MCT oil. Usually I’ll have like this insulated container and just put MCT oil in it and then go to coffee shop, and then get some really fresh coffee from there and stick to that.

Victor Macias: He travels everywhere with that container. It’s got MCT oil on it.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: I wish it was easier to get MCT oil, like just I wish they had it at the bar, like, “Hey we have half and half and MCT oil over here.”

Leanne Vogel: Well, wouldn’t that be amazing? Have you tried MCT oil powder though because that is awesome to travel with?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Oh yeah, yeah. I have some MCT powder and it’s pretty amazing because it mixes really well.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah. I keep it in my Yeti mug and everywhere I go, Starbucks will just fill up my coffee in my Yeti mug. It already has MCT powder in there. Whereas oil, they always dump it out. I don’t know why. They’re just like, “Oh it was dirty.” I’m like, “Nooooo …“

Kristoffer Quiaoit: No.

Leanne Vogel: Oh shoot.

Victor Macias: Just go. They don’t ask at all.

Leanne Vogel: So cruel. Yeah, yeah, brutal.

More on my interview with Victor and Kristoffer after this message from one of our podcast partners.


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Are you guys always in ketosis, or now that you have adapted and your fat adapted, do you slide in and out of ketosis, or what’s your relationship with that?

Kristoffer Quiaot: Yeah. I try to stay on keto maybe 90% of the time. Sometimes I’d go off keto, maybe there’s like a social event that I’m like, “You know what today, I’m just going to call it a yes day,” but it gets really tricky because then it immediately turns into up and oh no day where I have just way too many carbs. But the thing that gets me to stick to keto is like the feeling I have afterwards because then I start getting all tired and wanting a nap. Then sometimes I get headaches when I have too many carbs, and then it reminds me of just how good keto is. We kind of experienced this when we went two weeks off of keto remember that? Just to get a baseline for Keto Kookie experiment and it just felt horrible.

I was like, “I can’t function, I can’t think, I can’t do any work.”

Victor Macias: Yeah, sometimes I go off it but if I go off it, it’s like barely off it. For me, I do transition in and out, let’s say maybe once every two weeks. I think my relationship with food has changed in a good way. In the past especially when I was starting if I would cheat or slip up, I would get this anxiety feeling: “Oh I again it failed or I’ve lost all momentum,” but lately Kris called it a yes day. If every once in a while we have a yes day and because I’ve successfully gone back in to keto and stuck with it for a while, I don’t see it as a failure anymore, I just see it as a part of the overall, the long-term. It’s like I see keto being a lifestyle and because of that, I don’t freak out so much about when I transition in or out every few weeks.

Leanne Vogel: Yup, that’s how I do it too. Life is way too short. So true to like be so caught up in it. You mentioned the Keto Kookie experiment, tell us more about what this was.

Victor Macias: Okay, so we decided to put our money where our mouth was and we decided to eat nothing but Keto Kookies for 7 days straight. It was water, some electrolytes and Keto Kookies. Before we started this experiment for about 2 weeks, we went off of keto and I mean we ran the opposite way. We ate like garbage. We felt horrible it was right before we were about to launch something big on the website, too. We needed this energy to work, but we decided to try and what was the protocol that we were doing?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, first we started eating whatever and it was like pizza, hamburgers, and then when we went back into keto, we said, “All right we’re going to eat 16 Keto Kookies a day, any flavor that you want, but it has to be 16 Keto Kookies or 1800 calories just to say that we maintain our calorie intake.” We would do that first. My strategy was to eat two cookies every hour.

Victor Macias: Oh geez. Mine was let’s let’s front load it, so I wanted to eat as many as I could up front and then spaced the rest out throughout the rest of the day. Day one was okay.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Day one was okay, but I knew this was going to be really difficult. It’s really hard to have something sweet on your palate the entire day. I was craving like eggs. I was craving like chicken I had all these savory cravings, so it was really hard. At least for me since day one, it was challenging.

Victor Macias: My daughter was eating eggs in her seat and I felt like my mouth was salivating just watching her eat her scrambled eggs. I’m like, “Oh man, I just want to take a piece, just one piece.” I hit keto flu pretty bad. I learned the hard way that I wasn’t having enough electrolytes. It was a learning experience, but by … Was it day 3 or day 4 that we tested?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: I believe day 3.

Victor Macias: Day 3.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, day 3.

Victor Macias: That’s when we tested for the first time with the Precision Xtra did actually take our blood.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, those are first time ever testing and for those of you that are unfamiliar with that testing, 0.5 is when you’re in ketosis. I was at 3.9.

Victor Macias: I was like at 2.5 or 2.6 millimolars, just eating Keto Kookies and drinking water.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: It’s almost as if we were fasting the entire time which was it was a trip for us.

Victor Macias: Yeah, definitely so what we do …

Leanne Vogel: Wow. What you did do is put together like a Keto Kookie fasting kit and it’s a plastic kit and you can get ketosis this way. I’m kidding, not close.

Victor Macias: It was awesome. Would we do it again? Nope, but we’re happy we take it.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: We tried it and it’s cool to do at once.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, and it really goes to show that you can, in a way, have your cake and eat it too, of like you can have the sweets when you are craving those sugary things. You can have those sugary things and especially I know when I first got started with keto, I was all about the fat bombs because I was coming from a place where it was no big deal to eat a Costco size bag of Jelly Bellies on a weekend. It was bad, so you can’t expect to go from eating a Costco sized bag of Jelly Bellies to then having no sugar, whatsoever, no sweet things. I mean I craved fat bombs like crazy and I think that’s a really good opportunity, and it shows that you can have those things and still stay keto if they’re made with the right ingredients like you guys said by using the right sweetener. It’s a lot better of a product because of it.

Victor Macias: Definitely.

Leanne Vogel: Awesome. You guys mentioned eating frequency a little bit, fasting. When did fasting come into play for you guys when you were starting to eat keto?

Victor Macias: For me, I’d say it was about maybe six months in and I was making good progress and I plateaued. I had gone I think it was to Low Carb USA and I was talking to one of the guys from the ASPI and they were talking about intermittent fasting. What sold it for me was how much simpler it made everything. It says if you’re fasting, you’re not losing weight because you’re eating less, you’re just condensing what you eat into a smaller window. The thought of eating just twice a day versus three to four times and making life so much simpler had me hooked and I did it. When I did it, like the fat loss accelerated for me.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah. It just definitely simplifies things. You don’t have to worry about breakfast. Before I was like, “Oh breakfast is most important meal of the day.” It could be if you’re eating window ends earlier, but yeah just to worry about eating twice a day, that made it so much easier especially since we’re on the go. Being always on the go makes it really challenging when you’re trying to fit in all these meals. You used to worry about like, “Oh when are we going to snack next or when are we going to have the next meal?” It was nice to not have to worry about food all the time.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, especially when you’re working. I know for me when I’m having like busy periods or on the book tour, oh my gosh I pretty much fasted for like 4 weeks. There wasn’t a lot of eating happening, but you guys fast every day or some days you have breakfast, some days you don’t, what’s that like?

Victor Macias: For me, I like to be just very consistent, almost robotic where I don’t have to think about it. I fast 6 days a week, maybe 7 days a week and I know Kris is a little more intense. You want to talk about your one full day fast?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Mine’s a little more flexible. I tried to have an 8-hour eating window during the weekdays except for Monday. I usually play basketball Sundays and I typically get really hungry the next morning. I try to listen to my body, if I’m feeling like really hungry, then I’ll go ahead and have breakfast. If I’m not and if I could go with just coffee and MCT oil in the morning, then I’ll stick to that and then wait till lunch and then have dinner. Then when things get really intense at work, I’ll wait, sometimes I forget to eat and then I’ll all eat during dinner time, and that’s when I just eat all my calories or at least most of it.

Leanne Vogel: That’s amazing to just hear how different everyone’s body is because if I did that, my stomach would hurt all the time, just all the time. It’s cool to see how different the protocol can be. Okay meals, what do you guys do if you have … Because you’re busy, both of you are super busy, what do you do if you only have like 10 minutes to make a full meal like? What’s your favorite go-to keto thing?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: I mean the typical one is eggs, bacon and avocado and spinach. If I’m feeling like I don’t want something more, I’ll have salmon. Salmon surprisingly cooks really quickly You could just season it real quickly salt and pepper, put in oven at high heat, and I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.

Victor Macias: For me, it’s chorizo and eggs, so it’s like Mexican sausage. I’ll break it up and I will fry it and after it’s really crispy, I throw the egg in and it’s keto glorious …

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Sounds amazing.

Victor Macias: It’s really good, it’s really easy, too.

Leanne Vogel: That sounds really good. I’m so hungry. It’s been a really long day. Okay product, what kind of products did you use when he first got started or did you do wait a little while? I’m thinking like the MCT oils and MCT old powders, exogenous ketones, did you get into it right away or did you wait?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: I got into MCT pretty quickly after hearing about it from the community and then exogenous ketones came a little later. I tried it, it would mess with my stomach if I had too much too quickly, so I didn’t really take it as much. Only before my basketball games where I would take like a tiny little bit just to give me a boost and I was experimenting with that. That helped out a little bit.

Victor Macias: I’ve done pretty much MCT oil. I have experimented a little bit with exogenous ketones. I’ve been doing a lot of fasted exercise lately. Those times when I feel like I need a little boost, I will take some in. It’s been pretty cool. It’s like this surge of energy that helps.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, that’s awesome. For me, it was exogenous ketones I didn’t try into like three years into keto, but I mean when I started keto, there was like two people on the internet talking about keto so it’s definitely come a long, long way. I’ve seen them be really helpful for people when they’re first getting going if they can’t get into ketosis and they’re just like in that funky space of keto flu and not feeling good and still craving stuff. I think there’s nothing wrong with waiting a while and then getting a hang of things, and then trying new stuff so you don’t get super overwhelmed because now I mean I couldn’t even imagine going keto in 2018.

There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to figure out which steps would be best for you, which protocols. I mean there’s so many different ways to do it. I’m sure you guys see that, too.

Victor Macias: Oh yeah, definitely and especially when people are telling you that their way is the only way, it’s kind of when it’s like ah okay, be careful …

Leanne Vogel: Run …

Victor Macias: Yeah, run the other way.

Leanne Vogel: Go, go quickly!

More on my interview with Victor and Kristoffer after this message from one of our podcast partners.

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A lot of people especially in the first couple of months as they’re trying to figure out how keto feels in their body, we hit a lot of obstacles, and one of them I would love to maybe ask you like what are the major mistakes you made when you first got started that you would advise people not to do?

Victor Macias: The first one was trying to be perfect, so I would almost obsessively write down and plan every every meal for 7 days. Then if I was driving and I got held up in meeting and now my plan was off, it would really make it stressful for me. So that and then I’m a big fan of macadamia nuts, but that became something where it was really easy to eat a lot of them. In the beginning, those were two of the things that were some blocks for me.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, for me is just thinking I just eat all the fat and the bacon that I want and just go crazy with it. I used to think like, “Oh wait, if I can burn off all this fat, then the calories don’t really matter.” That was one of the mistakes that I made and then later I realized that I do have to keep track of my calories though. Maybe not as as before, but to keep track of just how much I was eating.

Leanne Vogel: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah, that’s awesome. I made the similar mistakes. I think my big mistake, and we touched on this earlier was I thought that fasting also meant not eating as much, so I was trying to reduce my calories to like 1200 a day while practicing yoga probably 4 hours a day and also fasting. Silly lady. Bad choice, bad choice. I mean you see that all the time and then they get 4 or 5, 6 months in and they’re binging or they’re losing their hair like crazy, and they’re like what’s going on, it’s like you’re not eating enough so it can go the opposite way, too.

It sounds like you guys didn’t have an issue with committing to keto, did you? Was it pretty easy for you to be like okay we’re buddies and we’re going to do keto together and life is good and you never look back or where their struggles along the way of like committing to this?

Victor Macias: It was definitely easier to have a buddy that you see a lot that’s doing it. I’d say the first one or two months, I would keep falling off of it. It’s been now months in where I’ve built these habits, but in the beginning, it was hard again because if it wasn’t perfect, I’d get frustrated with myself or if there wasn’t a like a burger joint, which now I think back there’s burger joints everywhere. If I was at a restaurant and I didn’t see a keto option, I was like, “Okay you know what, let me try something else,” where now I look at it and it’s easier to customize the menu to what I need. In the beginning, I struggled, especially like the first month or two. You saw me when I was struggling.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, yeah, because I started maybe about two months before … It was fairly easy for me to commit because I noticed how big of a difference it changed in my energy level. I was like, “Wow, this is what good energy feels like? How come I didn’t discover this within the 30 years, 31 years I’ve been alive?” It was like a whole new world for me that was looking at it differently and especially the decrease in anxiety that I was having. Before I would just stay in bed, try to have to talk myself out of it because I probably had high cortisol levels on a high carb diet, and then I would take naps to avoid stuff.

With this, I just felt like the anxiety went down, so I was like, “Okay I’m committed to this because I just feel so much better eating keto.” Then once I started telling Victor about it and he said, “Well it doesn’t have to be perfect.” I was like … remember that conversation we were having where we’re like, “Hey, don’t overthink it,” and then once you that we stopped overthinking it, it just became easier, right?

Victor Macias: Yeah, so that conversation led to … My first two months, it was just worried about getting breakfast right and then if I got breakfast right, it was a success, so I got breakfast right for a week. All right now breakfast and lunch okay, then breakfast lunch and dinner and once I was there, I was like, “Oh wow,” I had just built so much traction, so much momentum that it became easy. Small steps, the progress versus perfection really helped me a lot.

Leanne Vogel: I love that because I’m type of person that when I decide to do something, I just do it. There’s no nothing, I don’t have to talk myself through processes, I just get it done. I love that you pieced it together with the different meals, whereas the type of person who goes like balls to the wall when they first get started. I didn’t have issues in the first year, but after that, I found it so hard to stick to and when I got stressed, I would fall off and fall on again. I think to your point is like as soon as I started feeling like okay this doesn’t need to be perfect and just do the best keto that I can do, then it became a lot easier. I’m happy you touched on that too, that’s awesome.

We are talking about community a little bit and how when you first got started with your business, you were chatting with the keto community, asking them like what things are best or worse or whatever. What are your best ways to find a sense of community because I know you guys are really, really passionate about the keto community and connecting people in keto that may not know that their keto when they meet each other?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: When first starting, it was these Facebook groups and Instagram. Really it’s like okay let me follow this keto hashtag and see what people are eating and then going off of that and then commenting. It’s really important to have that because there’s a sense of solidarity and to know that you’re not in it alone because if I were to tell my parents at that time, like hey I’m eating a lot of fat and they would look at me like, “Oh you’re going to have a heart attack, you’re going to have a stroke.” I couldn’t really say it to them and so really came down to the community online. That really helped out a lot and then once we started going to different events and meeting more keto people, then you started to see more and more people in person and talk about our own experiences and hear their stories.

Victor Macias: Yeah. If I was starting over and didn’t have Keto Kookie and I wanted a community, online was great, but if you’re willing to go to one of these keto conferences, like a Low Carb USA or a KetoCon, that’s one of the best ways to feel like your home because so many times you feel different because of what you’re eating. If you do that and you’re actually able to find people to hang out on a regular basis, I think that’s what makes a difference. If all your friends are on keto and then they’re working out and they’re doing it, it’s much easier to stick to. The conferences for me were a game-changer.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: By the way …

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, I noticed a lot at KetoCon last year, like people were, “Oh I live in that city.” “I live in that city!” Now they like do parties all the time.

Victor Macias: Exactly.

Leanne Vogel: What were you going to say Kris?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: By the way, I couldn’t tell my parents before, but now they’re on keto.

Leanne Vogel: No way, you got your parents to eat keto?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah because then it started just becoming a daily conversation or dinnertime conversation and then they’re like, “Oh I read this article about a feeling more energy and I think I’m going to get on it.” I’m like, “Dad I’ve just been talking about it for like two years.”

Victor Macias: It took the article to convince them and their own son makes them keto cookie.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, it was really cool. It’s really cool to have them on board. Yeah, for Christmas I got my dad like this big old jar of avocado oil and some olive oil, coconut oil, and then MCT oil, and then also like The Ketogenic Bible just for them. It was really cool because they jumped on board and tried it out. My dad lost a lot of weight. We joked that he has a six pack, but it’s been really cool because they notice the differences as well.

Leanne Vogel: That’s so awesome. The only complaint I have is why you didn’t give them The Keto Diet and why you chose The Ketogenic Bible.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: I know.

Victor Macias: I gave my dad The Keto Diet.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, you did. Okay, you’re my favorite now.

All good, totally cool. That’s amazing that you were able to get your parents on it. My parents are … they eat more fat, but they would never give up. I mean I’ve been in nutrition for over 10 years, there’s no helping it, but the fact do to watch your friends and family start to be okay with fat, even that is just such a gift and being able to provide that to them is so cool.

What advice would you give to somebody that’s just starting off with keto? What’s three top tips if you could go back to your past self and shake them and be like, “Just do these three things, you’ll be so much happier,” what would it be?

Victor Macias: For me, I’d say in the beginning, in the first couple of weeks, eat the same thing over and over so that you don’t have decision fatigue, it’s easy. Focus on progress, not perfection, easier said than done, and the third one I would say find a community that if possible search for a meet-up and just commit to going weekly if they have meetings. How about you?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Yeah, pretty similar. Well, if you mess up, just to not beat yourself up about it, just, “Okay I missed out on this meal but I still have the next meal.” Really focus on that and just celebrate the wins because it’s easy to get caught up into like, “Oh I didn’t lose any weight this week or this month,” but to celebrate the other wins that maybe you’re feeling more energy because there’s more things, more benefits than just the scale, right? Also have like your go-to meals. If I’m on the go, where am I going to go. That way I don’t have to worry about it.

If I’m on the go, I know I’m going to have a protein style burger with mayo and if I’m in a social setting like go to where they have a lot of options, I’ll either have a burger or I’ll have wings or something like that. Know your go-to options.

Victor Macias: Your defaults, yeah.

Leanne Vogel: Yup, I have my defaults and burgers are always one of them. Okay, two last questions for you guys. What do you think is missing in the keto space right now? What do you wish there was more of or less of? What do you think is missing?

Kristoffer Quiaoit: More ready-to-eat foods. For this to really take off, it has to be really easy for people to eat. It is pretty easy, but we still need to make it a little bit easier by having some more prepackaged foods that are not super processed that use whole ingredients. I think we’re moving in that direction, but it still has a long way to go. It’d be exciting once we get there because I mean we won’t have to worry about looking for a keto friendly snack at a coffee shop.

Victor Macias: I’d say less rigidity so we talked about people saying, “It’s my way or the highway.” I think if people are open to everybody being different and just testing and seeing how you feel, more people will feel welcome to come into this space and give it a shot.

Leanne Vogel: That’s awesome, and lastly, where can people find you guys?

Victor Macias: People can find this at and on all social @ketokookie, follow us.

Leanne Vogel: That’s awesome. Well, thanks so much for coming on the show today. Everyone listening, the show notes and full transcript for today’s episode can be found at Yeah guys, thanks so much for joining.

Kristoffer Quiaoit: Thanks Leanne.

Victor Macias: Thank you so much for having us.

Leanne Vogel: Leanne Vogel: That does it for another episode of The Keto Diet Podcast. Thanks for listening in. You can follow me on Instagram by searching Healthful Pursuit where you’ll find daily keto eats and other fun things. Check out all of my keto supportive programs, bundles, guides and other cool things over at I’ll see you next Sunday. Bye.

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  2. Hello Leanne. Why does a person doing low carb high fat eating start yawning after a meal?

    • Hey Bonita! This can sometimes happen because you’re not getting enough electrolytes. Try adding more salt to your meals!