The Keto Diet Podcast Episode #008: Balancing Hormones

Balancing Hormones #healthfulpursuit #fatfueled #lowcarb #keto #ketogenic #lowcarbpaleo

Interview with Dr. Reiss Uzzi, author of Natural Superwoman and specialist in hormone balancing, nutrition and mind/body principles, chats with us about the difference between bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy, benefits of DHEA supplementation, adrenal support protocols, natural birth control options, overcoming amenorrhea, and more.



  • Difference between BHRT and HRT (14:12)
  • The best thyroid protocol and meds (27:12)
  • Alternatives to birth control (56:46)
  • Overcoming amenorrhea (01:01:48)


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  1. Dr. Uzzi, talked about thyroid and syntrhroid, but did not mention an alternitive to taking the synthroid. Can he recommend a natural alternitive.
    Thank you for the work and research that you doin order to give to us. This info is long overdue for many women.

    • Thanks for listening in! I so appreciate your support :) Desiccated thyroid is a natural alternative to Synthroid.

  2. Hello Leanne! thank you so much for all the informative works you do!
    I loved this Podcast! I’ve been in Keto diet for 3 months and only been gaining weight around my mid section and my never had break outs before in my life facial skin is having crisis, So started researching about hormonal issues with Keto life style and that’s how I found about you a week ago and I am super glad!:)
    I’ve tried everything with Keto.. full eating Keto, Intermitten fasting, counting macros and calories… work outs. I don’t do well with meats but I tried all the animal fats then my acne was getting so bad now I am switching over to sea foods and plants base fats recently.

    After listening to this podcast I am thinking may be my hormones are totally off… the health check up I got 3 months ago said I have.
    Dr. Uzzi said DHEA doesn’t really have side effects and you can feel it out how it is working for you or not so I am thinking that I would try that. Is there any recommendation for DHEA Leanne?

    • You’re so welcome, Seoyeon! Thanks for listening :) Sounds like you’re really getting to the heart of the issue– good for you! I don’t have a recommendation for DHEA but I’m sure Dr. Uzzi has some on his website and in his books. Good luck!

  3. I was seriously slow clapping this entire episode…it was AMAZING! I could have listened to you and Dr. Uzzi talk for at least another hour! So much awesome information…I couldn’t stop nodding my head in agreement. Thanks so much for getting him to be on the show!

  4. Wow. What a great podcast yet again!! This blew my mind and I’m happy a quick google search revealed Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is available more readily than I expected!!! Thanks Leanne for everything you do.

  5. Leanne, another slam dunk! Great information. One thing I was curious about, does foods like flax and soy help woman that estrogen levels are low? I personally avoid soy but do enjoy many of your flax recipies.

    • Thanks, Theresa :) They sure can! In Fat Fueled, I explain this a bit further, along with many other recommendations for how to raise estrogen levels.

  6. Thank you so much for your podcasts they are so informative ! You have made my journey into this woe seamless. I feel sooo better now!

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