The Keto Diet Podcast Ep. #001: Wait, What? Welcome!

The Keto Diet Podcast: Wait, What? Welcome! #healthfulpursuit #fatfueled #lowcarb #keto #ketogenic #lowcarbpaleo

Welcome to The Keto Diet Podcast! Heck yeah, I’m excited to connect with you, share some cool things, and interview some awesome people, all to help you live your best keto life.

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  • My personal keto diet experience (16:24)
  • Why my keto approach is different (25:55)
  • Upcoming guests and topics (35:37)


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Leanne Vogel: You’re listening to episode number 1 of The Keto Diet Podcast.

Hey, I’m Leanne from, and this is the Keto Diet Podcast, where we’re busting through the restrictive mentality of a traditional ketogenic diet to uncover the life you crave. What’s keto? Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet where we’re switching from a sugar-burning state to becoming fat-burning machines.

The keto diet has helped me with fertility; has ended my constant weight struggles; blood sugar irregularities; imbalanced moods; and so, so much more. I want to share this magic with you using a realistic approach to this powerful diet. No restriction, new ways of looking at things, and positive support awaits. Let’s get this party started.

Hey, guys. This is an exciting day. I’m very thrilled to be with you, chatting about all things keto forever and ever and ever. If you’re wondering, “Wait, what? What happened to the No Sugar Coating Podcast? Where am I? What’s happening? Am I in an alternate universe?” You are not. Amber and I recorded episode 46 together where we explained the division of things, so we’re going to cut to that recording real quick so that you can hear from both of us if you are a previous No Sugar Coating Podcast listener. Then we will get started with the show. Hey Amber.

Amber Romaniuk: Hi, Leanne. Ohh.

Leanne Vogel: Okay, you’re way better at this stuff than I, so I’m going to give the mic to you.

Amber Romaniuk: Ohh, yeah. Okay, so listeners. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with Leanne and I and the No Sugar Coating Podcast. We have some exciting news. It’s a little bit sad maybe, but-

Leanne Vogel: Dude, it’s so sad I’m about to cry.

Amber Romaniuk: It is sad. I know. I’m actually really sad too.

Leanne Vogel: This is so hard. Okay, yep.

Amber Romaniuk: We are actually going to be each going solo, and I’m going to be continuing on with the No Sugar Coating Podcast, and Leanne, do you care to share what you will be doing?

Leanne Vogel: Yes, I’m going to go rogue. I’m going to be starting up The Keto Diet Podcast, so it’s really going to be a lot of interviews with thought leaders in the space and speaking with a lot of veterans, people just like you and I who follow keto and their lessons and things like that, and delivering powerful actions for your ketogenic journey that goes far beyond food and diet. As Amber said, it’s really bitter sweet and super sad, but also super exciting. Amber will be … her portion of the podcast, and she’ll really be taking it over. She’ll have the No Sugar Coating Podcast, and all the episodes will be with her.

Then this feed that you’re subscribed to right here will change to The Keto Diet Podcast, and so if you’re like, “What?! Where did all the episodes go?” Amber has them. She’s going to totally crush it with episode 46, or 47, sorry-

Amber Romaniuk: You betcha.

Leanne Vogel: -and just keep going.

Amber Romaniuk: Yes and for those that may just be starting to listen, moving forward with the No Sugar Coating Podcast, what’s going to be going on is things like if you’re finding that a specific eating style isn’t working for you, you’re dealing with emotional eating, food addiction, digestive issues, inflammation, hormone stuff, and self-care continues to be a problem with you, these are some of the many things that I’m going to be talking about on this podcast, plus more.

We’ll be diving into a lot of different habits, mindsets, and really the goal is to set you up and get you on a different path. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and bring guests on. I’m even going to bring on some clients and get them to share their story and their experience and how I’ve been able to help them. I’m very excited, and I’m very excited for you, Leanne, because I feel like you’re going to be able to just dig into your niche even more and sprinkle the keto love. I’m just envisioning the gold sparkle they have.

Leanne Vogel: With my little keto queen cape, like springing fairy dust.

Amber Romaniuk: Yeah and with a scepter and a crown.

Leanne Vogel: Well, I think I’m very excited because within our podcasts together, these 46 episodes we’ve created together, I think a lot of keto people have listened and been like, “Oh, wow, self-care. That’s really interesting.” What I wanted to do with the Keto Diet Podcast is continue those conversations but by using the words, the keto diet, hopefully a lot of people that may not be interested in self-care, body love, those sorts of things will be like, “Oh, the keto diet. I do that.” Then they listen and they’re like, “Oh, what’s this meditation stuff about and what’s self-care about? How does that fit into keto?”

I’m excited for that, and I’m also really looking forward to listening to your podcast because I like hanging out with you every week and everything that you say always makes me feel better.

Amber Romaniuk: Aww. Likewise.

Leanne Vogel: I know that we’ve talked about this before of oftentimes if I’m having a really bad day, I download my favorite episodes of ours and I listen to them. I’m like-

Amber Romaniuk: Me too.

Leanne Vogel: -“Oh, yeah. I did say that. Oh, yeah, Amber did say that.” It’s just such a good reminder, and that won’t go away. All the episodes are moving over with Amber. All of them. All of them will be hers, and she will have them there for you. All you have to do is find the No Sugar Coating Podcast, subscribe to her. You can listen to all the old episodes, and it’ll be good.

Amber Romaniuk: Heck yes.

Leanne Vogel: I’m going to miss this together.

Amber Romaniuk: Me too. I’m going to miss our banter back and forth.

Leanne Vogel: Talking about all of the things.

Amber Romaniuk: All of the things.

Leanne Vogel: Actually, the thing I’m going to miss the most is before we record, we usually catch up for 10, 15 minutes.

Amber Romaniuk: I know, yeah.

Leanne Vogel: I’ll miss that.

Amber Romaniuk: Me too.

Leanne Vogel: A lot.

Amber Romaniuk: Well, I guess it just gives us the excuse that we have to put in the effort to get together more often since you literally live two minutes away.

Leanne Vogel: I know. I drive past your house almost every day, and I’m like, “Hey, Amber!”

Amber Romaniuk: Then I look in your direction and I’m like, “Hey, Leanne,” since I don’t drive out that way much-

Leanne Vogel: No, no. I’m kind of-

Amber Romaniuk: -since there’s nothing after your house.

Leanne Vogel: There’s literally zero things after my house. Is there anything else?

Amber Romaniuk: I think that’s the biggest things. I think the last thing to do is share where people can find both of us moving forward.

Leanne Vogel: Totally and when we’re going to be publishing, when to listen for us. If you are subscribed to the current No Sugar Coasting Podcast right now as of September 25th through until October 1st, then you’re in the right place for the Keto Diet. It’ll just switch over to the Keto Diet Podcast. If you’re subscribed right now, awesome. If you’re not and you’re listening to this on Amber’s channel and you’re like, “Who’s this Leanne girl? She sounds pretty cool,” you can just find me the Keto Diet Podcast or you can go to and it will redirect you to my podcast. I will be publishing for now. I’m going to keep on going with Sundays because I like Sundays.

As Amber would say, “Happy Sunday fun day,” Which I will probably use at least once. Sundays, same time, same place, and we will start off with a new episode October 2nd, so everything will switch over on the 1st, 2nd-ish.

Amber Romaniuk: Cool.

Leanne Vogel: What about you?

Amber Romaniuk: For the No Sugar Coating Podcast, I’m also keeping things the same because I don’t want to confuse anybody. The episodes will come out on Sundays. If you do want to send questions, then you can e-mail That is not changing. Also, if you want to check things out online, you’ll be able to go to Another cool thing that I’m going to be doing is I’m going to be stating a private Facebook group for No Sugar Coating Podcast listeners.

Leanne Vogel: Awesome!

Amber Romaniuk: It’ll be a great place for people to come, share their stories if they want. It’ll be a great place to ask questions, and there will be some extra cool little tidbits in there. That is something that I will share for probably every podcast. I will be posting that link, and then you’ll be able to join that. That’ll be a fun little place for people to hang out aside from listening to the podcast.

Leanne Vogel: I love that idea.

Amber Romaniuk: Thanks.

Leanne Vogel: I have a private Facebook group, and I love all of them. It’s so great.

Amber Romaniuk: Yeah, I’m excited to have it.

Leanne Vogel: Totally. That’s brilliant. I like that plan.

Amber Romaniuk: Thanks.

Leanne Vogel: There you have it.

Amber Romaniuk: Great minds think alike.

Leanne Vogel: Right? Totally they do. There you have it. Basically, really, I was thinking about this earlier today. I was like well, technically, now we’re doing two podcasts a week really.

Amber Romaniuk: Yeah, we really are.

Leanne Vogel: You’re going to hear double the awesomeness.

Amber Romaniuk: It’s true. I agree. It’s-

Leanne Vogel: I-

Amber Romaniuk: -all a positive because they get double dose.

Leanne Vogel: Double dose of Leanne and Amber.

Amber Romaniuk: Yeah, exactly. I, again … Well, we want to again thank everybody for listening and all your support and everything. It’s been so cool to do this podcast with you and see it evolve. I’m so glad we got past those first six episodes, and people wanted more.

Leanne Vogel: Yeah, I was super nervous the first six. How are we even going to do this? How do you even set up a podcast? Now look at us. We’re like, “No big deal. We’re going to have new podcasts set up, boom, bow, ba-zowey. Let’s do this.”

Amber Romaniuk: Like eight different kinds, of podcasts. Bam.

Leanne Vogel: Boom, totally. Yeah, thanks for listening everyone. Really excited for both of our new journeys. You can find Amber, Search her for all over the place, and that new Facebook group sounds awesome. Then just stay here for the Keto Diet podcast, and they’ll be a new episode on October 2nd for both of us.

Amber Romaniuk: Yay!

Leanne Vogel: Yeah.

Amber Romaniuk: Take care. Be well, love lots, live lots, laugh lots.

Leanne Vogel: Take a lot of baths.

Amber Romaniuk: Yeah, take a lot of baths, eat a lot of carbs.

Leanne Vogel: Uggh.

Amber Romaniuk: I had to say that.

Leanne Vogel: Amazing. Awesome, so every week starting now I’m going to be sharing one awesome thing with you, whether this is a product or something that I ate or maybe a practice that I started that I really loved or recipe that I made that I need to tell you about right this hot minute. Starting off this week with an application, a phone app, and also it’s on your iPad and Android that I love, especially if you love yoga or meditation. This is definitely and app for you. It’s called The Daily Yoga App. It’s an app that delivers yoga and meditation classes directly to your phone. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was little. I didn’t know it was yoga whatsoever. We called it bending time, and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I had been practicing yoga for so long.

I love yoga. I love yoga, and what I love about The Daily Yoga App as a seasoned yogi, is it allows me to practice my moves that I’m struggling with in class. If you want to totally nail that crow pose, but the teacher doesn’t give you enough time to go through all the steps, The Daily Yoga App can be super helpful for that. Or if you’re a beginner or you just like doing yoga, but you don’t have time to go to class, and if you’re like me, the lineups are crazy to get into the yoga classes these, days. Daily Yoga App allows you to practice at home. For beginners, it can be a great introduction to yoga in the comfort of your home, so you’re kind of scared of going to your first class. You can practice a bunch of times before you head or class.

Or maybe you decide you don’t even need to go to class because it’s right there on your phone or your iPad. To download it, you can head to Once it’s downloaded, you set your details like your gender and your birth date, and that just allows them to display workout stats after your done your session. Then go to the me tab … it’s on the bottom … and add the coupon code keto. That’s all lowercase, no spaces, k-e-t-o for seven days free. You’ll get access to all of the classes. What I really liked is that you can either choose poses to work through or you can choose programs.

They have a fat burning class and an insomnia class and reduce stress and anxiety class. Really, really cool, and you can download the classes ahead of time. Say you’re traveling and don’t want to use your data while you’re out camping let’s say. You can download a bunch of the classes so that you don’t have to worry about eating up your data once you’re out and about. In the classes, the directions are very, very clear, so it can help you develop really good form. I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes where it’s a beginner class, but they’re not going through the exact steps of where your shoulders should be and space and everything.

What I love about yoga and why I think it’s so valuable for so many people is that oftentimes I get asked, “Leanne, you often talk about how to listen to your body, and you listen to your body, and you know what your body needs. How do you do that?” Yoga has been such a huge, huge part of that for me because if you know where your body is in space on your mat, generally, you have a good feeling of what your body needs and where it is in space off of your mat. It’s a really great practice to get into and if yoga ain’t your jam but you’ve always wanted to do meditation, The Daily Yoga App does that too, so I highly encourage you head on over to, enter in that keto coupon code so you get seven days of free classes. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What we are covering in this episode is an introduction to me, so if you’re new to the podcast or you’ve never heard of this Leanne Vogel lady, I’m going to share some details about who I am and what’s up, and my personal keto diet experience, and why my keto approach is a little bit different from the rest. Then a bunch of teasers of upcoming guests and topics that are coming to the Keto Diet Podcast. The show notes for today’s episode can be found at Let’s hear from one of our awesome partners.

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Great, okay, so if you guys have an idea for a podcast episode and/or want to submit praise for the Keto Diet Podcast over and above submitting a review on any of your podcast apps, you can reach me by e-mailing Let’s get to the main section of the show already. My name is Leanne Vogel, and I’m anutrition educator, and I’m also a high fat enthusiast. I help women regulate their hormones and balance their metabolisms by eating a lot of fat, a lot of fat. To give you a little rundown, I studied holistic nutrition in 2007. At the time, I was vegan. Yes, I was vegan. I continued to be vegan. I was vegan for seven years I think. It was quite a long time, and during that time, my husband, my now husband … he was my boyfriend at the time … had pictures of me sleeping all over the house.

I was always tired. I was always so, so tired. Dating a German who loves meat and potatoes, it was very quick for me to start eating meat after we started dating. I began to feel a lot better. At that point, I was eating meat, and grains, and pretty much everything. A naturopath said that I was sensitive to gluten. I’ve never actually been diagnosed with celiac disease. I tried to start eating gluten again for a month so that I could get tested, but it was just too much for me. It really, really affected me. I had ADD when I was an adult, and that got a lot better when I reduced the gluten. I had a lot of cystic acne, which got a lot better when I removed dairy.

When I started eating meat, I really started paying attention to no gluten, no dairy, but everything else was pretty much good. At the time, I was still struggling with an eating disorder. I had anorexia and bumelia off and on intertwined from a very, very young age. I was a dancer, so it came with the territory for me. It was just something that I struggled with for a very long time. Then I found paleo, and I started eating paleo a couple of years after beginning eating meat. I got really constipated, and I had a really hard time with it, and I was eating a lot of coconut. I was having reactions because I was eating all of the same foods all of the time.

In between all of this, I hadn’t had a period for a very long time. That was a combination of not eating enough, being a low weight, not eating enough fat. It was a hot mess. Working out way too much. I worked out sometimes three times a day. I would go to a two-hour spin class. Then I would swim. Then I would go to work, and during lunch hour I would go for a run. Then after work, I would go to crossfit. I am not even kidding you. This is what I did for years. I did tons of half marathons. Never did a full … Did I do a full marathon? No, I didn’t. A lot of 10Ks. I ran all the time. My quick run on Wednesday evenings was a … What was it? Like a 14-kilometer run, which oh, my gosh. No, I would not do that now.

This behavior went on, eating disorder stuff, food restriction stuff, just yucky things, working out so much, not listening to my body. I was blogging. I was running my business. I was doing everything; I wasn’t getting my period. It was a hot mess. I went to a naturopath in may of 2014, and I was like, “I need my period. It’s been eight years. This is insane. Well, I think at the time it was seven years, but still. Seven years no period? What the heck? I’d been off birth control for seven years. It never came back. Endocrinologist said I needed pumps and hormone replacement therapy, which made me gain so much weight. Hormone replacement therapy was a nightmare and didn’t fix my hormones at all.

She recommended I check out a low-carb diet, and I was like, “Low carb? That’s crazy. I’m not going to eat Atkins bars for the rest of my life. You’re nuts.” I was on Instagram that same day, that evening. I was lying in bed, which I shouldn’t have had my phone with me because that’s no good for sleeping patterns, but what was really, really cool is that one of my friends used the #keto on one of her post, and it was a high-fat thing. I was like, “What is this #keto thing?” This opened up a can of worms for me. So cool. I read up on the keto diet. There wasn’t a lot of information at the time, like barely anything. There was probably two people talking about it. I decided the very next day I’m going to try keto because my hormones are a wreck; my estrogen was non-existent; my DHEA also non-existent.

All of the hormones I had a lot of doctors say, “It looks like somebody just flipped a switch off in your body. Your hormones are non-existent.” My thyroid was super low. My adrenals, my cortisol was tanked, so why not? Let’s try the keto diet. Never heard of it or anything, so I tried it. Within the first two months, i loss all my hormone weight gain and I felt amazing. It was so great, but then something happened. Six months into it, I had a really hard time sleeping, and my thyroid was a hot mess. I was losing my hair like crazy and thinking that this diet was going to be the end of me, that it wasn’t working. I’d been eating low carb, high fat for these six months. I was doing “everything” right, but my hair was falling out like crazy. I couldn’t sleep.

I was starting to get really agitated like anxious and stuff. It just wasn’t right. My ADD really fired up, and that has been quite calmed since going keto. It completely went away when I went keto, but then after those six months, I started finding that I was having a hard time just with anxiety and my attention was all over the place. Looking back now, it was two reasons clearly. I wasn’t eating enough carbs. I would have no carb days and no food days and I would fast. It was crazy. Then also, I wasn’t eating enough. Looking over my food diaries when I was calculating out my calories, oftentimes, I’d be around the 1,100 mark. For the amount of working out I was doing, just like insanity.

I decided that I was going to change the conversation within my body and really change my approach to keto, and so I stopped counting. I stopped tracking. I stopped doing all of the things that were making me absolutely crazy. I started a carb up practice where I ate carbs in the evening. Within nine months of following this, I got my period back for the first time, and it has been rocking for 13 months, right one schedule. My cycle is 32 days. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s awesome. That gives you a little introduction who I am and a little bit of my keto diet experience. If you’re new to the keto diet or you don’t know what keto is, I added it to the intro of this podcast, at least for a little bit, so that everyone can get onboard with what keto is.

Basically, the standard ketogenic approach is that you’re eating low carb, high fat. Generally, that standard approach means about 20 grams of total carbs in a day, so you’re probably going to be eating a lot of dairy and a little bit of meats and proteins because that approach is also moderate protein because the belief is that if more protein is eaten, that it will spike your blood sugar. It’s a ton of fat, like a ton a ton of fat. When I was doing that standard approach, I personally while I lost weight didn’t feel too great on that standard approach as I explained.

The Keto Diet Podcast is sponsored by Daily Yoga, an app that delivers 50 high-definition online yoga classes so that you can namaste in the comfort of your own home, in a hotel, or anywhere really. With the option of professionally schedule programs to reach your goals, whether they be overcoming insomnia, changing body composition, or calming anxiety, the multilingual classes as well as various meditation courses distinguish Daily Yoga in the app space. After your workout, you’re presented with stats of your workout, time worked, intensity, calorie burn, and so much more.

Download the app by going to Access through the show notes or type it in manually to your browser and use the coupon code keto, all in lowercase, no spaces to unlock all of the programs and courses at once for free for seven days. Again, that’s, and use the coupon code keto, all lowercase, no spaces to unlock all of the programs.

My approach to keto and really that transitionary period when I was losing all my hair and totally going crazy was when I adjusted the keto diet to work for me. I encourage everyone to adjust the keto diet to make it work for them always. My adjustments might not be right for you. You might start off with a standard ketogenic diet and find that all you need is increased of protein and you’re good to go. That’s awesome, but you might try the standard ketogenic diet and find that 20 grams of carbohydrates that is just not your jam. My approach is five-pronged because I realize that everyone is different. I think the most important piece to keto in my experience was that keto adaptation phase.

When you are becoming keto adapted, becoming fat adapted, your body is switching metabolic processes so that fat burning becomes your number one preference to fueling. Right now in a carbohydrate state, you’re burning carbs as fuel. When the carbs come in, you burn it, and when they get lower, you’re body’s like (makes beeping sound). You need to eat. Usually, that’s every two to four hours in a fat-burning state. Once you have keto adapted, once you’re fat adapted, you are running off fat as fuel. You eat the fat; you burn the fat. You burn the fat on your body. Your body loves fat. Fat is happening, and the carbohydrates take a back seat. What that means is that when you’re purely fat adapted if you do have carbs, your body will eat through those carbs really quick and switch back to fat.

Whereas, in the carbohydrate-burning mode, when you body eats those carbs, it wants more carbs because it thinks that that’s the only fuel. That’s the difference and the structure and process behind becoming fat adapted. As you’re becoming fat adapted, your body’s a little bit confused like, “Where are the carbs at, lady? What the heck? What’s happening with all this fat? We don’t want fat. We want carbs, carbs.”

I find that that fat adaption phase you’re generally going to be craving sugar and carbs and anything to do with carbs and sugar. Then once your body realizes that there’s all this fat coming in and it can use that, it starts switching that metabolic process and starting to build up the enzymatic processes it needs to burn fat as fuel. Many people can adapt at different grams of carbohydrates.

I can adapt, fully adapt, around 50 grams. Then once I’m adapted, I can go up to around 80, sometimes 100 depending on the food that I’m eating carbs and stay in ketosis. That’s the most important piece is we want to maintain a state of ketosis, but we don’t need a deep ketogenic space of 3 millimoles per liter every day, otherwise, it’s not working. Now the difference between keto and ketoacidosis is that keto is a nutritional ketogenic space. We are not exceeding 3 millimoles per liter in ketones, and if we are, generally, my clients that I see that are say 5 millimoles per liter, it’s because they are not eating enough, not eating enough period.

In a ketoacidosis state, what’s happening is that our blood sugar is rising as well as our ketones, and usually the ketones are say around 23 millimoles per liter, and this state of ketoacidosis is only able to occur when a person’s pancreas doesn’t work correctly. This is a state that diabetics have to worry about, but the ketosis that we are talking about here is not the ketosis that diabetics are warned about. That’s ketoacidosis. We’re talking about keto, ketosis, ketogenic diet, nutritional ketosis. Those are the words that we’re running for, not the ketoacidosis. I hope that explains things a little bit better in regards to keto in addition to my approach.

Once you’ve gone through that fat adaption phase, that can be anywhere between two weeks and a month depending on your body, once your fat adapted you can really play because your body knows that fat is the preferred fuel. You can really play around with your carbohydrates. It’ll burn through the carbs and then go back to fat burning. Where this is really, really, really helpful is people like me who have really imbalanced hormones and they’re very … I know that my weakest link is my hormones, and specifically my thyroid and adrenals. If I’m going through a stressful period or really anything, my body needs carbs. My body needs carbs, but it doesn’t need the amount of carbs that I was eating previously.

What I do is I have my carbohydrates in the evening, and we’re going to be chatting about carb ups and the carbohydrates in the evenings in a future podcast, but I’ll go through it quickly. I have my carbohydrates in the evening, which helps offset a lot of the feels that I get and symptoms that I experience when I don’t have those carbs, so the hair loss and the adrenal dysfunction and everything that comes along when I don’t eat enough carbohydrates. You may find that this carb up practice is helpful if you’re doing anerobic activities. Anerobic activities require carbs. That is the only way that your body can fuel when you’re doing an anerobic activity, and anerobic activity is the short burst exercises, so Crossfit is one. If you’re doing Crossfit, you’re going to need those carbs.

If you’re doing any sort of sprints or intervals or anything, you’re going to need that. Whereas, aerobic, say you’re a runner or a cyclist, you can burn primarily off fat and be totally fine for those long-distance things. If you’re doing sprint stuff, the literature points to the fact that you need carbs in order to do that. The carb up practice is a really great way to have your carbs, fuel with fat, and then when you sleep, your body eats through all the carbs. Then in the morning, you’re back to fat burning. There are a bunch of different ways that you can go through this more fat-fueled approach as opposed to the standard ketogenic diet.

I outline this really, really clearly in my program “Fat Fueled,” which you can find at I’ll include a link in the show notes, which you can find either in your podcast app or head on over to That gives you a little bit of a rundown of keto and my approach, and my keto now is so much different than it was two years ago. It’s crazy. This time two years ago, I was starting to lose my hair and I couldn’t sleep. It’s been a really, really exciting journey. Right now I do usually a fatty drink twice a week in the morning. I don’t like to fast. I find that it really sets me up for a different sort of day.

I really enjoy fasting when I’m traveling or when I need to use it as a tool, but otherwise, I really enjoy having breakfast and having solid food in the morning. My breakfast usually consists of what you would eat for dinner. It’s usually leftovers, like yesterday for breakfast I had ribs with a bunch of oils on it and a fatty salad and some avocado, so it changes frequently, but it’s really my version of keto is very much paleo. It’s just less maple syrup, less sweet potatoes, and a lot more fat, and fat bombs because fat bombs-

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Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be delving into this structure of a ketogenic diet. I’m going to be recording a couple of solo pieces like this where it’s just me, my microphone, a big jug of water, which I haven’t drank from because it’s really hard to drink when you’re constantly recording and you don’t have time. You don’t have a break. We’re going to be doing a couple of solo podcasts where I’m going to be going through some of your questions, or like I said, if you have an idea for a podcast episode and you send me an email at, and I feel like I’m the best person to answer that question or talk about that topic, I will.

Otherwise, I’m going to find leaders in the ketogenic space and also leaders outside of the ketogenic space to share their wisdom with you. We have a couple of guests booked that are Healthful Pursuit listeners and readers and watchers, and they are also healthcare practitioners. They’re practicing keto and they’re incorporating keto into their medical practices. We have an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, so this is all very exciting things. A naturopath and how they are incorporating keto into their practice.

Really to inspire you guys, I know so many of the Healthful Pursuit members of our community are always saying, “My doctor doesn’t think that what I’m doing is smart” or “My doctor isn’t good” or “My doctor is” and “How do I find a doctor that’s like your doctor?” I really want to showcase that there are people out there that support the ketogenic diet, that are there to help us totally rock our life and also people outside of the ketogenic space. For example, Gretchen Rubin from the Happiness Project is coming on the podcast in a couple of weeks.

We’re going to be chatting all about happiness and how to create more awesomeness in your life. Christie Harrison is going to be chatting about health at every size. Uzzi Reiss, the author of “The Natural Super Woman” is going to be o,n the podcast. I’m chatting with Danielle LaPorte, author of “Desire Map” and the “Fire Starter Sessions.” There’s a lot more to this podcast than the keto diet and specifically talking about what we’re eating and what we’re doing. I really want to encompass the keto life and how that affects the keto diet in a positive way.

In addition, some topics that we’re going to be covering up through the end of the year are going to be carbing up. We’re going to talk about carb ups, why I don’t recommend dairy on keto, why calorie counting doesn’t work, your gut on keto, toxic fats and how to avoid that, breastfeeding and weight loss on keto, protein on keto. Lots of keto stuff with a lot of things that are going to help with balancing your life. You will find a new Keto Diet Podcast in your feed every Sunday. In the morning when you wake up, it’ll be there for you. It will be complete with 30 to 60 minutes of content, chatting about all the things that you need.

If you have purchased any of my keto products, then you are probably part of my private Facebook group. We’re going to be chatting more about keto in there. It’s a really great forum for voicing your concerns or questions or total wins or recipes or anything. It’s a private group. Nobody can even find it if they search for it, so I know a lot of people initially were super worried like, “If I post stuff, are my friends going to see it?” We just shut her down, and it’s an exclusive invite, so you can only get invited if I have your email and it’s been coordinated.

If you’re part of that Facebook group, we will chat over there every week and continue with that awesomeness, and if you’re not, you can find any of my products at Any of the keto products come with an invitation to that private Facebook group. I think that’s all for today’s episode. I hope I covered everything. It’s always so hard when you’re talking about yourself and trying to cover all the bases and make sure that people understand where you’re coming from and what your experiences are.

I’m so, so excited to start this conversation on keto. This aligns so well with my vision of what I wanted to do when I first started the keto diet, and it’s been such an amazing journey. I hope that by listening to the Keto Diet Podcast, you can take little tidbits of information, leave the rest if it doesn’t resonate with you. That’s totally okay. I’m hoping that there’s a bunch that resonates with you that can change the way that you view your life and the way that you practice keto so that you can make a keto diet that fits well for you and that feels good.

I’ve had so much success eating this way. My life has completely changed. My relationships have changed. I no longer have ADD. I have a solid understanding of who I am, and I’m a more confident woman because of it. I’m really, really excited to continue this conversation and share what I’ve learned and also share the people that have inspired me. Yeah. Very exciting stuff happening right now. I will see you guys next Sunday, and again, if you have an idea for a podcast episode or you want to submit praise over and above the review you’re going to leave on your podcast app, you can reach me at

That does it for another episode of the Keto Diet Podcast. Thanks for listening in. You can follow me on Instagram by searching Healthful Pursuit, where you’ll find daily keto eats and other fun things. Check out all of my keto supportive programs, bundles, guides, and other cool things over at, and I’ll see you next Sunday. Bye!

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  1. hello,
    I just got your book and I am very new to this I had bariatric surgery 4 years ago and it really didn’t work like others. I can not eat anything sugar free I get very sick, pastas and rice/couscous is out as well and protein drinks ugh I have tried them all and can not drink any without my stomach turning. I really do hope I can do this diet in hopes of getting my body in a better state of happy.

  2. Just found your podcast. I’m 2 weeks into keto (traditional) and your mindset is wayyyyyy more my jam ;)

    I just ordered fat fueled, but my question is, how do I know when I’m fat adapted?

    • Amazing! I’m so excited for you to start your Fat Fueled journey. Here’s a video about the signs to look for when you’re fat adapted. You can also find a section on it in chapter 3 of Fat Fueled. Good luck!