The Keto Diet Podcast Episode #015: Hypothyroidism and Keto

Hypothyroidism and Keto #healthfulpursuit #fatfueled #lowcarb #keto #ketogenic #lowcarbpaleo

Interview with Elle Russ, writer, health/life coach, and host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast, chatting with us about the importance of a well-functioning thyroid, how the thyroid can become imbalanced, and how keto can play a role in its healing.


Thyroid tests:

    • TSH
    • Free T3
    • Free T4
    • Reverse T3
    • TPO ab (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody test)
    • Tgab (Thyroglobulin Antibody test)

Related thyroid tests:

    • DHEA Sulfate
    • Ferritin
    • Homocysteine
    • Vitamin B-12
    • Vitamin D 25-hydroxy
    • **If having issues with inability to lose weight, then also test HbA1c


  • Signs of hypothyroidism (09:35)
  • Thyroid testing (15:35)
  • Carbs and your thyroid (35:25)

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  1. I do not know where to start, other than this:
    I am peri menopause. I still have my cycle. I am a fit small in stature woman, who has followed a diet filled with healthy meats, veggies, fruits, and no grains, pop,junk food for 20 yrs.
    I am estrogen dominant, my whole body feels puffy, weight gain, thin hair, etc. I dropped my Synthriod meds 3 weeks ago, after 11 yrs of taking for Hypo. I am about to cry writting, because I just want to balance my estrogen get my hormones up to speed, not loose control of my thyroid, so that I can follow your Keto plan, with a balanced exercise routine, letting go to live my freeking life without bloating, dry skin, taking a million supliments without knowing what to take when and what amount, constantly wondering how anyone can help me.My OB knows nothing about Natural suppliments and will not run an Adrenal test for me. You are the person I want to go with, as you seem to have the best idea on the womens perspective, and solvable solutions. UGHHH Please Help!!
    Feeling alone in Iowa:/

    • I’m so sorry you’re feeling alone, Julie! Please know, you’re definitely NOT alone, as so many women are struggling with similar issues. I’ve experienced imbalanced hormones and thyroid myself, so I know how frustrating it can be. I highly recommend finding a functional medicine doctor in your area who will work with you on these issues. If you’re wanting to try keto, you may find that the daily fat burner profile in Fat Fueled will be what works best for you right now. It tends to work better for those with hypothyroidism and hormone imbalances. Also, here’s another podcast that might be helpful too:

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