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Video: How To Be A Low Carb Vegan, Keto Vegan, or Eat More Plants on Keto

by March 1, 2018

Video: How To Be A Low Carb Vegan, Keto Vegan, or Eat More Plants on Keto #keto #paleo #vegan #lowcarb8 simple steps to making a ketogenic, high-fat, low carb, plant-based eating style work for you if you’re vegan, or want to include more plants in your low carb/high-fat life! While I’m not vegan (anymore), I’ve guided many of my clients through this process and know that it’s entirely possible to live in both worlds – nutritional ketosis fuelled entirely by plants and lots of fats! No idea what the benefits are of living high-fat, if you don’t know what ketosis is, or you’re curious about low-carb living? Grab my book! The bonus meal plan is far from being vegan, but the book itself (over 100 pages of awesome) will give you a solid introduction to this lifestyle, whether you do it vegan or not. If you’re vegan or love living a plant-based life and want to infuse your fat-burning keto journey with plant-based goodness, press play and get in on the action. For video mini guide & transcript PDF, scroll down.
  Pages-Sample3Your Mini Guide & Transcript A 5-10 page PDF with the transcript for this video, resources, and exclusive steps to taking your fat burning to the next level. Download to your device and access anytime. Simply click the button above, enter your details, and the guide will be delivered to your inbox! Get the mini guide & transcript now. Highlights…
  • How to know if a ketogenic vegan eating style will work for you.
  • The plant-based proteins that encourage fat-burning.
  • Meals and snacks to create a perfectly balanced low carb vegan day.
  • 8 strategies for your low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic, vegan eating style.
Resources… Do you eat a lot of plants (like me!) on your keto journey? I’d love to chat about your experience in the comments below.
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