Video: What A Day Of Eating “High-Fat, Keto” Looks Like (the meals and foods I eat)

What Eating "High-Fat" Looks Like (meal ideas + foods) #keto #lowcarb #keto #hflc

An introduction to the keto meals I prepare on a high-fat, low carb, ketogenic eating plan. Includes egg-free keto days, vegetarian keto days, and my favorite  nourishing whole keto foods from fats, proteins, vegetables and beyond.

When I tell people that I eat upwards of 80% fat, they immediately think that I gorge on fast food or eat coconut oil from a spoon. Gross to both things, coconut oil on a spoon? Yuck.

What does eating “high-fat” or “keto” look like?

In today’s video, I’ve outlined my favorite keto meals, foods and combinations to give you a clear picture of what a whole food based ketogenic eating plan is comprised of. Hint: there’s lots of greens!

A must-watch if you’re curious about what comprises a high-fat, keto meal plan, or you’re living high-fat, keto and are in need of keto meal planning inspiration.

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What’s your favorite way to boost the fats in your keto meals?

My favorite, is a fresh batch of keto guacamole (made from 2-3 avocados) with a bunch of fresh vegetables – celery, cucumber and raw fennel.

Share your keto experiments, keto recipes and approach to your personal eating style in the comments below. Your wisdom encourages thousands of women from all over the globe to play with their food and develop an eating style that works best for their body. Share, share, share!

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  1. I asked my local library to get yours and another Keto book and they did…however, they were so good, that I had to get my own copies. I love how detailed your book is, and I feel very informed about the ingredients that I chose online and in store. Thanks for all your hard work! I will be using this book for…well, until I can’t! :)

  2. I’m struggling with keeping protein % low while beginning Keto. I’m attempting to add more fat to things other than meat. Other thoughts?

  3. I just purchased your book at B&N yesterday. Loved the book and bit overwhelmed. I have been on Keto for about 5 weeks. I typically do not eat breakfast during the week. On your meal plan 1 — if I skip breakfast do I have to make up the fats /protein /carbs with 2 meals each day or can I just simply eat the meal plan for lunch and dinner? Thanks!

    • No need to try and make up for it, unless you find yourself hungry. In that case, definitely have another meal/snack!

  4. Does eating this way have any negative effect on your heart? I have been struggling with many of the same struggles. I am diagnosed PCOS and have hormonal imbalances with testosterone. It’s very hard to lose weight. Paleo initially helped me lose 30 and I consistently excessive and strength train 4x a week. I keep feeling bloated low energy and not losing weight.

  5. What fruits are we allowed? I eat a banana daily, is that allowed? I’m still waiting to receive the book.

  6. I just started keto dieting and I’m gaining weight even though I’m staying in the parameters. In the first month are there foods you should stay away from?

    • This really depends on the person! I can handle up to 100 net grams per day and still stay in ketosis, other people may have a lower/higher threshold.

      • Please tell me how do i find out my own carb tolerance/threshold?

  7. Hi Leanne,
    I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I am a 51 year old age group triathlete who’s aim is to become Metabollicaly efficient. I have adopted the Ketogenic lifestyle for myself and am working on my daughter who is recently diagnosed PCOS. I have done Tasteaholics two week program and love how i feel. I went ahead and purchased the weekly(1 year) meal plan which i start this week. I know you dont count macros, but do you have a base estimate of calories/grams your program is based on? My base metabolic rate is 2300 calories/ day. Then we add my training which can push me upwards of 4000/day. I just need to guage where i am at since i am already very lean and cannot afford to lose weight/ muscle. I tend to keep fat bombs, nuts/seeds, peanut butter, Kind grains(portable), and protein powder supplements to add in. Thoughts?
    Thanks in advance, John

    • Thanks for signing up for the meal plans! Hope you’re enjoying them so far :) With the snacks that are already included in the meal plan, each day is approx. 2000 calories. The plans are made up of about 15-25% protein and 30g to 75g of carbs in a day (this is influenced by carb ups). I think it’s a good idea that you’re adding extra snacks to keep the calories up! Also, feel free to double some of the recipes to meet your caloric needs. Good luck!

    • Feel free to eat any other leafy grains that you’re not challenged with instead. Baby spinach, romaine, arugula, chard, iceberg lettuce, etc– they’re all great!

  8. Hello Leanne
    I purchased the Keto Beginning and have high hopes. Before getting all the way through the guide, I began eating high fat all this week and have already lost some weight. However, I am daunted looking at your 30-day meal guide, as I KNOW I do not have the time to prepare all these meals every day. I wonder how it would work to choose one or two meals for the week, make extra of each, and eat them throughout the week. Your thoughts?

    • Go for it, Donna! Feel free to switch things up to make it work for you :) Good luck!

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