Video: What A Day Of Eating “High-Fat, Keto” Looks Like (the meals and foods I eat)

What Eating "High-Fat" Looks Like (meal ideas + foods) #keto #lowcarb #keto #hflc

An introduction to the keto meals I prepare on a high-fat, low carb, ketogenic eating plan. Includes egg-free keto days, vegetarian keto days, and my favorite  nourishing whole keto foods from fats, proteins, vegetables and beyond.

When I tell people that I eat upwards of 80% fat, they immediately think that I gorge on fast food or eat coconut oil from a spoon. Gross to both things, coconut oil on a spoon? Yuck.

What does eating “high-fat” or “keto” look like?

In today’s video, I’ve outlined my favorite keto meals, foods and combinations to give you a clear picture of what a whole food based ketogenic eating plan is comprised of. Hint: there’s lots of greens!

A must-watch if you’re curious about what comprises a high-fat, keto meal plan, or you’re living high-fat, keto and are in need of keto meal planning inspiration.

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What’s your favorite way to boost the fats in your keto meals?

My favorite, is a fresh batch of keto guacamole (made from 2-3 avocados) with a bunch of fresh vegetables – celery, cucumber and raw fennel.

Share your keto experiments, keto recipes and approach to your personal eating style in the comments below. Your wisdom encourages thousands of women from all over the globe to play with their food and develop an eating style that works best for their body. Share, share, share!

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  1. Can you send me a sample of keto meals that are strict AIP? I can’t eat nightshades, certain spices, smoked meats, nuts, or any kind of sweetener. Eggs are kind of ok. I don’t know if you address this in your book but I’d like to do the meal plan subscription if it meets the above restrictions and isn’t too difficult to cook.
    Thank you!

    • Hey, Becky! You can download a free sample of our Balanced Keto meal plan here (click the big pink button that says “savor your free sample meal plan”). While we cannot customize it for you, every meal plan subscription does come with a Dietary Modification Guide that gives you ideas and tips for substituting certain ingredients, including eggs, nightshades, FODMAPS, and nuts.