Video: How to Start Eating More Fat

Video: How To Start Eating More Fat #keto #lowcarb #highfat #health

How do you increase the amount of fat you eat without drinking oil from a bottle? Simplify your high-fat, keto journey with these easy tips and tricks on adding more fats into your life, effortlessly.

You likely know what fats are: butter, oils, meats, avocados… but how do you actually increase the amount of fat you eat?

Today, I’m sharing the strategy I used to get more fats in my life. This isn’t so much about “what you should eat” it’s how to structure things in a way that works for you, all depending on where you’re at right now. Baby steps. Baby steps!

The key is breaking up your day into chunks to avoid overwhelm.

A must-watch if you’re like, “but HOW do I eat more fat?!” And? I rap for you… just in case you’re an auditory learner. You’ll never forget this one.

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  • Change your idea of how high-fat, keto works. It’s not about drinking oil!
  • Simplifying keto living by outlining the 5 things to focus on in each keto meal.
  • How to break down your day to avoid overwhelm during the change.
  • Easy high-fat, keto, nutrient-rich snacks.
  • Kill your sugar cravings with this one step.


Everyone in our community is in a different place with their health and their pursuit of a healthful life, whatever that means to them. Your story, your strategies and your experiences offer inspiration to the thousands of us pursuing a healthful life. Let’s chat in the comments about it…

What strategies have you used to increase the fat in your day? And, what challenges have you been faced with since making this adjustment? How did you overcome them?


Hey, how ya doing? Thanks for watching my video today. We are going to be doing something a little bit different. I’ve been getting the same question from you guys over and over and over again. What is this question? Well, given the title of this video you probably already know kind of what it’s about, but basically, all of you’ve been asking, “How do you actually increase the amount of fat that you eat in an easy way that’s not super overwhelming, to the point where you’re, like, drinking olive oil for breakfast?” That’s a super awesome question and something that I can definitely, totally, completely answer in as little steps as possible without using dairy and also giving you a couple of keto recipe ideas along the way. Are you ready?

When you decide you want to increase your fats, throughout the whole process, and something that I do on a daily basis, is focusing in these things in this very order: Vegetables, fiber, high-fat meats, oils, protein. Just like that, in that order, always think of those things and you’ll be good to go. The first way of including more fats in your life, and probably the easiest, easiest thing, is make yourself a blended keto coffee. Wait, before you think, “Oh, Leanne, I don’t do coffee or decaf or anything.” Don’t you worry your pretty little face. You can do this without coffee. You can use tea, you can use hot water, it’s totally chill. This can be your replacement for breakfast. Basically, when you get up, when you get hungry, have this and if you just use one tablespoon of MCT and one tablespoon of butter or a couple tablespoons of coconut milk, you’re already at 25 grams of fat for the day, so it’s super simple. Then, once you’ve mastered the art of the blended keto coffee, and really it’s not really an art, you just make it and drink it and feel awesome, then you can move on to changing your snacks.

Snacks are really fun because their non-committal and if you need them [00:02:00], you have them and if you don’t need them you don’t eat them. They’re easy to change and easy to approach, much more than changing up your entire breakfast, lunch, dinner scenario. Think fiber and fats when you are making your snacks. Hey, that kind of rhymes. You can even rap it, you know … “Fiber and fats, when you’re making snacks,” whatever you want to do there. If you eat vegetables for snack, try adding some homemade keto salad dressing or some keto MCT mayo. If you have never heard of MCT mayo, you need my book. I’ve linked to it somewhere around this screen, and the recipe’s in there. It’s phenomenal. You can add that to vegetables, I like to add in a little bit of dried herbs and sprinkle it over my vegetables and have that as a high fat snack. It’s delicious. If you have crackers for snack, add guacamole. Super easy. If you’re the type that likes to snack on fruit, easy. Just add a couple dollops of full fat coconut cream or coconut milk or even some chia seeds, sprinkle it on there, let it soak a little bit. Boom, high fat, keto snack. Done.

Some additional high fat, keto snack ideas, there’s keto fat bomb recipes like my keto fat bomb [men 00:03:11] and I’ve included a link somewhere around this screen so you can check it out. Once you’ve mastered keto snacks, it’s time to move on to the keto meals.

The number one way that I was able to make this transition and also kill a lot of my sugar cravings is opting for savory breakfasts, most of the time. We’ll do waffles and things like that on the weekend for a treat, but everyday I look like I’m having lunch for breakfast. Although this sounds super boring and ridiculous, you can have a lot of fun with it and it also goes a long way in helping you increase your fats until you get used to how it feels.

A big tip here is to just choose 2 oils and run with them for your meals. Ditch the vegetable oil, opt for things like maybe coconut oil as your saturated fat and maybe some olive oil or avocado oil [00:04:00] or you can do tallow when you’re cooking or red palm oil is great with vegetables, so just choose 2 oils and go with it. The number one way that I love to include more oil in my meals, instead of just frying everything in oil is blending some heated oil so it’s melted, with fresh herbs, maybe a little bit of coconut milk, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Blend that and use it as a sauce for your vegetables.

For your meats during your meals it’s best to go with grass-fed, grass-finished meats. If you can get our paws on them, great. Then you can go as high fat as possible. Then you have things like salmon, uncured bacon, and basically, the higher the quality of your meat, the higher quality the fat that you’re eating and the better off that your body will be. If you can not get your hands on some grass-fed, grass-finished meat, maybe have access to soy-free, corn-free chicken that you can use and that’s also really good as well. If you can’t get your hands on really good, clean, organic, awesome meat that’s grass-fed, grass-finished, soy-free, corn-free, all those good words, then you want to go as low fat in your meats as possible because the fats in meat hold a lot of toxins and if it’s low-quality meat, it’s going to be high-quality toxins and we don’t want that.

Meal ideas to get you started on some of these concepts could be something like a shredded brisket with roasted vegetables, taco salad with grass-fed meat and a little bit of chili powder on there with fresh celery and cucumber and greens like kale and romaine. You can add some MCT mayonnaise to that, nutritional yeast which is high in fiber, and you’ll have one of the best taco salads. Another one that I love that I’ve shared on my Instagram page many times before, is blending cooked salmon with eggs and then pouring it into a pan like little pancakes, they’re called croquettes, and just frying them in a little bit of tallow.

Another quick and easy meal that I enjoy is chicken salad topped [00:06:00] over cucumbers. The little cucumbers, if you cut them into little circles you can use them as little sandwiches and it’s super adorable. You can pretend you’re Alice in Wonderland, I do frequently.

If you’re like, “Woah, this high fat thing is awesome. I want to learn more,” there are 2 things that you can do right now. The first one is, grab my book. It’s linked up somewhere around this screen. Click it, get it. There’s tons of recipes in there and meal plans and how to do this, and the second thing, if you already have my book, subscribe to my channel. I’ve included a link to do that in this video, so you can just press “subscribe” and you will get my videos every week where I talk about nourishing your body with high fat awesomeness and how to totally rock a healthy life.

Until next week, I hope you have a beautiful week and I will see you soon, okay? Bye.

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  1. What would you suggest for someone who got caught in the not enough fat rut, in addition to not enough calories? I’m slowly trying to up them in the right way, but weight is coming on pure fat.
    Would you be able to make some macro or calorie percentage suggestions for carbs, fat, and protein ? Protein requirements, etc. Should Collagen count towards that macro?

    You give me hope. Thank you!!

    • Hi Rebekah! I can’t give specifics since I don’t know your body type or goals, but what I can tell you is that your body is trying to heal, so let it! If you’ve been cutting calories for so long that your metabolic system is out of whack, it needs some time to heal and get back to normal. Try following the typical 75% fat, 15% protein and 10% carbohydrate macro system and work from there to find something that works for you.

  2. This is something I struggle with. I have no aversion to eating fat; I just need to eat even when I am not hungry. I can easily eat one meal per day. I have a busy schedule lately and little energy in the evenings.
    Thank you for this information!

  3. Can I replace coconut oil/MCT oil with another oil for my coffee/tea blend?

  4. Is sunflower seed oil considered to be one of the inflammatory oils? I’ve found a few products that use it and I was wondering if it was better than canola oil. Thanks!

    • If what you’re doing isn’t working, you’re in a fine place to try something new! I can’t speak from a medical standpoint, as I am not your healthcare provider. But I’ve seen many women in your place have great success with this eating style.

      I hope that helps,


  5. Hi Leanne!
    I think you’re delightful and I’ve learned a lot from you so thank you for all your posts, recipes and videos!

    You mentioned avoiding grape seed oil in one of your videos which shocked me and broke my heart!
    Why should we avoid grape-seed oil? I was told that is was a great replacement for vegetable oil since it is one of the only oils that has no taste.

    I use grape seed oil for my mushroom preserves. : Every year we either buy organic mushrooms or pick them in the wild, add a little raw apple cider vinegar, Himalayan salt and fresh garlic. Then we boil them for a few minutes and once everything has cooled we pack them in mason jars covered in oil. Once we found out how bad vegetable oil is for us, we started packing everything in grapeseed oil because it doesn’t affect the taste and it doesn’t solidify in our cold room or fridge but now I have no idea which oil to use??? HELP! I love my mushrooms!


  6. Leanne, your AWESOME! Just sayin.
    I’m on day 61 of keto. I went from 267 in oct to 252 by January. Then I started keto. I’m at 232 today!! I’m still going strong. I’ve been measuring and taking pictures every day. I send breakfast and a picture of me to my best friend everyday who thinks I’m crazy for eating day haha.
    I am snacking on fat bombs and lots of pork rinds.
    I NEED blended coffee or I just can’t function right.
    I have to carb up once a week or I plateau with weight. As soon as I carb up with just one thing, I lose weight the next day for a few days. Then I plateau again and it happens repeatedly.
    So what do you know about carbing up? What does it do internally? It seems to be crucial but is like to understand it better.
    Thanks and I appreciate you!!

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