6 Months With My intelliBED. Get Yours For 10% off and a FREE Blendtec Blender

by October 2, 2018


Six-month update on my experience with our new intelliBED mattress. Get yours this holiday season and receive 10% off plus a FREE Blendtec blender!

I am still in love with my toxic-free mattress! Our mattress was silently affecting our health in major ways. In July, I shared the many reasons why I threw out our 6-year-old mattress and replacing it with an intelliBED.

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It’s been seven months since we made the switch and I’m still crazy in love with the mattress. Kevin and I have continued to experience uninterrupted sleep. No night sweats to report no headaches, no throat clearing, and no hip pain! In fact, we both love our intelliPOLLOWs so much, that we’ve been taking them on vacation with us. True story.

It’s funny, I’d planned to create this epic post sharing all of the positive benefits having an intelliBED mattress has done for us, but it really boils down to one simple thing. I don’t have to think about sleep anymore. It’s effortless. I go to bed, I wake up refreshed.

With the holidays in full swing, intelliBED and I have coordinated a special intelliBED offer for you. Sadly, this is not open to Canadians. I’m sorry, friends.

When you purchase an intelliBED mattress (queen or larger) between now and December 5, 2016 you will receive 10% off plus a FREE Blendtec blender.


Use the intelliBED coupon code HEALTHFUL at checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal.

If you choose a Gel Elite, the coupon code will get you the 10% off coupon and two intelliPILLOWS (value of $300).


I wish I’d known how toxic mattresses can be. I hope by sharing my story – how I learned that our mattress was silently affecting our health and the many reasons why we sleep on (and love) our intelliBED, that you can make a well-informed choice for you and your family.

I’m thrilled that we made the leap in replacing our mattress and hope that, if it’s part of your health journey, the promotion we’ve put together for you helps support you in making the same leap, too.


Use the intelliBED coupon code HEALTHFUL at checkout for 10% off your mattress + FREE Blendtec blender. Offer expires December 5, 2016.

If you choose a Gel Elite, the coupon code will get you the 10% off coupon and two intelliPILLOWS (value of $300). Eligible for residents of the US, only.

Choose your intelliBED mattress and use HEALTHFUL at checkout.

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