The Truth Behind Exogenous Ketones

By July 16, 2019

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

What I think about exogenous ketones, how I use them, whether you should or shouldn’t, the best time to take them, and more.

It’s been 2 years since I started supplementing with exogenous ketones. I’m not one of those ketone-pushers. I’ve had the same bottle of exogenous ketones since last year. Like, seriously. I rarely use the stuff. But when I do use it, I’m so thankful it exists!

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Exogenous ketones…. rapid-fire Q&A:

  • Best time to take them? Any time you’re feeling flat and in need of a boost!
  • Should you take as a pre-workout? If yes, when? Mix in with your pre-workout, enjoy 10 to 20 minutes before your warm up.
  • If you ingest them, does your body stop burning fat? No. I talk about that here, here, and here.
  • If I’m having a more anxious day than normal, supplementing will help? I do it all the time and helps immensely!

Why I Supplement With Exogenous Ketones

If you’ve been eating keto for a couple of weeks, you’ve probably had a day where the clouds of parted, angels have sung, and you’ve vowed to yourself to never ever go back to eating carbs.


Aaaand you’ve probably had a day where you feel the exact opposite of that – bloated, fatigue, stumbling over your words in meetings, hungry for every.darn.thing that isn’t nailed down, headache, body aches…

These are the days that I supplement with exogenous ketones, so I can get back to the wonderful feeling of being in deep ketones, being a boss lady of my life.

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

When I wake up with a fuzzy brain and a lot to do, when I can’t concentrate, am overly hungry, when I want to feel the ketone HIGH but my body has other plans for me.

Basically, exogenous ketones are for anyone who’s:

  • struggling with “keto flu” symptoms
  • in need of an energy boost, any time of day
  • in need of a burst of mental clarity
  • tired of feeling hungry
  • wanting to lower their blood sugar quickly
  • transform a so-so keto day to an ON FIRE keto day

BUT! If your keto diet is making you feel awesome, you don’t need exogenous ketones. Why fix something that’s not broken, right?

The Best Way To Supplement with Exogenous Ketones

I used to add a scoop of exogenous ketones to water, shake, hold my breath and CHUG!

It’s true – ketone supplements can taste awfully bitter and disgusting. To offset this, brands reduce the ketone amount, increase the caffeine amount, and load up the mix with garbage sweeteners.

Perfect Keto has never done this, which is why their mix was a bit bitter for some.

Buuuuuuut, they just came out with a new formula that makes chugging a thing of the past!

In fact, they taste so good that all you need is water and ice to mix it in. I’ll be staying hydrated and energized this summer thanks to this powerhouse.

Same amount of BHB, wayyyy less bitter. In fact I taste no bitterness at all.

No sugar, no caffeine to mimic the effects of ketones.

>>>>>>>Use the code HPKETONES15 for 15% off exogenous ketones.<<<<<<<

I gotta tell you, cause it wouldn’t be fair to leave this part out: if you don’t like overly sweet things, you won’t like this mixture. While it doesn’t have a strong stevia taste, it is overly sweet-tasting. I’ve been adding fresh lemon juice to the peach flavor and that dulls it down significantly. But, worth mentioning for those of you who just hate sweet things!

My Favorite Exogenous Ketone…

… goes to Perfect Keto.

And again, if you’re thinking about giving exogenous ketones a try, I highly recommend Perfect Keto. I’ve been personally using their products over the last 2 years and can vouch for their commitment to quality, fair prices, and honest marketing strategies.

>>>>>>>Use the code HPKETONES15 for 15% off exogenous ketones.<<<<<<<

More Questions On Exogenous Ketones?

I hope that me explaining things like this has helped you understand exogenous ketones a little more now! If you have questions about exogenous ketone supplementation, and want to learn even more about this powerful supplement:

If you decide to give ketones a try, lemme know what you think! Always excited to hear your experiences, how you use products, and what your thoughts are… share them with me on instagram – @healthfulpursuit

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