Keto Q&A: When to Start Intermittent Fasting, Anxiety on Keto, and Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss

When to Start Intermittent Fasting, Anxiety, and Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss. #keto #lowcarb #fatfueled #theketodiet

Watch past keto question and answer sessions.

This week we’re covering when to start intermittent fasting once you’ve started eating keto, keto leading to anxiety, calorie deficit not causing weight loss, the best workout time, activated charcoal, and more.


Find an answer to your keto, low-carb, high-fat questions in past keto question and answer sessions.

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  1. Hi, Leanne!

    I’m really enjoying the podcasts!! I tried Keto last year and was miserable. I’m doing it again, it’s been 3 full weeks and find it less miserable now that I follow a vegetarian keto. I can’t seem to find anything about appropriate macros for “beginners.” Can you pony me to the best option from your book selection and/or podcast? I know the goal
    Is to be healthy and I can’t wait to care less about every single gel morsel of food that goes on my mouth but want to at least, have an approximate goal until I’ve mastered the eating style.

    • Hi, Deana! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast! If you’re doing vegetarian keto, I would recommend Fat Fueled or The Keto Diet— both will help you figure out your macros and they’re both more vegetarian-friendly than The Keto Beginning. I can’t wait for you to get to that point, too! <3

  2. Hi L!
    I’m very excited to begin my keto journey! I’ve been soaking it all in and learning as much as I can by reading all your books, listening to podcasts, etc. My question for you is this: I have been IF 16 / 8 for over a year and do extremely well with it. I am planning to start your Classic Keto plan. Can I continue to do my IF? My goals are to reap the health benefits of nutritional ketosis, lose weight and become more energetic and focused.
    Thank you for all the work you have done…it is making this transition so much easier!

    • I’m excited for you! Totally, If IF feels good in your body, keep it up. Good luck on your keto journey! <3

  3. Hi Leanne,

    I have been eating keto for 3 weeks should i be taking vitamins or other supplements?? I have hypothyroid and i have been feeling great just every once in a while i feel like i am lacking energy.

    i appreciate your time,

    Natty B.

  4. Why exactly does eating keto cause anxiety?

    I started 21 days ago, and it’s going great except that I started having anxiety about a week ago and it’s continually getting worse. I have had problems with anxiety/depression in the past but there is literally no other reason for me to have it now, except for the new diet. I even had two panic attacks in the last week and I haven’t had one in 21 years. I’m not currently on any medication for this and never have been.

    The last two days I tried carb-ups with vegetables, but my anxiety is only getting worse. I’m not eating grains at all. I’ve been completely clean since I started eating this way. I like the results I’m seeing in my body but if this continues I don’t know if I can stick to this way of eating.

  5. I have been lchf for 7 months. I have not done keto because i struggle to understand how to figure out what 20g of protein looks like uf i want to eat 3 meals a day. A typical say for me is a BPC and following IF 18 hr window, eating after 3 pm. I have been doing IF for a few months and it works fir me. If im hungry in the morning i will have eat. I have lost approx 17lbs vut feel like ive stabilised. I started the IF when inital weightloss slowed down. I niw feel like i havent lost mych more since then or its not noticeable. I tend to test if clothes have loosened and not the scale. What can i do to trigger a spurt? I have stopped exercising to. Would this give a burst of energy to burn more body fat? Keeping in mind i am not a high income earner so cant afford expensive foods but try to keep it simple. Sorry for the long message. But hope this can hrlp someone else.

  6. I noticed that only on some of your keto Q&A’s you have the transcript of the video. Is there a reason why you don’t do it for all videos? I love what you have to say, but usually look at your stuff when I’m at work and can’t watch videos.

    • Hey, Natalie! Thanks for watching :) I don’t include transcripts for my Q&A videos because they are too long. I hope to be able to add them in the future, though!