You CAN Exercise on Keto: Strength, Performance, and Training Hard

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Keto podcast, joined by guest Michelle Burleson chatting about how to optimize aerobic and anaerobic training with a keto diet. Including, keto exercise strategies, pre and post workout fuel, and increasing muscle and performance.

  • Keto exercise fundamentals
  • Weight training on keto
  • Keto pre and post workout fuel


The podcast has changed to The Keto Diet Podcast. Subscribe and listen on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.


  • Announcements (05:59)
  • Keto exercise fundamentals (23:31)
  • Weight training on keto (35:53)
  • Keto pre and post workout fuel (42:25)

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How to Start Keto


  1. So excited to start this journey. Thank you so much for sharing such quality material. I am 58 and have struggled my whole life to find a way to live with sanity and healthy and yet enjoying food. I am now menopausal and awaiting hip replacement surgery, so have had some challenges. Recently, began bioidentical hip pellets and that has helped, now to learn to eat Keto and FINALLY lose the 100 plus pounds I need to. Thank you. Okay, I have always been interested in getting a degree in HOLISTIC nutrition but wary of some of the programs I have seen out there, very expensive and is it worth the cost etc. ONE SUGGESTION, love the praise section but some posts are so long it is hard to read them in one glance, you might consider extending the time cycle on these to allow reading the longer ones easier, just a thought…Thank you.

    • That’s so awesome Carla! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your suggestion!

  2. This sounds so great ! I can’t wait to get started. I do jazzercise in the am. Do I have my rocket fuel latte before or after my workout?

    • I’d give it a try before and see how that goes, then change it up if necessary!

  3. Dear Leanne!

    Thanks for the awesome podcast.

    I started watching ur youtube videos and reading ur blog and read the book by Skye “No fail fat burning for women”.

    I have a question about getting into Keto and amount of vegetables to be able to eat. In the book she does not talk about quantity at all. Should I limit? With broccoli, kale, spinach etc I will some days exceed 30 grams of carbs, do they count to the carb intake if allowed in the diet?

    Thank you for help!


    • Thank you for your support! Personally, I don’t limit those veggies since they are so low-carb and SO nutritious. I hope this helps!

  4. HI,
    I’m not sure where to leave this question…..
    I just purchased TKB & FF. I see that meal plans are about 1700 calories. I’m 5’4, 115 lbs, about 25-30% body fat. I would like to lose body fat using TKB 30 day meal plan. Do you think that I can lose some weight at 1700 calories or might I need to reduce the menu to lower the calories? Thanks.

    • A great place to start would be to use the formula in The Keto Beginning to calculate how many calories would likely be best for you, then adjust the meal plan from there. Your question would also be great for the private Facebook group! Have you joined yet? If not, email my team to find out how to join: