Working Out on Keto: 7 Exercise Programs I’m in Love With

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Exercise is important, but it doesn’t have to be boring or frustrating! These exercise programs are for those wanting to up their healthy lifestyle by not only eating well, but staying active.

Nothing feels quite as good as moving your body in some way, shape, or form. .. BUT moving your body doesn’t automatically translate into gym torture… workouts do not have to be long and grueling sessions of pain and misery. They can be fun, quick, and enjoyable while yielding fabulous results for your state of mind, body, and sense of connection to your body.

Working out takes… well, work. Work can be fun and rewarding, though. That is what we’re going for here, and these exercise programs and resources are designed for just that. Start with what works for you, then adapt them to suit your needs. If you’re like me, you’ll find that you like a whole bunch of different things, and it’s okay to do something different every day. The aim here is to move, and enjoy moving, wherever that takes you.


    • How to work out while eating keto for women
    • Workouts by Coconuts and Kettlebells (plus a free eBook!)
    • How to make nutrition and exercise work for women
    • Fat Fueled Audiobook
    • The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance
    • Bikini Belly Workout Program
    • Keto workout recovery


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While keto is not just for women or men, it might be hard to find good keto workout programs for women. The reason this is a problem is that women burn fat and build muscle very differently from men, thus causing problems when trying to find a good exercise program. If you can relate, this keto video is definitely for you!


  • How to change to keto without failure
  • The most successful way to transition to keto without getting overwhelmed


Strong from home workout program #workout

Many people spend an enormous amount of time chasing after programs they think they “should” be doing, instead of building a plan according to their body’s needs. This pursuit—combined with the many commitments and curveballs life brings—is a recipe for continually falling “off” the wagon due to frustration, burnout, and lack of time.

To help you build a plan that fits your needs, there’s a totally FREE 3-part e-course you can watch now that addresses Why Most People Struggle To Achieve Their Fitness Goals. In the course, you’ll learn the three common mistakes that hold people back from achieving their goals, the formula for building a fitness plan that’s accessible and right for you, and how to maintain consistency long-term (hint: you don’t need “more” willpower).


Fat burning for women

How do you make nutrition and exercise work together to help women get in shape? Skye St. John has a unique program called No Fail Fat Burning For Women that targets women specifically that most other programs do not. If you would like to work on balancing hormones, maintaining lean muscle, and getting more energy, you will thank yourself for trying this program along with maintaining a keto lifestyle.


  • Drop 15% body fat and gain tight, toned muscles by working out only an hour a month.
  • Increased quality of my sleep.
  • Overcome obstacles like PCOS and endometriosis
  • And more!


Well, what do you listen to while you’re working out? Music? Podcasts? How about my awesome Fat Fueled audiobook that will help you learn all the ins and outs of living a keto lifestyle to the fullest! It’s full of useful information that you can adapt to where you are with your body. Become a fat-burning machine while you work, drive, run errands, or exercise! It’s all on audio, so no need to stop what you’re doing. Let’s go keto!


  • Restrictions vs Choice
  • Choosing a Fat Fueled Profile
  • Addressing Low-Carb Myths
  • Macros & Ratios
  • 30-Day Meal Plan
  • And so much more!


Art and science of low-carbAnd all the keto-adapted athletes rejoiced! This book really hones in on the benefits for being athletic and keto-adapted including enhanced performance for training, recovery, and resistance. Many people have asked me about working out while on keto. Many of your workout questions can be answered through the book, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performace many of the common questions. Continue to rock 2017 like a boss and maximize your workouts with this amazing resource!


  • In-depth explanations of science for o keto-adapted workout performance
  • Benefits of low-carbohydrate living for athletes
  • How to maximize the benefits from the ketogenic lifestyle as an athlete


Bikini BellyWhile I’m all down for jumping into a two-piece and calling that my hot bikini body no matter the “status of my stomach” I appreciate programs that target the core and strengthen this body of muscles. My BikiniBelly Program is perfect for women that want to achieve their body and strength goals in conjunction with a keto eating lifestyle. Achieving that flat and firm belly is difficult for anyone, but with this program you will see results within 60 days. Now go rock that bikini belly!


  • Get more energy
  • Feel and look younger
  • 60-day guarantee


In this podcast, we talk all about keto workout recovery along with other topics that women will find useful. This is tailored more specifically to women, especially since it’s coming from my own personal workout experiences with a ketogenic lifestyle.


  • Fat Fueled Profiles
  • Workout Styles
  • Carbing Up

I’m hoping that these resources prove to be useful in helping you reach your keto fitness goals for 2017 and beyond!

Have you had any success with any workout programs while on keto in the past? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear all about what worked and didn’t work for you.

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  1. This is the clarification I needed on the protocol in Fat Fueled!!! hurrah!!! Thanks Leanne. Also as an aside, does craving fat mean that I’m likely fat adapted. I don’t measure ketones because numbers are triggering but thought you might know this one.

  2. Hi Leanne,
    I go to the gym 2-3 times/week and stay for 2 or 3 classes. The first class is a cardio, consisting of 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weights/stretching; the second class is 1 hour of muscle conditioning or yoga or fusion (yoga/pilates focusing on core); the third 1 hour fusion.

    I’m really interested in trying Kettlebells! Would it be better for me to do Kettlebells at home instead of the Cardio/Muscle Conditioning classes? And continue taking Yoga or Fusion classes at the gym? I keep reading/seeing online that shorter interval training is better than Cardio classes.

    What is your work out schedule? You are such an inspiration to me Leanne. I appreciate all your hard work and honesty, (and vegan keto recipes!) I am grateful for you:)

    • Awesome – that sounds intense! It really depends on how you feel. Maybe give both ways a try and see how it goes ;)

      Right now, I’m lifting 5 days a week with about 1 day of yoga. I walk every day, as well. I usually go for 3 days of intense working out and 2-3 days of chill, more relaxed working out.

      Thanks for your support, Zada! I’m so happy my content has been helpful <3

      • Thanks for sharing your schedule Leanne! I appreciate that. Lifting is so important.

        I also run 3 times a week (3-5K each time, I’m the Instructor). I’ve decided to leave it for now, (at least until my gym membership expires).

        It seems I’m slowly gaining weight. I usually eat 1 meal. Sometimes adding a small snack, if so within a 4 hour eating window, IF. Any specific really yummy vegan/gluten free/keto recipes you can point me towards? (Other than the breakfast type of porridge/overnight oats/granola.)

        There is some stress in my life, but it’s been there for over a year. Lately it has felt more intense though and it’s basically a waiting game at this point. I’m not sure if the gain is due to stress or muscle gain from all my workouts. Any thoughts?

        Also, do you have a table of nutritional values for veggies you go by? (I’m finding a wide variance of what the net carbs would be , so I’m using a number somewhere in the middle.)

        Have a great long weekend :)

        • No problem! ;) Are you part of the private Facebook group? Your question about weight gain would be fabulous for the group. By purchasing Fat Fueled or The Keto Beginning, you’ll be given access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can receive direct support, resources, and inspiration from myself and over 4,000 members in our growing community. I don’t keep track of my carbs, so I don’t use a guide. Here are all of my vegan keto recipes: I hope this helps!

  3. How do we know if the Leptine is working good or not? Can we have a blood test for it or what are the signs?