Can’t Lose Weight on Keto?

Can’t Lose Weight on Keto? #keto #lowcarb #highfat #lchf #ketohelp

Videos, interviews, podcasts, recipes, and lots of resources to help you when you’re just not losing weight even while on keto.

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Tempted to give up on this whole low-carb high-fat lifestyle? Don’t you dare… at least not without checking out all of these helpful resources first.

In this post, I’ve included LOTS of resources that are all super helpful in explaining why you might be gaining weight or stuck in a weight-loss plateau, and how to get out of it.

We go over these key topics:

  • Understanding plateauing/stalling on keto
  • How to avoid gaining weight while on keto
  • Why carbing up can help on a low-carb lifestyle
  • Why counting calories is not the answer
  • What you are doing to gain weight (not food-related!)

This extensive collection of resources is awesome if you are frustrated with weight gain while on keto, you are just stuck in a “no-man’s land” even though you’re doing everything you can think of to lose weight, overwhelmed with counting all your calories every day, or simply interested in starting out on keto. Wherever you are, there is definitely something in these resources that can benefit you.

So go ahead and check them out! If you find something that helps you, please let me know in the comments!


If you’re frustrated with your weight gain or simply lack of weight loss, then this is a great podcast to listen to. This podcast answers your questions about busting through a plateau while eating keto, the reason behind tummy weight gain, and using low-carb eating for blood sugar management.

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  • Plateauing on low-carb
  • Hormones and tummy weight gain
  • Eating keto with type 1 diabetes



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What if I told you that the plateau you’re experiencing – the inability to lose weight, the ongoing struggle of doing everything in your power to lose weight, resulting in nothing, has nothing to do with calories? A must-watch if you’re frustrated with feeling like you can’t lose weight, lower calories, restrict even more, and the scale doesn’t budge.


  • Why reducing calories does not help break through a weight plateau
  • How food allergies & inflammation contribute to trouble losing weight
  • Steps to overcoming weight plateau



Fat Fueled is a one-of-a-kind support system that shows you exactly how to achieve hormone regulation, balanced moods, increased energy… while eating fats and following a keto diet!

Bursting with actions to take charge of your health, Fat Fueled is a sane way of approaching a high-fat lifestyle that is far from the obsessive numbers game associated with the D word, (diet – ew).

With the Fat Fueled Program, I show you how to…

  • Slide into fat-burning mode, without needing to go strict low-carb.
  • Bust through plateaus to create a life you love.
  • Boost your body’s ability to heal, naturally.
  • Liberate your keto life from restriction and macronutrient manipulation.

20 chapters, 137 actionable guides, 300 pages, mindful meal plan, and over 60 keto, high-fat recipes that are free from wheat, dairy, grains, gluten, legumes, sugar, and low in eggs, nuts and FODMAPs to uncover your best self by fueling, and healing, with fat.

There is even a whole chapter all about weight gain and plateaus! It explains various reasons why you may be gaining weight on keto.

Get Fat Fueled and start living life to the fullest!


There are several possible factors that could affect your weight loss besides the food you eat. In this podcast, Amber and I discuss how hormones could be the thing keeping you from your weight loss goals, as well as a few strategies that could help you get out of the weight stalling funk.

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  • How estrogen dominance affects weight loss efforts
  • Exercising on low-carb eating style
  • The good and bad fats


This interview with Vivica from The Nourished Caveman is full of helpful information that will show you the true reasons behind weight loss stalls on a ketogenic diet and how to break out of those plateaus!


  • Broken metabolism
  • Counting calories… is it worth it?
  • World domination through keto!
  • Stress and obsessively tracking
  • The importance of carb ups


This is a keto podcast answering your questions about un-welcomed weight gain on keto, overcoming the control of calorie counting, and keeping a regular cycle after amenorrhea. If you’ve been frustrated by any of these situations, then sit back and listen to us chat about our own experiences and thoughts about these topics.

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  • Fear of amenorrhea coming back
  • Actions for when calorie (and macro) counting takes over your life
  • What to do when you’re gaining weight on keto


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An epic keto Q&A with Nutrition Educator Leanne Vogel and guest, answering your questions about hormones, weight loss and how it relates to high-fat, keto living.

There’s so much more to achieving blissful health than sticking to a meal plan and sweating it out at the gym 5 days a week. If our hormones are out of whack, much of our effort goes out the window. (Hint: if you live on the planet Earth, it’s likely that your hormones could use some TLC).


  • The 1 thing you’re doing that’s harming your ability to lose weight
  • Why your food allergies are leading to weight gain
  • How eating keto can help regulate your menstrual cycle
  • How to shut down sugar cravings in 30 seconds
  • Why steady state cardio isn’t helping you lose weight
  • The truth behind your “normal” blood work results


Click here for the transcript of this keto video

Wondering why you can’t stop gaining weight? Maybe the pounds keep coming on, and no matter how much you restrict your calories, you just can’t get the scale to work in your favor?

Surprisingly, the answer is not in restricting food, or changing your diet. If there’s anything you take away from this video, it’s that keto isn’t the problem. And, my experience proves that so solidly!


  • Why keto isn’t making you fat
  • The chronic condition that leads to weight gain
  • How your ketone numbers are affected by your state of mind
  • Steps to overcoming weight gain frustration

Find answers to your high-fat, low-carb, and keto questions in past keto question and answer sessions

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Which video, podcast, or resource was the most helpful or interesting? What was the most surprising thing you learned? Let me know below in the comments!

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  1. Hey! ive been doing keto for around 5 years now, it was always great fr me and i maintained very very low weight (45 Kilos for 167 cm) as im a model, it was crucial for me to keep my weight low and stay healthy and for all the years on keto i never once ate something outside of keto. in the last year i started gaining weight… and till now god knows why! once i noticed it i even restricted my carbs\fat more, at some points even started counting calories.. i went down to as low as 200 cal a day. i still gained! nothing helps. I keep gaining, i went to an endocrinologist and he couldn’t find anything but some elevated liver enzymes. I’ve listened to all the podcasts, and i dont know, maybe im missing something?? would love for an opinion, is this expected after years on keto??

    • Hey! It sounds like you’re not eating enough. Perhaps try increasing your calories! A carb-up practice may be helpful as well.

      • Thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it a lot.
        Its a very scary line to cross, eating more to lose weight, part of me always think some point my body will just break- and start loosing again. im also very worried of hormonal changes- since im gaining mostly on my thighs- and that was never a problematic area for me.
        do you think i should give the iodine a try? so many years on keto I’ve never taken any supplements… perhaps it could help?
        I’m thankful for the advice, im struggling to keep my depression under control with this situation, and most people ive turned for help dont seem to understand in keto\or the frustration..

        Thank you

  2. what was that herb you said was good for PMS and menopause? something tree? or something like that?

      • thanks sister… and do you know of a good thyroid MULTI vitamin? i’m spending tooooo much on a bunch of individual vitamins

  3. i was ready to kill someone for some carbs when i was 3 weeks in… i guess i wasn’t fat adapted and i just honestly couldn’t STAND the thought of fat or protein, so i put on some white rice and had two helpings and felt like soooo great the next day, and went easily back to eating protein and fat, and i lost 2 lbs in the 2 days after the white rice….

    i don’t know what happened, i’m not really losing weight, 5 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks… i don’t know if i should have pushed thru the starving for carbs, and then i would have woken up fat adapted the next day or what… i’m still feeling fine, and i’m disabled and don’t exercise, so i think i reinstated my glycogen stores with no chance of burning them off? what do you think?

    i don’t sleep at night, cortisol is probably through the roof, and my thyroid is borked. and i don’t have a gallbladder…

    i just don’t know if i was like that coz it was hormonely in need of carbs, and it actually WAS time for a carb up… anyway, i’m babbling, but having trouble getting you to let me into your facebook group.

    • Hey Elaine! Why do you think you weren’t fat adapted before the carb up? If your cortisol is out of whack and you have adrenal dysfunction you may actually benefit from more frequent carb ups and not necessarily being fat adapted. The daily fat burner profile in my program Fat Fueled can be a great option for this. Have you seen my video on how to thrive on keto without a gallbladder? Check it out here:

      • ok Leanne, i will buy fat fueled on payday… but i’m not fat adapted, how on earth will i lose weight? i ate a banana today coz i was craving after a mishap last night, soooo i hope you are right about being fat adapted, but i definitely doooo want the no hunger thing, i’ve been STARVING for 15 years!! and yes i’ve seen your gallbladder video, i think i will watch it again!

  4. HI,
    I’m considering buying The Keto beginning . I’m not obsessed with calorie counting or macros, but still paying some attention to it right now.

    Do you know roughly the daily calorie estimate in the 30 day meal plan in The Keto beginning .


    • Hey, Jenna! It’s approx. 1600-1900 calories each day. I hope this helps!

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