Keto Q&A: Hypothyroid, Hair Falling Out, and Missing Period

Hypothyroid, Hair Falling Out, and Missing Period. #keto #lowcarb #fatfueled #theketodiet

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This week we’re covering hypothyroid on keto, wheat belly, listening to your body, hair falling out on keto, amenorrhea, cortisol on keto, falling off the keto wagon, and more.


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  1. Hello. I have hypothyroidism and was doing keto felt energize but my hair was still falling out if not more. I take med for my thyroid. I’ve read that fats like butter it’s bad for thyroid. So I freaked out and stop keto. Salt don’t really know like how much to consume about how much . is it less than a teaspoon or more. Please some info will be nice I was solo happy doing keto

    • Hi Maria! If I’m trying to get my electrolytes up, I try to get at least a teaspoon of salt! Hope that helps!

      • Would that help with the extra hair I’m looking while doing keto? Cuz as it is i still loose hair because of my hypothyroidism

  2. I have hypothyroidism (hashimotos), but have the exact opposite problem to loosing my period – in fact, I have it every day. Yep, constantly. Between my normal period times the bleeding fluctuates from spotting to small bleeds, and then picks up to a heavy – very heavy flow during my period time.
    Strangely my iron levels are totally fine. But as you can imagine, bleeding constantly is a pain in the bum – and really hinders intimacy, and general wellbeing.

    Any tips?! I’ve just started keto a few weeks ago.

  3. Hello Leanne, I am enjoying being on this keto program. I’m loosing my hair, taking biotin, salmon oil, vitamin e, D, and magnesium onside, so my hair is still leaving me. I’m going to get my blood work done again, I exercise on a regular basis, I have lost 30 pounds and I have 25 more to go. I cannot eat dairy it boats me, does unspeakable things to my tummy, so I’ll quit that. I love my coffee fat bomb in the morning. Questing I have no gallbadder, I eat pickers, and sourcrout. Any other sujestions for me please? Thank you Janet