Video: Why You Aren’t Losing Weight on Keto

Why you aren’t losing weight on keto #keto #lowcarb #highfat

The reason why you’re gaining weight or plateauing on keto (it has nothing to do with what you’re eating).

Wondering why you can’t stop gaining weight? Maybe the pounds keep coming on, and no matter how much you restrict your calories, you just can’t get the scale to work in your favor?

In today’s video, I’m sharing why I’ve gained weight recently due to a chronic condition that plagues many women. And, how this condition affects a ketogenic diet.

Surprisingly, the answer is not in restricting food, or changing your diet. If there’s anything you take away from this video, it’s that keto isn’t the problem. And, my experience proves that so solidly!

A must-watch if you’re struggling with weight gain on keto, plateauing on keto, or are frustrated with your weight altogether.

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  • Why keto isn’t making you fat
  • The chronic condition that leads to weight gain
  • How your ketone numbers are affected by your state of mind
  • Steps to overcoming weight gain frustration


What weight experiences have you had recently? Did today’s video help you make sense of what could be contributing to your frustrating weight gain?

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  1. I have been eating / following your book Keto Diet for four weeks now . In the first two weeks i lost 9 pounds!!! However, the the following week I gained 4 pounds and since have not been able to get it off. I have contemplated doing the carb up to see if that would help, this may sound silly I’m afraid to do it. When I was vegan it was a very carb dense diet and I ballooned up I just don’t want to go there again.

    • Hey Angie! If you eat some good-quality carbohydrates as your last meal of the day, you should be back into ketosis by morning! For some extra tips, check out this video talking about how to do your first carb-up

  2. I’ve been doing Keto since October 10. I bought your book which I love. I realize it has only been shy of 4 weeks, but i have not lost an ounce. I am very strict keeping carbs 20 g or under. Absolutely no sugar, carbs, alcohol, etc. I eat plenty of calories. Rocket fuel coffee most days. Not craving any carbs or sugar at all which is great. I have been exercising but probably could step that up a bit. As a side note, I am a 52 year old, 4 year breast cancer survivor. Going through that sent me into menopause early and weight gain. I am on Letrazole daily for my estrogen positive cancer. Could this be the problem losing weight? Any advise please. Help!!!!

    • I’m so glad you’re loving the book! Medications can definitely affect weight loss. If you think that’s the culprit, I would chat with your doctor to see if there are alternatives or things you can do to help! Keep in mind, if you have any healing to do, it may take longer than 4 weeks to see weight loss. Hang in there and trust the process ;)

  3. Hello, As you suggested I visited this page to get some ideas as to why I am stuck at 133. I lost 13 pounds fast, then got stuck at 133 for almost 4 weeks. I then…finally….dropped to 132, and enjoyed that for a couple of days. The day before yesterday I jumped back to 133.0 and woke this am at 135.0. Talk about disappointing. This is the least stressful time in my whole life. I currently am able to live a life of leisure, and stress is something that does not touche my life; for the moment, anyway. I ditched all the forums as it became noise, and purchased your Keto Diet book. I like your perspective; your view point as a women and the things you have learned on your journey. Your view point is both personal and realistic. Thank you for that. Based on the calculation in your book for macros I decided to increase what i was currently doing, and i am working towards at least one carb-up a week, but can’t do that until I have become fat adapted. Yours is the only cookbook I have ever actually read cover to cover. I am working at implementing what I have learned. After being on keto for several months I realize this, you cannot MAKE keto do anything, you can’t make keto cheat. Just because you eat fewer calories, or cut your carbs, or lower your macros and workout for hours, keto will not adjust its course for your ill attempts. I think you have to figure out how keto works with your own body. Keto is telling you that it is a way of life, not a crash diet. We as Americans are not used to listening to your own bodies. That is something that is learned, and keto helps you learn your body (my personal thoughts).

  4. My wife has been doing strict keto for 2 months and hasn’t lost an ounce. Measurements have not changed either. She’s under 20 carbs a day, and eats less than 1100 calories a day. What gives?

  5. I have been eating Keto since Feb 1, so just over 5 months. The first 2 months I lost 17 lbs with super dark Keto stix. Then in April, I went off metformin and have not been able to get back into ketosis. I’ve lost 3 more ponds at the begging of June, but am now gaining some weight back. Thoughts?
    Side note – I’m not diabetic, my insulin was a little high 13 years ago, so they put me on it as a preventative. My blood sugar levels were starting to go too low on Keto, which is why I stopped it. Now, they are normal. But I can’t get a blood or urine stick to show Keto at all now.

  6. Hi Leanne,
    I started on a Keto, anti inflammatory diet along with IF about a month ago, and had great results. Now, however, most of the weight has come back. I started my crossfit-like workouts up again and those are at 530 am, trying to eat between a noon and 8 pm window. I’m eating about 2,000 cals which is probably over what I should be, but my emotional eating and need for something sweet in the evening is overwhelming and derailing me. I’m eating even when I’m full. I’m wondering what you would recommend? The workouts are mostly non negotiable, they keep my sanity but I just can’t stop eating in the evening!! Thanks so much for all you do, I’m learning invaluable amounts from you <3

  7. Can dairy work with this lifestyle? Even though it does not take up a large portion of my diet, I love cheese, mayo, salad dressings, etc., and my body loves it too (I think…!)