Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles (grain-free, paleo, sugar-free, low-carb, keto + vegan)

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #veganGrain-free, keto crispy waffles made entirely of ground flaxseed. No flour, no grains, no sugar, just flax, and it’s completely keto! Infused with fresh herbs or ground cinnamon – dress it up sweet or savory.

When I travel and have access to a kitchen, I bring a couple of bags of pre-made Keto Grain-Free Flaxseed Focaccia mix with me. All of the dry ingredients that the keto recipe calls for in little ziploc bags. When I get to my destination and want to make a batch, I add water, oil and eggs and away I go!

The other day, my sister and I came across one of the bags in the pantry while we were making keto waffles and we thought maybe, just maybe the mixture would make the perfect savory keto waffle. We added water, oil and eggs, a bunch of chopped fresh herbs and scooped it onto our favorite waffle maker.

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Low and behold, the waffle maker beeped, we opened the top and feasted our eyes on the keto beauty. It was like nothing we’d ever experienced. Crisp and golden, perfectly cooked all the way through. No gumminess. It was keto waffle perfection.

Seriously, Keto Grain-Free Flaxseed Focaccia never disappoints. Keto breads, keto muffins, now keto waffles? It’s a keto dream come true.

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Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

So here you have it – my keto Flaxseed Focaccia recipe tweaked just slightly to make the perfect keto waffle. You can do anything with these keto waffles…

Make it egg-free/vegan. Check the notes section of the keto recipe on how to make these grain-free, keto waffles egg-free and vegan.

Make it savory. Add fresh herbs into the keto batter. When complete, top with roasted veggies, shredded chicken, sliced brisket, avocado, mayo, mustard, or sauteed onions. Think: keto waffle sandwich.

Make it sweet. Fold in ground cinnamon to the keto batter. When complete, top with your favorite low-carb fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. Add a dollop of keto coconut cream.

… you could even make a batch of these grain-free, keto waffles with ground cinnamon and top with my Keto Fat Bomb Ice Cream (dairy-free + sugar-free).

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

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Keto Crispy Flaxseed Waffles
Recipe type: Vegan (option), Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, Nut-free, Egg-free (option)
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Grain-free, keto crispy waffles made entirely of ground flaxseed. Infused with fresh herbs or ground cinnamon. Dress it up sweet or savory. Gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, vegan + keto.
  1. Place your waffle maker on the counter and heat on medium, or your desired setting for crisp waffles.
  2. Combine flax seed with baking powder and sea salt in a large bowl. Whisk to combine fully and set aside.
  3. Add eggs, water and oil to the jug of your high-powered blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds, until foamy.
  4. Transfer liquid mixture to the bowl with the flaxseed mixture.
  5. Stir with a spatula, just until incorporated. The mixture will be very fluffy. Once incorporated, allow to sit for 3 minutes.
  6. Add in your fresh herbs or stir in the ground cinnamon.
  7. Divide mixture into 4 servings. Scoop each; one at a time, onto the preheated waffle maker and close the top. Cook until it beeps and repeat with remaining batter.
  8. Eat immediately or freeze in an air-tight container for a couple of weeks. Can be frozen and then toasted for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Fresh herbs: I like to use a combination of rosemary, parsley and thyme.

Make it vegan or egg-free: replace eggs with 5 tablespoons finely ground flaxseed with 15 tablespoons of warm water. Let it sit for 5 minutes until it’s gooey. Alternatively, you can use 10 teaspoons of finely ground chia seed and 15 tablespoons warm water.

Waffle maker: I have this Breville Smart Waffle Maker but in Canada, it’s a circle. It’s the same product, just different shape in the US. This waffle maker has a moat around it that catches all of the batter that oozes over the side of the standard waffle makers making cleanup a breeze! And it locks in while you cook for even waffles through and through.

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Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Add all of the dry ingredients to a bowl and give it a little stir. Set aside.

Add the wet ingredients to your blender (it must be a blender or this keto recipe will not work). Once it’s foamy, add it to the bowl of dry ingredients. Stir and let sit for a little while to firm up. Have faith.

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

You can see, it gets thicker and thicker. This is just a couple of minutes in.

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Add in your fresh herbs, if you’re doing it. Or stir in some ground cinnamon. Better yet, you could separate the dough and do a different flavor for each keto waffle!

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Drop the batter onto your preheated waffle maker. Close the lid, lock it up, and let it cook. My favorite setting is “5” – it makes the keto waffles nice and crisp and perfect!

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Once your waffle maker beeps, lift the lid and use a fork to remove the keto waffle from the waffle maker. Place on a cooling rack and repeat with remaining keto batter.

Flourless Crispy Flaxseed Waffles #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #sugarfree #keto #lowcarb #vegan

Sit back and relax. Maybe freeze a couple keto waffles for next weekend… although ours never make it to the freezer…

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  1. What a wonderful recipe! I have made them twice now (savory & sweet) and we all loved them…I put fresh blueberries on top for my two little ones and they asked for more…:) Thanks so very much for sharing your recipe. Due to some health challenges I follow a low carb, gluten and dairy free diet so this Keto flax crisps are my way to go waffles

  2. Please disregard my previous question about pancake batter. I didn’t realize you had already answered it in a previous reader’s question.

  3. Leanne,
    Do you think the batter would also make good pancakes? I don’t have a waffle maker. I realize I could experiment myself, but if you already know whether or not it will work, that’s even better.

  4. Wow! These came out with a perfect texture. I just didn’t like the strong flax seed taste so I ate them with lots of toppings. I really appreciate that you have egg substitutes written write on the same page. I’m going to try this recipe with chia seeds instead of eggs and see how it goes.

  5. Just made these for the first time. I added 1/4 c frozen berries to the blender mixture and I added the cinnamon. They were so good and filling! I used the Bob Mills Flax Meal, I think that is more corse like the brand that you use.

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