Body Hate, Thyroid Tongue, and Finding Balance on Keto

Body Hate, Thyroid Tongue, and Finding Balance on Keto #nosguarcoatingpodcast #keto #healthfulpursuit

Keto podcast, answering your questions on body hate and getting over feeling envious toward others, what your tongue says about your health, and finding a happy medium in keto for health.

  • Body hate and envying others
  • Thyroid tongue
  • Finding a happy medium on keto


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  • Announcements (05:02)
  • Body hate and envying others (10:29)
  • Thyroid tongue (22:12)
  • Finding a happy medium on keto (39:42)


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  1. Wow ladies! Thanks, all the questions answered today pertained to me, even though only one was mine. I wrote the tyroid tongue question a few months ago, the scale is still not moving but I’m working with my doctor to figure things out. I have realized after years of feeling like I was a failure because I wasn’t working hard enough or that I didn’t have enough wheel power that, that’s not it at all, my gut is so unbalanced that the bad bacteria is causing all of the symptoms I have, inflammation, moodiness, fatigue, brain fog, failure to lose weight to name a few and it may take a year to heal my gut. I am slowly losing some of the symptoms and realize when and why I’m having them because you have taught me about listening to my body. Still need to work on self care but that’s improving as well. This has become a “health journey” no longer a “weight-loss journey”. I love Sundays because it feels like a “big Leann and Amber hug day!” Just your voices and laughter lift me up each week. Never stop what your doing.

    • I LOVE that this has become a health journey for you, rather than weight-loss journey. That’s fantastic! Congrats, Theresa :) Wishing you the best as you continue to heal!

  2. The spa noises in the background were so incredibly annoying and distracting that I could not finish listening to the podcast.

    • Sorry, Debbie! We were trying something new but we don’t plan on doing it again.