10 (scientifically proven) Reasons Why I’m Not Scared of Eating Fat + Keto Vanilla Creme Pudding Parfaits recipe

By November 3, 2018

Vanilla Creme Pudding

Fat makes up the outside layer of every cell in your body. Our hormones need it, our muscles need it and (a lack of it) can lead to endless raging cravings for sugar at every turn. How (and why) I am no longer scared of eating fat and choose to follow a keto eating style.

It’s said that there are 3 things in life that induce powerful visceral responses – religion, politics and nutrition. Each is based on personal experiences and perceptions, each individual believing in their hearts that they are right.

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It would be silly of me to assume that the Healthful Pursuit community wouldn’t change as a result of the new path that I’m on. Some of you have told me that my keto message no longer resonates with you, and that’s okay. Healthful Pursuit has always been centered around my belief that health is an endless journey, never stagnant, always changing.

I am adapting to new keto patterns because what I was doing previously, wasn’t serving me anymore. If the keto path I’m on induces those powerful visceral responses and you just can’t pick up what I’m laying down, I respect that. In the end, though, I owe it to myself; and our community, to explore what’s out there and continue to create a space that encourages all of us to figure out where our bodies are happiest and explore THAT, whatever that is.

Vanilla Creme Pudding-1953

So, okay. You’re still here. Awesome! Let’s talk about fat and keto. Because; like me, you may have or are currently afraid that too much fat will make you fat.

“Fat makes you fat”

“Fat clogs your arteries and leads to heart disease”

“Dietary cholesterol raises your cholesterol”

“Fats have no nutrients”

Au contraire, I say! Fat is GOOD… and here are 10 reasons why (with medical studies listed all over the place so you know this is legit) consuming high amounts of dietary fat within a ketogenic eating style shouldn’t scare you anymore::

  1. Increasing dietary fat consumption keeps you satiated, reducing crazy hunger pains, leading to less overeating and binging (1)
  2. Increasing dietary fat consumption reduces your blood triglyceride level, the risk factor in heart disease. Low-fat diets can cause triglycerides to go up in many cases. (2)(3) High-fat diets, on the other hand, reduce these levels. (4)
  3. Adequate good fat intake helps prevent depression (a side effect of a low-fat diet). This is caused by a deficiency of cholesterol and fat in the brain, which causes lower levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin that makes people feel good.
  4. Increasing dietary fat consumption helps to raise HDL levels (the “good” cholesterol). (5)
  5. Cholesterol, which comes with fat, is used to make hormones. Eating a greater proportion of fat, like you do in a ketogenic eating style, allows for hormonal balance of androgens such as testosterone and estrogen. Fat loss and the maintenance of a lean physique are much easier if hormones are balanced.
  6. Increasing dietary fat consumption reduces blood sugar and insulin levels. By increasing dietary fat and reducing carbohydrates, the need for insulin in your body is reduced, leading to stable, maintained blood sugar levels. Less cravings and steady energy will be experienced. (6)(7)
  7. Fats increase the size of LDL cholesterol. When LDL cholesterol is large and puffy, the particles cannot easily penetrate the arterial wall. The fluffier the LDL, the lower the risk of heart disease. (8)(9)
  8. Fats are loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A, E and K2. (10)(11)(12)
  9. Omega-3 fats help turn on genes that are involved with lipolysis or the burning of fat, while turning off the genes that store fat.
  10. Fats help you maintain your ideal weight by maintaining a healthy, balanced metabolism (13)(14)(15)

Note: when fats are increased in a ketogenic eating style, your consumption of carbohydrates will decrease to offset. Many of the points listed above are a benefit to the combination of MORE fats and LESS carbohydrates.

So, see! Now you’re equipped with 10 (proven!) reasons why you don’t have to be scared of fats or following a ketogenic eating style anymore. Still a bit skeptical? The first thing I did when I ran into all of this evidence was begin with my cravings. For a week, anytime I was craving something, I’d have a high-fat, keto snack – a glob of coconut oil, an avocado, a couple spoonfuls of sunflower butter, a handful of macadamia nuts, and within 10 minutes, the cravings were no longer.

Interested in high-fat living? Grab your copy of my newest digital program, The Keto Beginning: Complete Guide + 30-day Meal Plan. 17 chapters, 147 pages + over 70 high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein, keto, dairy-, gluten-, sugar-, grain-, legume-free recipes. It’s the rocket fuel for achieving flawless health and effortless weight loss through sound keto nutrition practices and vibrant food preparation in ways you’ve never seen before.

And… keep a batch of this keto vanilla creme pudding on hand for a quick high-fat, keto treat.

Vanilla Creme Pudding-1996
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Keto Vanilla Creme Pudding Parfaits
Recipe type: Keto, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, Egg-free
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
3-Ingredient high-fat, keto vanilla creme pudding sweetened with stevia layered with fresh berries and raw walnuts.
  1. Add coconut milk, stevia and vanilla extract to the bowl of your stand mixer. Using the whisk attachment, whip for 30 seconds until well combined. Set aside.
  2. Mix berries and walnuts in a large bowl. Set aside.
  3. Spoon vanilla creme pudding into 4 separate jars, about 3 spoonfuls each. Then, divide half of the walnut mixture between the jars. Spoon a second layer of vanilla creme pudding over top, followed by the remaining walnut mixture.
  4. Option to top with a light sprinkle of ground cinnamon. Serve!

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Vanilla Creme Pudding-1957 Vanilla Creme Pudding-2014

What is a “healthy fat”:: just about everything that contains fat except for high-processed foods like soy oil, canola oil and deli meats. Nuts, coconut oil, avocado and animal protein are all great keto fat sources!

Next time, when a craving strikes, try eating something keto and high in fat – a spoon of sunflower butter, a scoop of coconut oil, an avocado… or these parfaits… and let me know how you feel!

Have you or are you afraid or concerned with eating fats or following a ketogenic eating style?

Your stories and experiences with keto help me create topics and conversations for future blog posts so that we all continue to grow together. Sharing your words is deeply helpful for the growth and continuation of our amazing community.

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