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Of all the kitchen appliances I’ve ever used, Instant Pot is the best of the best. It does all of the things. From cooking pork chops in 20 minutes, rice in a couple of minutes, steamed vegetables in seconds, making dairy-free yogurt, warming leftovers and sauteing meals from start to finish. Most of all, you were all very pleased with how much safer it was then a slow cooker.

It basically does everything I do to food on its very own. No effort needed.

Since May of this year, I’ve been posting recipes on the blog with instructions on how to make in an Instant Pot, and many of you have shared how helpful they’ve been. So much so, that I included optional Instant Pot instructions in many of the recipes in my newest high-fat eating program, Fat Fueled.



a Instant Pot IP-DUO60

Giveaway open to: North America, the continental US and Canada (not eligible for residents of Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico)


Do any of these actions to enter:

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Giveaway is open until November 16, 2015.

Winner: Sophia from Ohio, USA

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  1. I entertain frequently, and at times, miss out on great conversation. I would use the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 to feed my family well and quickly to get back into the conversation.

  2. I would be most excited to make soups and stews in the Instant Pot. I just don’t have the patience (or the time with three little ones running around) to stand around the stove top for hours to stir my pot of soup. This seems like the slice it, dump it, push the button and walk away method of cooking, which I like much better. ;)