12 Healthy Vegan Smoothies

By November 14, 2018


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I’ve made my fair share of good (and horrible) smoothies over the years. Some I continue to make every couple of days and others I try to forget ever existed.

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I test, and test, and test again and when I’ve perfected the recipe–like, when I dream about it for days on end and can’t stop making it for myself–I know it’s ready to be shared.

If the hustle-bustle of back to school/work/reality craziness is driving you a little coo coo, or your smoothie recipe collection needs a bit of sprucing, these 12 smoothie recipes are just the thing you need.

There are green smoothies, and green tea smoothies, dairy-free yogurt, loads of spinach, a bit of kale… and pumpkin (of course!).

Red Rooster Smoothie-9302

1. Red Rooster Smoothie

A bright red smoothie made with loads of veggies and a touch of fresh fruit.

Watermelon Smoothie (23)

2. Watermelon Smoothie Cooler

A cool and refreshingly light smoothie made of thirst-quenching coconut water, strawberries and freshly cut watermelon.

Bombay Banana Smoothie (15)

3. Bombay Banana Smoothie

This smoothie reminds me of hot days on the beach in India. Serve cold. Namaste.


4. Triple Threat Green Smoothie

A green smoothie that’s under 130 calories with loads of green power! Made with brewed green tea for an extra morning jolt of healthy energy.

Can't Beet This Smoothie (68)

5. Can’t Beet This Smoothie

Fresh pressed juice in a smoothie combines the benefits of veggie juice with the fiber of real fruit for an incredibly delicious smoothie. High in magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A and C. Don’t worry, the beets add earthy sweetness with no strange aftertaste.

Popeye Banana Smoothie (17)

6. Popeye Banana Smoothie

Refreshing smoothie made with just 5 ingredients. Loaded with protein and healthy greens!


7. Cherry Almond Smoothie

A creamy vegan smoothie bursting with fresh cherries, super foods, and protein.

Pumpkin Chai Smoothie for Two (57)

8. Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

A spiced vegan smoothie that combines two classic Fall flavors – pumpkin and chai. No, it’s not too early to grab your first can of pumpkin.


9. Pearrific Green Smoothie

A smoothie made with fresh veggie juice and blended with a healthy dose of spinach and ripe pear.

Berry Immunity Smoothie (33)

10. Berry Immunity Smoothie

This smoothie will support your immune system, keeping you healthy and strong throughout cold and flu season.


11. Raspberry Green Smoothie

Crisp autumn pears sweeten this green smoothie to perfection.


12. Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

Creamy pumpkin smoothie with fresh oranges, yogurt and vanilla.

I want to hear your smoothie story. Do you enjoy smoothies? Do you use them as a meal replacement? What are your favorite ingredients? Do you do smoothie cleanses? Share in the comments!

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