The Keto Diet Book Q&A with Leanne Vogel

The Keto Diet Book Q&A with Leanne Vogel #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

A virtual book tour event celebrating The Keto Diet. Answering all of your ketogenic diet questions!

Sitting down and chatting with you all about the book, and answering your questions as it relates to my programs, the ketogenic diet, and more.

We cover what Fat Fueled Profile you should start with, grams vs. macros, total vs. net carbs, exhaustion on keto, approaching keto with ADHD, keto and pregnancy, butter vs. ghee, keto kids, breaking plateaus, and more.


Where do you hope I’ll visit on the next leg of The Keto Diet Book Tour? More details about the second leg coming SOON!


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  1. Hey Leanne….I sent you an insta message. Arw you aware that The Keto Diet book is missing pages? My copy is missing pages 353 to 384. I purchased a while ago but just noticed as I was looking for a recipee you make note of on p. 381 (no page 381)

    • Hi Amelie! I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to – the digital and physical copies I’m aware of should have these pages. Shoot a message to my team through the contact form and we’ll figure out what’s going on!

  2. I’ve been following the keto diet for 30 days now. My first week I was down 5lbs then suddenly in week 2 I was right back up those 5 lbs. Now at week 4 I’m still struggling and in 30 days I’m down just 3 lbs total. I haven’t had carbs with the exception of the odd beer and butternut squash one night. I feel good and all but I have a good 30-40lbs to lose and I’m frustrated, keytone strips are indicating traces of keystones. I walk regularly, curl 2-3 times a week…….ready to give up

  3. Just purchased your book. Love it so far. I have been living low carb for 3 1/2 years. The last 10 months My husband and I have lived Keto and live it. I have lost 170 pounds total. Since about May or June I have hit a plateau. Like a brick wall. I don’t feel as energized as I once did. My hair and nails are horrible. I am often anxious and extremely frustrated. I started going to the pool three days a week and lift weight two days a week.
    I pray my body hasn’t decided that my current body weight is it! I was at 278 pounds… from 448 pounds but this past month I have gained 14 pounds. I’m quite upset as I can not start gaining I’ve come too far. Any suggestions? Lori in NM

  4. Hello from Canada! I have your book the keto diet and I’ve been on Keto for about 5 or 6 months now. When I first started my adaptation was so simple and keto was working for me easily. For the last month something has changed and I am finding it hard to concentrate, my hair is falling out, I’m not losing any more weight, I can’t sleep, I’m easily angered and confused, my energy level is super low. (and my period is now non-existent) I am going to try carb ups for the first time and I am really excited. Do you think it will help? I was awake all night last night so I had the time to re re read your book and it looks like I need to start more carbs in the evening. I’ll first try once a week and go from there. I already eat 7-10 cups of green veggies a day so I thought I had enough. Something is definitely missing though.

    • I’m glad you’re going to try a carb up– it sounds like it’s definitely time for one! If one carb up a week isn’t enough, try increasing to 3 or even every night. Good luck!