#119 Using Keto for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating with Suzanne Ryan

By January 28, 2019

Using Keto for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating with Suzanne Ryan #weightloss #ketoweightloss #emotionaleating #binge

Why just stopping eating isn’t as simple as people think, what keto does for weight loss goals, how keto is different than other diets, emotional eating, the perfect time to start keto, and so much more.

Food has so many ties to our emotions, and if we’re not taking the time to honor our feelings, or we’re silencing our emotions by restricting and bingeing, it can feel impossible to escape the dieting cycle. For me and so many others who have experienced a blistered relationship with food, keto is an amazing option because it helps us get to the root of emotional eating and change our behaviors around food.

This can feel like a foreign concept if you’ve spent years of your life trying to lose weight, just for the sake of losing weight, but stick with me: sometimes food is more than just food.

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For more information about how hormones affect your metabolism and how this can have a mega affect on your ability to lose weight, check out pages 22 through 24 of my digital program, The Keto Beginning. I also talk about how to calculate your macros and calories for weight loss without restricting, starting on page 40.

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Show Notes + Links


  • Why just stopping eating isn’t as simple as people think (06:41)
  • What keto does for weight loss goals (10:47) 
  • How keto is different than other diets (13:18) 
  • Emotional eating (15:33) 
  • The perfect time to start keto (25:54)

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Using Keto for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating with Suzanne Ryan #weightloss #ketoweightloss #emotionaleating #binge
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