5 Keto Diet Benefits for Women

By December 7, 2018

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Going on a keto diet isn’t just a great way to lose weight, it also offers a number of specific benefits for women that you’ll be sure to fall in love with. The keto diet offers the opportunity to increase your overall energy levels, feel better, and get in better shape, all without sacrificing many of the foods that you love most. Still on the fence about the keto diet? Consider whether or not these benefits will make it worth your while.

Benefit #1: The Keto Diet Eliminates Blood Sugar Highs and Lows

When you consume carbohydrates, your body needs more insulin in order to process those carbs. The body’s response to sugary carbs isn’t just in response to sugary treats. Common foods like bananas, apples, bread, and even the common sweet potato also requires increased insulin production. Over time, especially if your diet contains high levels of carbohydrates, you may become insulin resistant, which makes it harder to manage your blood sugar. On keto, on the other hand, you’ll have more balanced blood sugar levels — and as a result, you’ll experience a number of key benefits that make this diet absolutely spectacular.

You’ll lower inflammation throughout your body. This is one of the things that causes a quick weight drop when you first go into ketosis, but weight loss isn’t the only benefit! With lower levels of inflammation, you’ll have less pain, fewer digestive issues, and overall feel better than you did just a few short days before.

You won’t crave food the way you used to. Blood sugar highs and lows can leave you craving your favorite sweet treat at the worst possible moments. Thankfully, when you’re in ketosis, those cravings decrease. Instead, your cravings will naturally become more moderate. As a result, your body more of what it really needs in order to stay healthier.

You won’t binge like you used to. Let’s be honest: when we’ve tried to diet, we’ve all failed with a vengeance by going on a binge session at least once at the end of the day. Instead of getting the results you were hoping for, you ended up feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and disappointed in yourself — but it’s not your fault! These binge attacks are typically the result of fluctuating blood sugar.

You’ll be able to lose weight effortlessly. When you aren’t dealing with intense cravings and fighting through blood sugar highs and lows, your body is in prime position for you to lose weight. Not only that, you’ll quickly discover that you don’t have to give it as much effort as you did on past diets. You won’t be hungry all the time, and you’ll be able to enjoy many foods that you previously thought were off-limits when you were trying to diet. It’s a win all the way around!

Benefit #2: The Keto Diet Balances Hormones for Better Sex and Fertility

Did you know that not eating enough fat can actually cause infertility in women? Cholesterol creates all of your hormones. Eating the right foods will ensure that you’re able to produce the right hormones to help keep you healthier — and that doesn’t just restore your fertility. It can also lead to better sex.

Eating unhealthy fats leads to increased PMS issues and concerns during menopause. By eating healthy fats like the ones you get to enjoy on the keto diet, on the other hand, you’ll get to enjoy easier periods with fewer symptoms. As a result, you’ll be happier and feel healthier even during your period. If you’re going through menopause, you’ll find that sticking to a keto diet can help reduce menopause symptoms, from hot flashes to irritability.

Your hormones will be more balanced. You’ll have better sex, enjoy increased energy and drive, and find that you’re in a better position to enjoy time with your partner.

You’ll decrease issues with your period. Do you have PCOS? Amenorrhea? From irregular periods to periods that are missing altogether, the keto diet can help solve many of the problems you deal with every month, decreasing symptoms and helping to balance your fertility. As discussed in a previous article, following the keto diet can make it easier for you to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and produce the right amount of milk while you’re breastfeeding — all of which make it well worth the effort.

Benefit #3: The Keto Diet Helps Optimize Brain Function

No one likes that fuzzy, foggy feeling like you’re struggling just to think. When you opt for the keto diet, you’ll discover that brain fog is a thing of the past, and you’re able to function at healthier, more optimal levels. Consider:

The brain is made of cholesterol and fat. That means that the brain needs healthy fats in order to function at peak efficiency — and without them, you may quickly begin to see the negative effects.

Fat intake helps decrease or prevent symptoms of depression. Depression can actually be a common side effect for women who are on a low fat diet, while a diet high in healthy fats can make you feel happier, healthier, and better prepared to deal with everything on your plate for the day. The increase in good cholesterol means increased production of the hormones that regulate your mood, leaving you happier.

You’ll be able to think faster. With a diet high in healthy fats, you’ll be able to think on your feet and handle whatever challenges are thrown your way throughout the day. That frustrating brain fog will disappear, leaving you feeling far better equipped no matter what you’re dealing with. Even better, you’ll be in the ideal position to keep up with everyone around you — and even, in many cases, outthink them.

Benefit #4: The Keto Diet Offers Increased Nutrients for Better Overall Health

Do you find yourself getting sick all the time — often for what you feel is next to no reason at all? Is your immune system laughable? If you’re tired of carrying around a box of tissues or running from people who show even the slightest signs of illness, the keto diet can help improve your immune system and make you healthier. There are many benefits of the keto diet that can help improve your health, including:

Many vitamins are fat soluble and absorb better when you eat a high-fat diet. Without those vital fats, you can take vitamins all you want, but they won’t necessarily make it into your body, where they can offer you the benefits you need. On a high-fat diet, they absorb better, allowing you to experience all of those important benefits.

Your gut gets to take a break. You won’t be eating as much, so your body won’t have to process as much. As a result, your gut will get the chance to heal itself. This decreases symptoms of bloating and intestinal discomfort.

As you become healthier, you’ll be able to lose weight more easily. Fat-burning potential increases as your health improves, putting you in a better position to let the pounds slide right off.

You’ll be able to go longer stretches of time without having to eat. High-fat diets mean that you’ll feel full longer, which decreases the number of times you’ll need to snack throughout the day. You’ll also discover that going longer between meals helps lower inflammation.

Benefit #5: Get in Better Touch with Your Body for Lifelong Wellness

When you’re able to experience the other four key benefits, you’re able to get in better touch with your body overall, which can help lead to lifelong wellness. Being in touch with your body matters! It offers you a number of critical benefits.

You know what does and doesn’t work for you. When you’re connected to your body, you have a better idea of what is genuinely working for you, helping you to achieve the results you want and decrease unnecessary symptoms. This allows you to develop a better plan for diet, exercise, and overall wellness.

You get off the dieting roller coaster. Instead of losing weight for a short period of time, only to turn around and gaining it again, you’ll be able to embark on a new lifestyle that will help you meet your long-term goals.

You’ll feel as though you’re part of the same team with your body. Instead of feeling like your body is the enemy and you have to fight it to reach your goals, you’ll be able to get on the same page and work with your body in a way that will help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. You’ll feel things better and be in a better overall position to enjoy life on your terms — without fighting your body to do it!

As a woman, the keto diet is one of the most effective things you can do for yourself. When your body is in ketosis, you’ll be able to reach your goals — not just for weight loss, but in many of the areas of your life. If you’re struggling to lose weight, fighting with brain fog, or just want to stop feeling lousy all the time, consider how the keto diet can help change your life for the better.

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5 Keto Diet Benefits for Women #keto #ketoforwomen #ketobenefits #ketobenefitsforwomen #ketogenicwomen

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