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Should you supplement with exogenous ketones? What are the benefits? Which product is best? Are there people that shouldn’t use exogenous ketones?

There is so much health information out there that when you want to determine whether or not something is good for you it can be challenging to know what’s what. Magic pills, super supplements and promises to a better life are yours for three payments of two hundred dollars. I do not wish to add to the aggravation, which is why I never endorsed exogenous ketones.

Then, my mind was changed by many of you. Now, I can say that I’ve personally experimented with this ketogenic supplement and see that it can be helpful for some ketogenic people.

Not sure what exogenous ketones are? Basically, they’re a supplement that deepens your state of ketosis by providing supplemental ketones. They can be especially helpful for kicking keto flu and assisting your body in becoming adapted. If you decide to supplement with exogenous ketones, my personal choice is Perfect Keto exogenous ketones.

Why Perfect Keto? Well, to start, they are offering us an exclusive 15% off their exogenous ketones with the coupon code HEALTHFUL. So there’s something.


After personally trying Perfect Keto’s exogenous ketones, I see how they could be extremely useful for those dealing with things like: the keto flu, various conditions preventing certain people from going ketosis (fibromyalgia, thyroid, etc.), needing ketones for therapeutic purposes (for epilepsy, cancer, etc.), beginners on keto trying to get into ketosis for the first time, and those who need to extend a fast for medical reasons.

What exogenous ketones are NOT is an absolute fix-everything supplement because not everyone needs it, and if used improperly could lead to some serious drawbacks. For example, this should NOT be used to “erase” eating choices, in conjunction with excess carbohydrates or a carb up, to extend fasting beyond what your body is comfortable with, or to lose sight of why you started keto in the first place. Most importantly, this has the potential to be relied on too heavily, so keep that in mind if you decide you would like to try it out. But if it is used responsibly and purposefully, then it can be an awesome keto game-changer!


Should you decide to supplement with exogenous ketones, here are a couple other benefits to choosing Perfect Keto over other brands:

  • Contains 100% completely real ingredients. No fake stuff.
  • Free from soy, dairy, gluten, and artificial sweeteners.
  • No filler ingredients like inulin and xanthan gum.
  • Has 0g carbs per serving; other exogenous ketones have 3g.
  • Low price of $3.34 per serving (with today’s discount) as opposed to $6.50 from the other guys.


Now for the most common concerns people have. Many people, myself included, have had some serious concerns regarding exogenous ketones. For a long time, I wasn’t a fan. But that was before I saw how many people were benefitting from taking them, and before I came across Perfect Keto exogenous ketones.

If you have exogenous ketone supplementation concerns, I bet you can find your answer here:

100% Guarantee:

I really like it when companies stand behind their product so I was thrilled to hear that Perfect keto stands behind their product with a 100% guarantee.

I want you to also be able to try it out to see if it can help you get over that keto flu and get keto adapted faster, so take advantage of their 15% discount (coupon code HEALTHFUL) and a guaranteed 100% refund of the price if you don’t absolutely love it. This is your chance to see what ketones do for you, completely risk-free.

This might just be the game-changer you have been waiting for! Try it out for yourself!


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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed and educated on our journey into a keto lifestyle. Although this diet is new to me I believe I am already fat adapted, and I am playing with the different approaches suggested in your book. My question is: will the bad breath go away? My husband brought it up the other day and I was mortified! Since than I’ve been stuffing my mouth with xylitol gum all the time, which I am not a fan of doing.

    Is there anything that can be done to improve this horrible side effect?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations on the great work you do! :o)

    • You’re so welcome– thanks for following along! It should pass in a couple of weeks, it’s just your body trying to get the hang of using fat as fuel. If it continues, you can check out Fat Fueled for tips on managing it and getting rid of it.

  2. I ordered perfect keto chocolate. Can you post another coupon so I can order the peaches and cream too? The other coupon was only good for 1 can.

    • I love Leanne by the way and have got her paperback too. I live in Honolulu so don’t think I will be a stop on the book her book tour.

    • Sorry, I don’t have another coupon code. I’d love to know how it goes when you try the chocolate!

  3. I am a bit confused about carb up but then also taking exogenous ketones to stay in ketosis. I thought the object was to “trick” you body occasionally for better performance. That you don’t necessarily want to be in ketosis all the time. I can certainly see how their use could help you extend your fast.

    • Yep, I don’t recommend taking them in conjunction with a carb up or to “erase” eating choices.

  4. Hi Leanne, Thank You for all your tips for a Keto Lifestyle. Question on Exogenous Ketones, What are your thoughts on Julian Bakery’s Exogenous Ketones.

  5. I’ve been eating and living keto for almost a year now. I think I’m in ketosis. However my keto urine strips don’t agree. I’d like to know some other brands folks are using with success. Mine are made by Bayer. I’d rather not spend the $$ on a blood test kit and breath testing sounds like there are a lot of variables involved. Suggestions?

    • It doesn’t have to do with the brand, urine tests just aren’t very accurate, especially if you’ve been in ketosis for awhile. I prefer blood testing and have used this kit. As for breath testing, I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard great things about Ketonix.

  6. KetonD has no carbs or fillers. Seems like a good product with the same attributes as Perfect Keto. Not sure about the price difference. Does what it says it will do. Might be worth checking out. Thought you’d be inerested . . . I may check out Pefect Keto the next time I need to order (won’t be before the 16th).

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