Liver Detox, Keto Teens, and Coconut Replacements

Liver Detox, Keto Teens, and Coconut Replacements #nosguarcoatingpodcast #keto

Keto podcast, answering your questions on whether a liver detox is good to do when eating keto, how to create a keto practice for teenagers, and keto-friendly replacements for coconut when you’re sick of it, or just don’t want to eat it anymore.

  • Liver detox on keto
  • Keto for teens
  • What to do if you hate coconut


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  • Announcements (04:37)
  • Liver detox on keto (09:47)
  • Keto for teens (28:44)
  • What to do if you hate coconut (40:34)

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  1. Hello! Thank you very much for replying to my mail. It made things clear to me. I am still not sure if the problem is related to liver or not. I was having trouble, maybe my body wasn’t still used to it. It was around the first month of doing keto for me. (Around the end of the first month, had lower abdominal pain for more than a week, had constipation for a while… really bloated, also weren’t be able to lose weight at some point, and gained 2 kg instead, itchy skin etc. but it can be anything. Even the birth control pill I stopped taking 3 weeks before keto could be it.) Not a person who goes to doctor on a regular basis (wish I were), but I do plan on going to the doctor once I finish my exchange student program and go back to my country, to see what it is related to, like the facts you stated in your podcast.

    I apologize for not putting more detail in my mail, it was my first time writing something like this, it was amateur. But thank you so much again!!! You give me more will to continue in this way!!

    Have a nice day!

    Greetings from Japan!

    • Thanks for sharing! I think it’s a good idea to check with your doctor. You’re so welcome :) Good luck on your keto journey!

  2. Thanks ladies for answering my questions! You gave me some great ideas and made me feel like I am on the right track. My daughter does have a hobby, her horse, this is something we both love as an activity. I catch myself being “too busy” to ride with her but you have encouraged me to take the time.

    You helped remind me to stay positive, it is easy for me to get down on myself because my progress is going slower than I hoped. I need to remember baby steps still get us to the top.

    I love that you said ” educational standpoint “, I homeschool so you better believe we will be skipping the chapter about the ” Standard American diet” in her health textbook, and replacing it with the true stand point of teaching the truth about how our bodies use macros as fuel.

    I will set my intentions to be a good example!

    Thanks again!!!

    • You’re so welcome, Theresa! We’re so happy to help :) It sounds like you have a great plan for yourself. Good luck!