Video: My Limits, Changes, and Exciting Things


A lot of things are happening in 2016! I’m finalizing the manuscript for The Keto Diet (my first paperback), I’m writing a Keto Holidays Cookbook (which will be available in my online shop in November 2016), the podcast is changing to The Keto Diet Podcast on October 2, and… these weekly Q&A sessions will no longer be running, effective immediately.

With everything happening, and so many moving parts, I need to place myself as top priority so that there’s a Leanne for you to rely on for healthful, informative support in the keto space. Today’s video outlines everything that’s happening, how to stay in touch with me, and what my content schedule looks like going forward.


Watch past keto question and answer sessions.

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    Is there a way to pre-order your new book at or Indigo for us Canadian folks?