Video: Traveling With Your Keto Rocket Fuel Latte

By December 21, 2018

Stay in fat-burning mode during vacation with these travel-ready tips #highfat #keto #hflc #lowcarb

Take your keto Bulletproof Coffee (or my women’s version called, Rocket Fuel Latte) with you on the go. Planes, trains, automobiles, even camping. No blender needed and the ingredients won’t melt on you.

High-fat, keto travel! It’s so much easier than it sounds. Really, it is.

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But, the most seemingly complicated task is keeping up with your keto Rocket Fuel Latte morning practice when you’re out and about, right? I remember trying to figure out how I was going to bring all of the keto ingredients with me and blend it all together on a plane.

The key? Is in the $7 tool that replaces having to travel with your blender. For real, I have clients that travel with their blenders in order to continue drinking their fat coffees every morning.

How to make a dairy-free, keto Bulletproof Coffee (or Rocket Fuel Latte) on a plane, in the car, on a cruise ship, camping or hiking (and you don’t have to drink coffee to enjoy it!)

For video transcription, scroll down.


  • The $7 tool that replaces your blender
  • The best, most convenient way, to travel with your keto Rocket Fuel Latte
  • Travel-friendly high-fat, keto ingredients for your next keto fat coffee
  • How to make a Bulletproof Coffee caffeine-free


Rocket Fuel Latte Blocks #gelatin #collagen #lowcarb #paleo #keto #highfat


Did you know MCT oil also comes in powdered form? Ya! In its powdered state, it's much easier to use, travel with, and incorporate into your favorite recipes. Plus, if you've experienced digestive issues with MCT oil before, MCT oil powder is a lot gentler on the gut. Check out my favorite brand of MCT oil powder here.

Last week, I feel like I dropped a bomb on you by sharing that I wasn’t drinking keto Rocket Fuel Lattes (RFL) for my keto breakfast as much as I used to. Here’s more on that, because so many of you had questions.

Why did you stop drinking keto Rocket Fuel Lattes?

I didn’t. I’m practicing intermittent fasting (where I drink a keto RFL for breakfast instead of having a meal) 2 times per week. This is because I’ve recently been diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction and my health care team thought it best to not fast every day.

How often do you drink keto Rocket Fuel Lattes?

When I feel like breakfast, I have breakfast. When I feel like drinking a keto RFL instead and doing a fast that morning, I do that. It ends up being about 2 times a week that I’m drinking a keto RFL for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll make a keto RFL before bed and load it up with collagen and a touch more carbs to help me sleep.

Now that you’re having keto breakfast, what are you eating?

All of the things! I share so many of my keto meals on my Instagram page. You should check it out. My breakfast is usually duck eggs with or without bacon, lots of greens, a bit of low-carb, keto vegetables and a tablespoon or so of tallow, coconut oil, red palm oil or lard.

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Video Transcription

Many of us drink our fatty keto coffees every morning, whether you’re doing a keto Bulletproof Coffee with straight up butter and MCT oil to my keto Rocket Fuel Lattes which are a combination of a little bit of carbohydrates, a little of protein and the fats to send the right signal to my hormones. By doing this, I am managing my leptin, I’m not getting crazy shaky and some of the other symptoms that women specifically report from having straight up Bulletproof Coffee. I actually made a video about this a couple of months ago so I’ve linked to that right here. You can go there and check out why I did keto Rocket Fuel Lattes as opposed to keto Bulletproof Coffees. You’re probably wondering how the heck do I take this on the go?

If I’m going on a plane, how do I take it with me? If I’m going to a resort for two weeks and I want to take my keto Rocket Fuel Latte/bulletproof/fat coffee with me, how do I do this? First thing I want to tell you is that you don’t have to bring your blender with you. Wherever you’re going, the key and this is mega and you can bring this on any airplane or anything, is a milk frother. Look at how powerful that is. Basically, all you do is pack this in your luggage. It comes with two double A batteries. I always pack them separate so that my milk frother doesn’t go off in my backpack because that happened once and it was super awkward. There was vibration in my backpack as I was getting on the plane.

This milk frother is the cheapest that you can find. I got it for six dollars on Amazon and it surpasses the twenty dollar, thirty dollar milk frothers and you can even get it in a two pack for nine dollars if you want to carry two with you. How do you take ingredients with you? How do you take your keto Rocket Fuel Lattes/Bulletproof Coffee or fat coffee ingredients with you? The first one is that you could take all of the ingredients separate but that’s really, really hard when you’re on a plane, let’s say. I created [00:02:00] keto Rocket Fuel Latte blocks and what they are, all the ingredients from my keto Rocket Fuel Latte, pressed in these awesome, silicone molds. They’re squares.

I think they’re called jumbo ice cubes and I use these when I’m making my keto Rocket Fuel Latte blocks as well as when I make chicken stock or beef stock. I’ll just pour it all in there, freeze it and then I have blocks of stock whenever I want. I’ve linked up to this also below if you want to grab yourself a silicone tray. All we do here is push it out and you have all of the ingredients for your keto Rocket Fuel Latte in one beautiful square. I made these specifically so they won’t melt like other coconut oil type things. In fact, there is no MCT oil in these blocks because MCT oil stays relatively soft when it is frozen and then at room temperature, it will just turn into liquid goo.

Here’s what you do. You take the keto Rocket Fuel Latte block, you drop it into the coffee. I just stir the block until it’s completely dissolved in the hot coffee or the hot tea or hot water, whatever you’re using. Once it’s completely dissolved, there’s just a bunch of fat’s in there and if you just drank it that way it would be really gross. All the fat would be at the top and not even whisked and even when you shake it, it doesn’t really do it all that well. Okay, the block has totally dissolved. Then, we are going to put the milk frother in here and start whisking it about. I usually go top down, so I go up, down, up, down, up, down.

Voila, we are going to change the camera so you can see it. You ready? Boom. Amazing and delicious. If you want to check out the recipe for these Rocket Fuel Latte blocks, you can head on over here and get all the ingredients and how I did it and links to the silicone mold and you can start your Rocket Fuel Latte [00:04:00] block experience. The second way to take your Rocket Fuel Latte on the go is carrying around little containers of your MCT oil. This is a food grade bottle of MCT. The next ingredient that is super awesome for traveling is cacao butter wafers. To make it a Rocket Fuel Latte, you need a touch of carbs and a little bit of protein. I carry around these Barney Butter Smooth Almond Butter packets.

This is absolutely perfect for the Rocket Fuel Latte rules where we stay under ten grams of protein and equal to about three grams of carbohydrates. You put this in a cup with your MCT oil and your cacao butter wafer and then you turn on your milk frother, whip it around and you are good to go. Now, let’s talk a little bit about coffee on the go because that’s kind of a pain and for a lot of us women, are something that I’m noticing is that a lot of us can’t do caffeine which is totally fine. If you are crazy about your coffee and you want to take ground coffee with you and get a French press and do the whole thing, you totally can. I had a Bodum French Press, I had three of them actually.

Like a travel cup and each one of them broke and cracked and was horrible, so I do not recommend getting any Bodum product. That’s B-o-d-u-m. I had such a nightmare with each of them and they’re quite expensive so what I do instead is I bring a bag of tea and this is my favorite tea right now. It’s Numi Turmeric tea and it’s actually been my favorite since like January. I will bring my Stanley metal tumbler that I’ve had since my twenty-third birthday, so many, many moons ago. I make the tea on the airplane, I just ask the attendant if I can have hot water. She fills it up, I put my tea bag in, I let it steep, take the tea bag out.

Put my ingredients in, froth it about and I drink it or if you’re traveling about and you just want an ice cold drink, I usually will fill it up with hot water to here, let it steep. Put the ingredients in, froth it about, add ice, shake it up and you have an iced tea on the go with all of your Rocket Fuel Latte ingredients. To get the recipe for my Rocket Fuel Latte blocks, you can head on over to my blog, Helpful Pursuit. I’ve also included the links to all of the wonderful things that I talked about in today’s video below the video and if you’re watching this on YouTube, it will be in the note section of the video.

You just scroll down, click show more and everything will be right there for you. If you have any questions, post them below in the comments and I will try to help you out as best I can. If you loved all of the things that I shared today, I would love for you to subscribe to my channel where I share lots of interesting things just like this every week. You can click on over here, subscribe to my channel. Happy traveling with your awesome fatty drink, whether you’re doing a Rocket Fuel Latte tea or a Rocket Fuel Latte coffee or just plain Bulletproof Coffee or butter coffee, I wish you a beautiful, happy summer and awesome traveling and I will see you next week. Okay, bye.

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