Fear of Carbs, Binge Eating, and Ketone Boosting

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Keto podcast answering your questions on binge eating disorder (B.E.D) ads running on TV, options to healing B.E.D outside of medication, overcoming your fear of starting a carb up practice on keto, and options for boosting ketones from a holistic perspective.

  • Our thoughts on the new binge eating (B.E.D) ads on TV
  • Fear of carbs and a carb up practice on keto
  • Ketone boosting with MCT and ?-Hydroxybutyrate


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  • Binge eating (10:32)
  • Fear of carbs (30:35)
  • Ketone boosting with MCT and ?-Hydroxybutyrate(48:45)


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  1. Hi Leanne,
    Started following you a few months ago because I want to be fat adapted for a myriad of reasons, including having had a new baby girl 6 months ago at the age of 40. Now I am having so much trouble losing the weight which came so effortlessly 8 years ago with my son. I have also been following a female ketosis “expert” on YouTube who is nearly fifty and has been in strict ketosis for seven years and strongly shuns carb ups. I am so confused. Can you heal leaky got, adrenal dysfunction and low thyroid with strict ketosis? ..this is what she claims having worked with thousands of clients..but this kind of scares me as it seems so restricted. I also have a history of an eating disorder(anorexia).
    Thank you

    • Hey, Fran. Thanks for reaching out! I think that the majority of women need carbs, even while practicing keto. I explain this a bit further in my video on carb ups.