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Fear of Carbs, Binge Eating, and Ketone Boosting

By December 11, 2018

New episode of The No Sugarcoating Podcast #keto #lowcarb #highfat #ketone

Keto podcast answering your questions on binge eating disorder (B.E.D) ads running on TV, options to healing B.E.D outside of medication, overcoming your fear of starting a carb up practice on keto, and options for boosting ketones from a holistic perspective.

  • Our thoughts on the new binge eating (B.E.D) ads on TV
  • Fear of carbs and a carb up practice on keto
  • Ketone boosting with MCT and ?-Hydroxybutyrate

Show Notes & Links

The podcast has changed to The Keto Diet Podcast. Subscribe and listen on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.


  • Binge eating (10:32)
  • Fear of carbs (30:35)
  • Ketone boosting with MCT and ?-Hydroxybutyrate(48:45)

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