Video: Nutritional Ketosis for Total Body Confidence

Audio: Nutritional Ketosis for Total Body Confidence #lowcarb #keto #paleo

A recorded Q&A session on nutritional ketosis – how a high-fat eating style encourages reduced body stress, healing, and boundless health. Weight loss, too!

Last week, a bunch of Healthful Pursuit readers and I got together (digitally) to chat about nutritional ketosis in celebration of my newest digital program, The Keto Beginning – a guide and 30-day meal plan on using healthy fats as our primary fuel.

Eating fats shouldn’t scare us anymore. Research has proven that using fat as our primary fuel is the way to go, long term. When cows are pending slaughter (we’re talking conventional processes here), they’re fed grains, to fatten them up. So why do we have it in our heads that this same grain-rich diet, promoted by government organizations, dieticians, nutritionists and health enthusiasts everywhere, promotes health in us?

Did you know? The carbohydrate-rich diet that we adopted in the mid-1980’s at the turn of the “food pyramid” has never been tested? It’s never been proven to work. Even says so IN the actual food guide. The USDA makes this statement in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines document: “The [USDA] food patterns were developed to meet nutrient needs . . . while not exceeding calorie requirements. Though they have not been specifically tested for health benefits they are similar to the DASH research diet and consistent with most of the measures of adherence to Mediterranean-type eating patterns (emphasis added).”

Um, what? So… we’re basically following a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat eating style… with NO scientific evidence that it actually benefits us.


I have become enthralled by the power of high-fat living and, I’m happy to report that; with the help of The Keto Beginning, thousands of you have, too.

Today’s Q&A recording is must-watch if you’re curious about fat-fueled living and nutritional ketosis or have questions about the whole food-based nutritional ketosis program in The Keto Beginning.

In this 1.25 hour recording, I provide you with details on…

How to manage nutritional ketosis with multiple food allergies, including eggs.

How to manage adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism with nutritional ketosis and low-carb eating styles.

Strategies for vegan and vegetarian-based nutritional ketosis.

How to use nutritional ketosis to maintain your target weight.

Introduction to using cyclical ketosis to balance hormone levels and follow nutritional ketosis for life.

The difference between “being in ketosis” and being “keto-adapted”

The best low-carb winter vegetables to maintain a state of nutritional ketosis.

Why it’s important to BLEND your blended tea or coffee.

How to include superfoods like spirulina, maca and chia seeds in your ketogenic lifestyle.

Where nutrients come from in a ketogenic eating style.

How to adapt a ketogenic eating style.

How nutritional ketosis acts in your body and why ketosis leads to weight loss.

How to determine if nutritional ketosis is right for you.

What to do when you crave carbs so much!

The cleanest dairy choices, if you do not have a dairy allergy or sensitivity.

Why I don’t include dairy in The Keto Beginning and my nutritional ketosis practice.

How men adapt the meal plan in The Keto Beginning to suite their needs.

How alcohol reacts in your body when you’re in ketosis.

How our metabolism functions in nutritional ketosis.

The best way to enjoy the holidays while in ketosis.

What to do when you “fall off the wagon”.

Spend less time in the gym and more time living.

Actions that increase and decrease ketone levels.

Outline of keto-friendly post-workout meals.

The tools you can use to monitor your blood glucose and ketone levels and the best time of day to test.

Why I’ve chosen a moderate-protein approach to low-carb living.

What levels you want to see in your ketone production.

The facts on being in nutritional ketosis while pregnant or breastfeeding.

When to work with a professional on becoming keto adapted.

How endurance athletes can use The Keto Beginning for optimal performance.

Strategies to avoid keto-flu.

How to use The Keto Beginning as a weight gain program, weight loss program and weight maintenance program.

The role of digestion on acne production and skin imperfections.

The Keto Beginning - complete guide and 30-day meal plan #keto #lowcarb #paleo

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  1. Hey Leanne!
    I was wondering if Chlorella or Spirulina is considered safe on a high-fat lifestyle?

  2. Really fab video and so informative. I am vegan but am very curious to try ketosis, I have fructose issues (i’m addicted to dates) and my digestion is impacted and so i’m hoping this could help kick it! I wondered roughy how much beans/lentils/quinoa could be permitted per day whilst keeping carbs low enough?

    • You bet, it’s all about playing… first, finding your protein number, and then manipulating your intake to get up to that using plant-based sources. More details on this in the weeks to come! Watch for it ;)

  3. I am kind of confused because some days I eat breakfast and I’m not hungry till that night, other days I eat breakfast and I’m hungry at noon. My total carbs are usually around 30 and my fats about 130. Calories 1500. Is that usual? I love not packing a lunch! Is this something you’re book could help me figure out?

  4. Christina thanks for your work to get good facts about diet out to the world with great info and links. In my view/experience with was one can be abused for saying a calorie is a calorie is not a true statement based on today’s site. I can read so I am not looking for someone to tell me just eat fewer calories than you burn and all will be well. Thanks again. The real facts about diet can save save lives when the bad facts can do great harm to people. Keep up the good work.

    Gale Hawkins

    • Please correct the last word in the second sentence to read “today’s science” and not ‘site’. Christina I am a real person and if you google Gale Hawkins Murray KY you will see my background and many interests. Thanks again. I did order The Calorie Myth: last night as a starting point and one that I can share with family and friends.

  5. Dang girl! You need to do more videos! This was awesome. I’m going to email you a bit about my story, as you said to give feedback on positive experience.

  6. Leanne,

    I’m not sure if this was really addressed in the Q&A, but what happens if you don’t “fully commit” to ketosis? (i.e. You eat a lof of fat, but then you end up eating a lot of carbs that day and continue that for a few days or weeks.). Is there a chance that you can clog your arteries because you are still running on glucose instead of ketones? Or what are the potential risks?

    I know it sounds ignorant, I’m just concerned.



    • Hey Christina – Awesome question! If one eats high-fat, high-carb for a long period of time, their health with not be thanking them. The blood sugar spikes that come along with high-carbohydrate, coupled with high-fat wouldn’t be kind to the body. However, once ketosis is attained, it’s possible to play with your carb number (I explain this in the book) for maintenance so that you can have a relatively moderate carbohydrate intake, coupled with high-fat, something you can practice for life.

      • Thanks Leanne. The reason that I asked about what might happen with lack of keto commitment is because my husband sometimes eats the same keto food with me, but then he goes around and eats some high carb food later that day. I don’t want him to harm his health. At the same time, I’ve definitely made a few attempts to eat keto meals at the beginning of the day, but sometimes I end up eating half a bag of Halloween candy later on. :( I already have the book, so I am looking forward to getting healthy. I feel at this point in the year with stagettes and weddings in the tropics, it doesn’t make sense to start. You wouldn’t recommend doing cyclical ketosis right off the bat, right? I didn’t glean that from the book.