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By June 18, 2019

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Win 1 of 3 memberships into my 12-week keto for ladies program, Happy Keto Body. Gain access to the only doctor-approved keto nutrition program for women that’s helped more than 3,000 women feel in control, lose weight and start seeing actual results on their ketogenic diet.


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Want a sample of the book?

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Introducing “Keto for Women”

In this book, I’m going to show you that “diet” doesn’t have to mean “constantly suffering, cranky, and tired all the time.”

Follow my diet plans, and you’ll start regularly enjoying savory meals that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

Yes, high in fat.

Despite what you have probably heard, fats – at least the right, natural fats – will not actually make you fat.

Quite the opposite.

My keto diet plans will help you lose weight by achieving that ketosis-state I mentioned above, so you actually begin burning the stores of fat you already have hanging around. It’ll turn your metabolism into a furnace that constantly looks for excess fat it can turn into energy.

So, you’ll not only shed those unwanted pounds, you’ll do so without the feelings of fatigue that so many women assume go hand-in-hand with losing weight.

Inside Keto for Women, you’ll be guided with a 3-step approach:

  • A complete explanation of what the Keto Diet is
  • Why women can benefit from this approach to eating
  • What to expect as you embrace this diet
  • Recipes that will give you plenty of options for every palette

Keto for Women will give you everything you need to fully embrace the Keto Diet, adapt it to your unique needs, and – most importantly – actually enjoy the process of achieving the results you want.

why keto is so important for women

Why the Keto Diet Is So Important for Women

The Keto Diet has been successful with people of all ages – including children and senior citizens – from all over the world.

But it’s an especially important approach for women, as our bodies tend to more easily store fat as we get older – not that this fact makes us feel any better about it.

This is also why there are countless diets aimed specifically at women, even though they all come down to the logic of, “Just eat less + exercise more = weight loss.”

Aside from their lack of potential for long-term weight-loss, here’s another reason the Keto Diet is essential for every woman out there: hormones.

Though we often treat them as a four-letter word, hormones are still incredibly important to how our bodies operate. They impact everything from the operation of our nervous systems to our sex drives.

To put it simply, neglecting your hormones is tantamount to neglecting your entire body.

And guess what?

What we eat impacts how our hormones function.

Keto for Women Made Easy

That’s why some diets may help you shrink your waistline while also seemingly cutting your patience down to razor thin, too. Or you may see your craving for chocolate skyrocket while you want little to do with your actual partner.

Keto for Women isn’t just about losing weight. It’s just as much about achieving healthy hormone levels, so we can be at our physical, mental, and emotional bests day-in and day-out.

This is often the most incredible revelation for women who have tried this diet. They realize that they’ve achieved a necessary “hormone fix” because years of poor eating habits had thrown their system all out of whack.

In Keto for Women, I dedicate a lot of time discussing how nutrition affects your hormones and how proper nutrition can give you the desired “hormone fix.” For me, it’s just as important that you understand why this diet works, not just how to make incredible meals that fall within its broad parameters.

So, instead of simply recommending a certain diet, I’ll show you the role nutrition plays in:

  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Menopause
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Sex Drive
  • Pregnancy

…and much, much more.

If you’ve never known about this, I promise you it will blow your mind. You’ll never look at what you eat the same way ever again.

Pre order and win

Enter to win a Happy Keto Body Membership

Happy Keto Body includes 31+ hours of new video training on how to customize and optimize your own keto lifestyle that doesn’t leave you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and constantly 2nd guessing yourself
  • Bored to tears with meals you don’t feel like cooking or eating
  • Stressed to the point of adrenal fatigue
  • Uncertain, frustrated or stuck

You’ll get a FULL SPECTRUM keto nutrition, weight loss and hormone balancing education backed by real science and the latest in naturopathic medicine (courtesy of the fabulous Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson).

And, each and every month, members jump on the phone with us for some real-life support.

Each lady that pre-orders Keto for Women can enter to win this prize valued at over $600.

Keto for Women is now available where all books are sold!


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Keto for Women is now available everywhere books are sold. Get your copy at your favorite bookstore, or via these online outlets: Amazon | Target |Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | Indie Bound | Indigo | | Walmart

3 steps to keto success

Are You a 1-2-3 Gal?

Are you a 1-2-3 and done kinda gal? I am. I love processes, steps to success, progress, tracking, and feeling like I’m winning (who doesn’t want to feel like they’re winning?).

When I was setting up the Keto for Women program, I wanted you to have goals, I wanted you to feel like you were on your way toward something, not aimlessly drifting in the dark, reading about all sorts of keto health things and picking your way through it all.

Keto for Women has a process, a 1-2-3 process. Each part builds on the last, guiding you through the process so you feel in control, in the know, and like you’re winning. Cause after all, if you feel like you’re winning, you’re more likely to stick it out, trust the process, and start to see actual results.

Here’s how the book is organized so you can make the most of your Keto for Women experience:

  • Part 1 explains what keto is and why it works incase the concept of low-carb living is completely new to you. I’ll show you why understanding your body is important to your process – when you understand your body, making decisions becomes way easier. I’ll explain what keto does to each and every one of your essential hormones – and why balancing them is the key to success on keto. And, we’ll clear up some myths and misconceptions that are likely standing in your way of reaching keto nirvana.
  • Part 2 introduces the three sequential steps to becoming a fat burning female. I’ll show you how to figure out what to eat, how to eat it, and why certain foods will work for you, while others will stall your progress. We’ll build a meal plan that’s easy to follow, get you into ketosis (and keep you there) without stressing out about every.little.thing. We will develop a fasting protocol that helps you hit your goals, keeps you satiated, and not going crazy about food. We’ll bust through weight plateaus, figure out why you can’t lose weight, tackle roadblocks in your way, and develop a protocol that makes eating keto for life, so easy.
  • Part 3 will help you go the extra mile to improve specific health conditions from PCOS, autoimmunity, inflammation, horrible experiences with menopause, cardiovascular conditions, gut support, and more. We’ll work together to customize your keto with tiny little tweaks that’ll make a world of difference.

So there you have it – everything you need to become that fat burnin’ lady who has it all.

Here’s to the many positive changes you’re about to experience by eating the right, nutrient-dense foods for YOUR body and YOUR goals.



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