Signs of Ketosis, Hormone Recovery, and DHEA for Adrenals

Signs of Ketosis, Hormone Recovery, and DHEA for Adrenals #nosguarcoatingpodcast #keto

Keto podcast answering your questions on how to know that you’re in ketosis without blood, breath or urine testing, how to balance progesterone on keto, and the impact DHEA has on your adrenals.

  • Signs you’re in ketosis without testing
  • Progesterone and keto
  • DHEA and adrenals


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  • Announcements (04:06)
  • Signs you’re in ketosis without testing (10:44)
  • Progesterone and keto (30:42)
  • DHEA and adrenals (46:49)


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  1. Wow I was so looking forward to listening to this podcast but really far in still listening to ads and promotions. Too busy for that :(

    • Hey! I’m sorry you don’t like that I mention my products (unsure if you meant my products or others?). When it comes to mentioning Healthful Pursuit products, I do this because it’s the only way the business generates revenue, but more importantly, the products have helped thousands of people reach their goals. Without sales of our digital programs, like The Keto Bundle, we wouldn’t be able to have a website or podcast and in turn, create free resources. All of the money generated from these digital sales helps employ a team that works with me to maintain the website, come up with new content, edit videos, prepare audio files, create the free mini guides for all videos, prepare transcripts, answer blog comments, schedule videos, create design graphics, update old content, support people via email, interact with people on social media, answer questions in various places, create new products and services to help more people, etc. Without revenue coming in none of this would be possible. When it comes to sharing other products, we partner with brands that I know and trust. EVERY product that I share I personally use and stand behind 100%.

  2. What do you take to support cortisol levels? My DHEA is at 100 and been reading that it should be at 200.

  3. Can one do a ketogenic diet if one has multiple food intolerances (i.e. beef, eggs, coconut meat etc…)

  4. The podcast advertised on this page does not have the correct link. The link is for podcast 35 – carb ups. Can you please provide the link to Signs of Ketosis… ? Thanks!

    • Hey! So sorry for that. It should have the correct episode now, go ahead and give it a listen :)

  5. Dear Leanne.. im brand new to you and Keto.. im absorbing it ALL like a junkie :)

    I speak super fast too. It’s because im passionate but also a little ADD im sure.

    Firstly .. you have literally changed my life and i could cry with gratitude and kiss the ground u walk on (really) .. i will write / share more on this later..

    Secondly.. in my world u can speak anyway u please – because not only do you literally glow with energy and enthusiasm (which is contagious) and after having chronic fatigue for years thats a welcome feature!
    ALSO.. i am so in awe and appreciation of the sheer devotiin andand effort and guts it takes to put yourself out there so publically.

    And just me personally.. my preference IS fast speech – but since we are all gloriously different — for those of you who need to hear something slower OR faster – if the video is on YouTube.. there is an option there to speed up or slow down ANY video yr Watching. I know this as my partner is some crazy genius who listens to EVERYTHING is warp speed while he’s online studying.

    Hope this helps.

    So from Byron Bay, Australia HUGE love and beyond thanks to you.

    P.s… im a sketch portrait artist and would love to gift you a portrait (maybe yr dogs?) –i draw from photos.. u can find me at lucie delacy portraits on FB or the same name with a .com is my site.

    Bless you x

  6. Hi Leanne

    I have went through most of your videos like I’m binging on Netflix LOL!!! I’m nervous but I’m going to get the bundle. Will the lemonade recipe you mentioned that will prevent Keto flu?

    Thanks for all that you do … Informing women to a healthier journey ,

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re enjoying my videos so much ;) Yep! You can find the keto lemonade recipe in The Keto Beginning (which is one of the books included in the Keto Bundle). Good luck on your keto journey!

    • Hi Tee,

      How are you going felkow newbie?
      Im new to keto too ! And i relate wholeheartedly to yr video binge :)

      I just finished day 6 of the first week of Leannes Keto Beginning (i freaking LOVE the recipes) and even tho i was already sugar free and dairy free ( except for a bit of butter on pancakes) and mainly grain and definitely chemical free with good quality water and super foods and organic produce… inspite of this… ive experienced MAJOR brain fog and a few headaches and crazy fall asleep slumps.. due to the sugar burn/crave thing Leanne covers… and ive kind of had a Keto flu as well (but i think of this as a major awesome detoxification of all that junk thats stored in my fat cells starting to come out.. cellulite and all that jazz.. and it mentally helps me more than thinking i’m “sick”… I figure the more rubbish that comes out the better — i drink lots of fresh lemon water to cleanse and alkalise and also take Modifilan seaweed caps along with very pure spirulina.. these really help me. So i hope this hope this helps you too. :)

  7. One thing I’d suggest… when someone leaves a reply,
    set it up so that they don’t lose the podcast when their
    comment is submitted.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Do you mean that the podcast starts over when you submit a comment?

  8. the “ending a sentence with a question’ is a very Canadian signature.

    I was just thinking that I find myself lulled by Leanne’s voice because she speaks so quickly and I end up not actually hearing what Leanne is saying.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  9. Leanne – your voice intonations are becoming too “valley girl” ending with a question mark on each sentence. Can’t listen to this speech pattern. Also please calm and slow down a bit.
    Thanks – I’ll check again next week.

    • Well this is kinda rude….. also, part of her “speech pattern” is partly her Canadian accent….

      • Agreed kelly, except I’d consider it “Really rude” not just “kinda rude” I love Leanna voice, especially her laugh ;-) I also appreciate that both Leanne and Amber are so real and transparent. You ladies rock!