The Best Way to Test Ketones

By July 21, 2018

The Best Way to Test Ketones #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

How many ketone bodies are in my body? How can I tell? And what’s that weird number and/or color on my tester? You’ve got ketone testing questions, we’ve got ketone testing answers. An overview of common ketone testing methods and best practices for your viewing pleasure.

Ever wondered whether or not you’re in ketosis? Well, you can consult the magic ketogenic crystal ball or you can just, you know, test your ketones. (You can also, if you wish, ditch both the magic ketogenic crystal ball and the ketone testers, and train yourself to look out for signs of being fat-adapted.)

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But you want (read: need) specifics, eh? You want all those numbers and science and stuff, eh? I hear you, brothers and sisters. You’re in for a doozy of a video. We’re about to open up a can of ketone testing knowledge and you’re about to down it like Popeye throwing back some tasty spinach.

If you’ve ever scratched your ketogenic head and pondered what was the best ketone testing method or stared at your new ketone tester in utter confusion, this video will bring everything into focus.

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  • Common ketone testing methods explained
  • Pros and cons for each method
  • Ketone testing tricks of the trade
Resources… Which ketone testing method works for you? If not testing, how can you tell when you’re in ketosis? Drop some knowledge in the comments below!
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