Low-Carb Plateaus, Tummy Weight Gain + Keto for Blood Sugar

Low-carb plateaus, tummy weight gain + keto for blood sugar #keto #lowcarb #highfat

Keto podcast answering your questions about busting through a plateau while eating keto, the reason behind tummy weight gain, and using low-carb eating for blood sugar management.

  • Plateauing on low-carb
  • Hormones and tummy weight gain
  • Eating keto with type 1 diabetes


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  • Plateauing on low-carb (10:11)
  • Hormones and tummy weight gain (21:20)
  • Eating keto with type 1 diabetes (41:23)

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  1. Don’t carb-ups defeat the purpose of a keto diet? I’m confused…

  2. I am actually gaining weight. I lost 20 lbs when I first started keto two years ago and stayed at ideal wt for a year then gained 10 and stayed there then started to follow stephanie person who is all about the really high fats and eliminating a ton of foods i was eating (dairy, nuts, coffee, and lots of veggies) and i have gained another 10 lbs doing all that! i eat around 150-200grams fat, under 20 net carbs and 60 protein since started following stephanie and its obviously not working for me. I haven’t had a period since being on keto except once or twice. My thyroid panel came back normal but they didn’t check free t3 or free t4 only the reverse.

    • Hey Lara! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Are you eating a lot of nuts? This can lead to weight gain on keto. Also, have you tried carbing up at all? Check out my video on why it’s important to carb up. Do you have my program, Fat Fueled? There’s tons of great info in there all about weight plateaus, why some people gain weight on keto, and why you might be losing your period. I hope this helps!

  3. Both my husband and 13 year old daughter control their type 1 diabetes with a low carb, high fat diet. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s book is a must-read “Diabetes Solution – The complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars”. He is a pioneer in caring for diabetics by controlling diet (as well as insulin) and has successfully treated thousands of patients.

    Type 1 diabetics can get lots of info and support from the Facebook group “Typeonegrit” which has over a 1,400 type one diabetic members who follow a low carb diet.

    It is often very difficult to find a supportive doctor, but they are out there! The Facebook group has collected names of doctor’s all over the world who support this way of eating for type one’s.

    I believe that carbing-up is important for females, but it is tricky for type one’s. We are experimenting with small carb-ups now with my daughter, learning a lot as we go. We do notice insulin resistance kicking in if her carbs drop too low for a while. Protein amounts are also very important for a type one to track. It is a delicate balance. Puberty has her on a hormone rollercoaster, but she still is able to maintain an A1c in the low 5’s thanks to low carb.

    Great job spreading the word Leanne and Amber!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info! It is amazing how so many health conditions can be managed and/or healed through food. So cool!

    • I have been reading on so many platforms that the low carb lifestyle is dangerous for type 1 diabetics to practice but for some reason had it incessantly in my mind that this cannot be true and that I will be able to help manage my type 1 diabetes through this way of eating. I read about Dr. Bernstein’s book to help diabetics but based on the food list I saw, it seemed very restrictive. I am all about managing my diabetes as best as possible, but I am also about not having severe restrictions because I am a deep food lover and enjoy nourishing my body and spirit with food. Does your daughter follow his do/do not eat guide to a T? I am grateful to be able to discuss this on this platform :)

  4. I am on hormone replacement therapy (premarine) and on a LCHF eating plan. I am not loosing weight and have gained in my tummy.

    • Hey Adele! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully this podcast helped provide some answers regarding tummy weight gain. If you have more questions, you can send them to the podcast by emailing them to nosugarcoatingpodcast@gmail.com, if you’d like!