Video: How To Make Resolutions That Actually Work + Enter To Win a Kindle!

Video: How To Make Resolutions That Actually Work + Enter To Win a Kindle! #NewYear #Resolutions #Health

How these 3 steps can lead to powerful resolutions that actually work, the resources I use to stay inspired + enter to win an Amazon Kindle, loaded with all of my books and programs.

Every moment, every second, we have the opportunity to make a healthy choice even if 3 seconds before this very moment you were overindulging or speaking down to yourself.

It’s up to us how we handle our energy AFTER these yucky things happen. Every second is a “new day”. And, if we approach goal setting, resolution building and healthy life livin’ in this same way, we’ll be golden.

Today’s video is a must-watch if you’re seeking change but constantly find yourself “falling off the wagon”

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We are far more likely to thrive when we feel supported. And, feeling supported begins with filling our lives with resources that we can turn to any time, anywhere.


If you’re sick of setting goals and feeling overwhelmed, The Family Resolution Revolution Bundle; a digital package of over 40 healthy living resources, may be just the resource you need to help you create change (and see it all the way through).

The Family Resolution Revolution Bundle is packed with bestselling eBooks, workshops, meal plans, calendars, printable worksheets and magazines from top health and wellness coaches, nutritionists and doctors.

I’m in there, too!

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psst… it’s available from December 26 – January 4 only.


Congratulations, Janice from Virgina. Thanks everyone for entering!

And, before you go, enter to win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, loaded with ALL of my books + programs.

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What do you plan on changing/adjusting to inject more positivity, health and awesomeness into your life? (starting now)

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  1. Hi Leanne !
    I’m a Holistic Nutrtional Coach and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist working at Full Curcke Health Network in Kingston Ontario. Check out I work with the most amazing team of alternative health care professionals in the province of Ontario !
    I did however go to university at U of A, so I have lived in your end of the country, so I appreciate the cold your presently dealing with there. ( Kingstons pretty much the California of Ontario… awesome ;)
    If your ever this way. Please come see us there !
    I have coached many people of the last 12 years working previously as s personal trainer, I could list dozens of programs…Keto is something I ( as well as our clinic ) has embraced for now, the last 7 months…we love it !
    What I would love more is your amazing resource go away !!! This would be such a fantastic tool for me and all of those lives, I inspire to change daily ;)

    Fingers Crossed

    • Also I pinned this opportunity on my pintrist board and tweeted about the following details as well ;)

      Good luck to all !

      • Fabulous, thank you! This giveaway was actually from Dec. 2014, though, so a winner has already been chosen.

    • Hey April! Wow that is so cool! I’m really glad you’re enjoying keto. Unfortunately, this giveaway is from Dec. 2014 so a winner has already been chosen.

  2. I don’t have a twitter account, but I did Pin it. Hopefully that is enough. Love your blog!

  3. Entered!
    Thank you for all your wisdom and insights! I find you inspiring.
    I would so love a kindle with all your amazing material! I cannot get enough of you (I hope to meet you one day!) lol