Too Low-Carb, Period on Keto, and Balancing Thyroid Naturally

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Keto podcast answering your questions about when low-carb is too low, low-carb and your period, and natural thyroid balancing.

  • Signs that you’re too low-carb
  • Balancing hormones with keto
  • Steps to get off thyroid meds


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  1. LOVE your podcasts and all the information and knowledge you are sharing. I have a comment that may resonate with some of your listeners. I live in USA, I’m 68, living on Social Security only (which is poverty level), my Medicare health insurance will not cover most of the testing required for my Hypothyroid condition. I have to go outside of Medicare to get the needed testing done (out of pocket). One year ago I paid the $1000 for Naturopath appointments and necessary testing. I was in stage III adrenal fatigue & additional issues. I started taking desiccated & other hormone support. I’m paying $30 a month for desiccated and $30 a month for other hormone support. I will continue these for now but I cannot afford to return for additional testing (saliva testing). I’m not asking for an answer or resolution to my position, knowing full well there isn’t one, and knowing full well there are many in USA experiencing the same. Just wanted to put this out there for other listeners who are in the same position. Thank you for all you are doing and sharing.

    • Hi Jeanne! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time getting the care you need. I am sure that when others in your situation read this, they will find reassurance knowing that they are not alone.

  2. What if your cortisol levels have gone too low–stage 2 depletion while on a low carb diet? (2 years now) I may not be having enough fat and instead was focusing on protein and veggies with a little fruit. My skin on upper arms looks shrively, my energy is not high but neither am I exhausted. Very hard to get up in the morning. Hard to get myself to bed at night. Pregnenolone levels dropped a lot.